Robin Williams Death Scene: Photos of His House Today

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  1. Taking photos of his house today is in poor taste the title Robin Williams Death scene again very poor taste! Do people have no shame?

    • You clicked on it didn’t you? Morbid curiosity is the reason the photo of the house was taken and the reason why both you and I clicked on this article. Sad aspect of the human character, like slowing down to look at an accident.

      • To Anonymous….WTF is wrong with you, you heartless ASSHOLE!! From what I can quickly gather about your “LACK” of personality, and heartlessness I would bet MY LIFE that YOU Routinely Crap your pants, with no reason except that you are a scumbag MORON, and are just JEALOUS of Robin and his Success in life!! YOU ARE ONE SICK ASSHOLE, so “SHUT YOUR YAPPER”, and make a FAST RUN to the nearest Dollar STORE and stock up on “Depends”, and all other brands of those things they carry because, as I see it, YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT AND SHOULD BE EXTREMELY ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!! AND, then go by a gun and remove your useless self from this world and do EVERYBODY A FAVOR…….YOU STUPID JACKASS……..I WOULD JUST BET THAT YOU ARE FROM THE DAMN SOUTH, too, ARENT YOU?? EAT SHIT AND DIE, YOU SORRY BASTARD!! YOU ARE NOT FIT TO BREATHE THE SAME AIR THAT ROBIN WILLIAMS DID!! RIP ROBIN, AND DONT WORRY ABOUT DUMBASSES LIKE THIS GUY/GIRL/ OR WHATEVER IT IS!! YOU BROUGHT ALOT OF JOY, LAUGHTER AND HILARITY TO THE POOR SUFFERING PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD, AND MY WHOLE FAMILY CONSIDERS YOU A GREAT, GIFT FROM GOD!! THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS, ANGEL!! You will always be loved, and NEVER, EVER Forgotten!! LOVE, MRS JAMES SMITH JR and FAMILY P.S. Did you get your SICK KICKS, too; when our Beloved Patrick Swayze, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Elvis, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix,Bruce and Brandon Lee, and all of the other GREATS, died, or in several of these cases were MURDERED, too?? HOW THE HELL DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT? DAMNED FOOL INBRED IDIOT!!

  2. I am sorry but I do not get this at all. Case in point, I am 52 years old, unemployed, not very attractive with few prospects yet I am thrilled to be alive. THRILLED! So why do people who have EVERYTHING (case and point Robin Williams or Kurt Kilbain) kill themselves? It makes no sense and there is no logic behind it. None. Zero. So why do people like me soldier on yet people who are LOVED BY MILLIONS who have $$ and women by the score refuse to live? I just don’t get that.

    So why do I think, “don’t do anything stupid like rob a bank or kill myself”, because I would be embarrassed by leaving a kid behind. That’s why. My kid would be devastated if I killed myself. Williams has 3. Maybe he was tired of fame and $$$? And sick of his kids too? Makes no sense.

    So where does this leave us? With the thought that depression is not logical and that people who are depressed are really unstable? Hey, no-one is more depressed than me. Being unemployed for 7 years with no girlfriends in that same amount of time yet I continue to love life. WHY?

    Why? Why? Why? Why?

    I will tell you why. If the Earth has been here for 4.567 billion years and we are given maybe 80 years to live, why waste them by killing yourself? Life is short enough as it is. That’s why you don’t kill yourself. Or shouldn’t kill yourself.

    So please tell me why a nut case with nothing to live for (like me), goes on living but other people with EVERYTHING to live for, kill themselves?

    I continue to wait for logical reasons to an illogical act, but I know, none are forth coming. Because there are no reasons. Yet, I suppose a good enough reason would be, “I Don’t Like Monday’s”?

    That’s rather vague don’t cha think? I need more of an answer than just, “I don’t like Monday’s”.

    Williams was rich yet he was not happy. That tells me that $$ does not guarantee happiness. So in that respect, perhaps it is better to be poor because if you are rich and depressed, well, yes, I think then I too would be frightened. Because if you are rich and still depressed, then something is still missing from your life. But what? He had a beautiful wife, 3 kids and you’ve seen pictures of his house. Yes, I can see why all that would be depressing.

