Robin Williams Death Scene: Photos of His House Today
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Robin Williams Death Scene: Photos of His House Today


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God bless you Robin. You made and still make us laugh..and that’s what is so sick….the fact your work brings money, but with you alive in your birthday pol as r, you were considered irrelevant l. Bad karma for all involved in your demise…

Paden Anderson

You know I just don’t understand, a man that enjoyed making people laugh, giving people inspiration, and the courage to follow their dreams, I grew up watching Robin Williams if it was not for Robin Williams I would not be doing stand up today when I found out of his so-called suicide at first I didn’t want to believe it but then when I realized about the things that was going on in his own life suffering from depression and also being a alcoholic, yes it was wrong of him to take his own life, but we need to remember the things that he did for ourselves and other people, I’m just a 29 year old guy in Virginia, but some of my best memories growing up as a child was watching Robin Williams movies rest in peace Robin TV star, stand-up comic, and movie star, and one of the best in this generation, since I cannot say this to your face and to everyone else and speak on your behalf and let you know what you did for me it is a true honor to try to follow in the footsteps that you once had to do yourself. Sincerely yours, a fan….we will miss you….

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