UPDATE: Woman RESCUED from 1-Foot Space Between 2 Concrete Walls

trapped between walls rescue

UPDATE 10:31 EST: She’s out!

With a look of epic relief, the woman has emerged from her torture chamber — covered in lubricant and pumping her fists in the air.

Her rescuers quickly placed her on a gurney and wheeled her to a waiting ambulance as news teams captured fleeting footage.

Here are some more images from the final moments of her rescue (screenshots of Fox live-feed):

woman trapped between buildings

woman trapped between buildings rescue

woman trapped between buildings


woman trapped between walls

UPDATE 10:15 EST: Rescuers have opened a large opening and are preparing to extract the trapped woman. Live-stream video shows one rescuer squirting some type of lubricant with a spray bottle, and the woman’s arm (above) made a brief appearance in the opening.


A woman is trapped in a 1-foot-wide space between two concrete walls at a Portland, Oregon, parking garage.

Rescuers are working frantically to cut through the cinderblock wall and free her. They’ve created a small opening — enough to make eye contact with the victim, who is awake and alert.

She’s been stuck for some three hours — since she tumbed 15-20 feet down the crevice around 3:45 a.m. local time. A witness said the victim clung to the top of the wall before slipping into the abyss.

She’s wedged in the space, dangling with her feet 4 feet off the ground.

Via @Oregonian.

Oregon Live reports the rescue effort is massive:

Twenty members of Portland Fire Bureau’s urban search and rescue team, armed with large industrial saws and jackhammers to cut through the concrete block wall, are focused on a wall in the parking garage of the Kafoury Commons.

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