    Well, no actually, I do not.

    Never any answers. Well, perhaps God wanted Robin Williams to do his routine in heaven? But wait, I thought that suicide means you CANNOT GO TO HEAVEN. So it has nothing to do with God thank you very much.

    No logical answers anyway. And there will never be one.

    • I found this post by someone else, but it may help Rich understand a bit more: As someone who deals with severe depression, I do not think most people understand that it has nothing to do with your success or security. It is chemical and usually has a component of low self esteem buried below the surface just waiting for you to get hungry, alone, lonely or tired. Lack of sleep can trigger it. We are soulful but oh so fragile. The humor makes us appear stronger than we actually are. Alcohol and drugs make it worse even though people self-medicate with them. That dance of fire between the depression and the creativity is a dangerous one and most of us get to close to the fire.

    • Clinical depression is why. It is not solved by money or fame. It is a horrible disease and sadly often leads to death. At least Mr. Williams can now laugh and smile. RIP what a fantastic talent the world has lost.

      • Reply to RICH L…The suicide of R Williams is due to drugs . We all have depression and few people commit suicide due to depression alone. We all have our problems and weather them. Too bad Robin did not think more clearly especially about his family and all his friends thus getting off of drugs. He was given a special gift in life which we all realized and had a duty to treasure and share with the world. Too bad his addiction became too much to bear. May his death give evidence and warning to people like Robin to take a different road. Rich L, I wish you the world for your honesty and drive for the love of life. I am most taken back over the death of Robin Williams leaving the world this way. I keep trying to find excuses for his only relief of his affection to be suicide. Very sad.

        • Kenneth, did you live with him? Do you know he was “on drugs”? Please enlighten us on your profound intellect on the subject of depression… *extreme disdain and sarcasm is being used here* I really loath people like you. The know it alls of the world.the people who have so much knowledge on someone else’s behavior you can’t tell that, you sir, are a complete tool. Please continue to tell us about someone else’s state of mind and mental health. ( in case anyone is wondering that was more sarcasm)

        • Actually, Robin Williams suffered from Bipolar Disorder. It has the highest suicide rate of ANY other mental illness, it’s the number one cause of death for Bipolar Disorder, and does NOT need need to be triggered by drugs, alcohol, or any other outside factor (and in fact, it usually ISN’T triggered by those things). So, it wasn’t ‘depression alone’, it was a disease called bipolar disorder, which is entirely different. I assume you’re probably commenting just to push buttons, but on the off-chance you’re legitimately that insensitive: stop making assumptions about things you know nothing about. You literally have no way to know right now if drugs had anything to do with his death, and to act like you are so insightful is insulting.
          Also, it is misguided to say “we all have depression” because that is not the case, and it seems like either you’re exaggerating, or you are confusing “sadness” or “grief” with depression, you’re confusing everyday problems with depression.

    • I agMy dearest friend I’m still in shock of your sudden death you will be greatly missed you gave us a lot of joy and laughter rest in peace our dear Robbin we love you

      • I SO AGREE WITH YOUR STATEMENT ABOUT OUR BELOVED ROBIN….THANK YOU!! If “people” such as that “ANONYMOUS” jackass, who I just blew up at something awful, would just pull their heads out of their Asses and really think about this terribly TRAGIC situation through; it would most certainly be a BETTER WORLD!! Since we heard the terrible news, my family and I have done nothing but cry and play all of our movies we have of his, on Videotape and DVD format, and no matter how many times we have watched them, they STILL CRACK US UP!!! Robin was most definitely the funniest man on the planet, and he will be sadly missed, and NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, either!! Actually, we also thought he would have made a GREAT PRESIDENT, too!! Have a good night and thanks again for your kind words about the man who surely left a HUGE HOLE in our Atmosphere, when his “STAR”, left us!! G’Nite Shannon and Thanks Again from all of the MILLIONS of us who LOVED HIM!! Deborah L. Smith

    • Here is what I’ve learned: If you’ve never suffered from clinical depression, then no explanation will ever suffice, and nothing about this will ever make sense to you.

    • Because you obviously don’t suffer from depression. It is a physical lack of the chemicals that make you happy. There is no ‘getting over it’. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how many opportunities you have.

    • Your right about all of that … but can you imagine a feeling so STRONG and uncontrollable that it can actually talk you in to leaving your own children behind … that’s got to be a scary feeling for anyone to have. Hang in there, I’m happy that you still have a will to live and are making the best of it.

    • Money and fame and having women is not everything. He suffered for years with alcoholism, drugs, and depression. You could have all the money and fame in the world and it doesn’t mean shit unless you have your shit straight mentally etc. Rip Robin Williams. You will be greatly missed.

    • Judging by your observations which reflect your intentional and proud ignorance, you’re too stupid to kill yourself.

      • Your opinion means NOTHING to me or anyone else, then here is MY OPINION…….Too Cowardly to take your useless self out?? Then how about this…….GO SCREW YOURSELF, THEN!!! ha ha DAMNED PLUGHEADED JERK!!

    • Who the hell is Kurt Kilbane??? Do you mean Kurt COBAIN??? I don’t have a lot either. However, that being said, we don’t know how these people felt at the end. How bad the despair was, how lonely they felt, or what their state of mind was. Therefore, unless you have truly been at that brink, I believe it best to keep negative opinions to yourself. The help no one. You have have material possessions and family and still feel worthlessness. Instead of criticizing try helping someone who may feel that kind of darkness. Just saying.

    • Because fame, family, and money are all a person need right? If you’ve got that all should be well and perfect, why sad? Huh. Because suicide is somehow only reserved for people who don’t have anything? I call bull crap on EVERYTHING you have said. You knew about this man what he wanted you to know. Yeah, his wife may have been beautiful, why the hell did he sleep in a different room that night? Why didn’t she say something to him when she left? You see? One can draw ANY conclusion they want to. Just understand that depression IS a chemical imbalance in the brain. And you can make depression go away like a person with high blood pressure can stop a heart attack after it’s already started. It’s treatable, it’s a very long treatment road. Don’t ask yourself why about his situation. It’s none of your business.

  3. Robin Williams was my favorite comedian..the world lost a very funny and talented man..The whole world will miss him..My deepest and sincerest condolences to his family….JEFFRRY COMLEY….ST.JOSEPH,MISSOURI

  4. My dearest friend I’m still in shock of your sudden death you will be greatly missed you gave us a lot of joy and laughter rest in peace our dear Robbin we love you

  5. this is a very sad day…..people need to understand depression more…..its so deep…..if you look at the sidewalk in front of the house…upside down written in chalk is the work HAPPY….maybe one of his children had written this playing out side the home…hurts my heart to know he is gone….prayers to you Robin and of course your little ones and your wife…..healing energy being sent may the angels guide him home….no more pain…..hugs to you in heaven Robin…..

  6. i agree takin photos off his house is awful, media i dunno why you dont have heats didnt his family say they ned priversy so why does the media never give it? few hours after he died n they ant wait to get in there n talk about him after hes died sorry its freaky, his kids are 22.25 n 31 lol so its prob naghbours who have wrote on the path. he will b very much missed he was a legend n always will b i watched many of his films n he was going to do another mrs doughfire film, i dont agree with one kiling themselfs i know there in a dark place i know is lonely i know bt it does anger me i admied him as a person but i dont know why he had to go n do this n leave people who love him all behind he was loved by he had everythin sorry aam not meanin to sound angry its just he was amazzin why did he have to do this why couldnt sumone been with him why coulnt he have just rethought bout killing himself just for a minute, bless him rip robin xxx

    • That’s what I’m going to do..When I decide I’m checking out, I’m going to get my gun and take care of some of the dumb azz republicans …The world will mourn me for the great favor…

  7. Robin,I enjoyed your work & you’ll be sorely missed.It’s a shame that you had to take your life.
    You had so much to live for.Hopefully you’re in a better place.
    Maybe one day,I’ll see you in Paradise,when it’s my time to depart this planet.
    You were a good man,& nobody is to take that from you.You’re in God’s Hands.

  8. People say that for one to take his own life would make them a coward. I don’t agree. It takes extreme courage to take one’s life. I do believe over all its a selfish act but one that I do understand. I would have never classified myself as depressed but know the feelings of despair and sadness and not knowing where to turn. I feel sorry for Robin Williams and his family, sorry that he obviously was overwhelmed with life and his family who will forever seek answers.

  9. yeah I understand like god doing that when u have kids but got 2 understand when you’re feeling that bad u don’t think about others & that your being selfishit’s just that the pain is so unbearable u want it 2 go way it’s just like if u have surgery its gonna hurt like hell when u wake up that’s why they have pain meds so that it can take away the pain people don’t raise their hand & say yeah I want 2 feel depressed & what hurt myself so people can how selfish your I’m sure if he could feel happy & not feel so bad that he wants 2 kill himself he would in a heartbeat & he loved his kids but this sounds weird but it would be just as bad on them if he was alive & in & out of Psych units & trying 2 kill himself all the time & it’s not like his kids are under 18 & I know his kids know that robin loved them & gave them the best life & I was there I where i was feeling really depressed I tried hurting myself 1 but I’m doing much better now than & i’m happy & I would not change what i did or how I felt 4 anything cuz i’m not judgemental person cuz of it & it made me a better person & it made me have compassion & understanding 4 people who are depressed & suicidal & until you’re there u don’t how it feels & like I said if he could’ve change how he feels/felt he would & he’s much better place looking down on his kids 1st the rest of his family 2nd & fans 3rd he will be a legend & all my thought & pryers 2 his family & definitely has kids & i also have most of his movies jack Jumanji Mrs Doubtfire & hook were my favorite movies he was in oh & 9 months

  10. Everyone seems to be missing an obvious irony here, Robin like many of his Hollywood buddies love to impose themselves on how others should act, feel and conduct themselves. These sick individuals honestly consider themselves smarter and superior to the average citizen because they “pretend” to be someone else. I wish no ill on Robin or his family however he clearly had issues, and certainly wasn’t qualified to criticize or advise others… A thought to keep in mind next time any of these these Hollywood icons spew their diatribes as if they are experts, they’re not! There expertise is limited to “pretending”, playing a role as doctor, lawyer, politician, soldier etc. dosent make you one, nor an expert on the subject, just a pretender…

  11. When you die Jesus doesn’t care how much money you had or made. He just cares I you knew him personally and had a personal relationship with him. Your house and or car will be there long after you are dead and gone hen hat do those things matter then? They wont matter at all. Jesus was rich in the word and faith but matiraly he was poor he wad homeless. He didn’t put a focus on that. The bible talks about the decitefulness of riches. You can be rich matiraly but spiritually poor and bankrupt. Praise the lord!!!

  12. You know I just don’t understand, a man that enjoyed making people laugh, giving people inspiration, and the courage to follow their dreams, I grew up watching Robin Williams if it was not for Robin Williams I would not be doing stand up today when I found out of his so-called suicide at first I didn’t want to believe it but then when I realized about the things that was going on in his own life suffering from depression and also being a alcoholic, yes it was wrong of him to take his own life, but we need to remember the things that he did for ourselves and other people, I’m just a 29 year old guy in Virginia, but some of my best memories growing up as a child was watching Robin Williams movies rest in peace Robin TV star, stand-up comic, and movie star, and one of the best in this generation, since I cannot say this to your face and to everyone else and speak on your behalf and let you know what you did for me it is a true honor to try to follow in the footsteps that you once had to do yourself. Sincerely yours, a fan….we will miss you….

  13. God bless you Robin. You made and still make us laugh..and that’s what is so sick….the fact your work brings money, but with you alive in your birthday pol as r, you were considered irrelevant l. Bad karma for all involved in your demise…