WATCH: New ISIS Video Kicks Man Off Cliff & Threatens France

A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows the execution of an alleged Syrian soldier. The militant then promises to “fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies” in perfect French. The 2-minute long video was shared online yesterday by ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts and is titled “We Did Not Wrong Them, But They Were Wronging Themselves.” In it, masked jihadists escort an alleged Syrian soldier to the cliffs of Hama, Syria, which is currently occupied by the Islamic State.

The militant stands over his victim and, according to the Daily Mail, states:

…that his ‘message’ is aimed not only to French citizens, but also to the international community and ‘everyone who fights Allah and his prophet’.

He also says that he is is one of an estimated 500 French nationals currently aiding ISIS. After the rant, the militant shoots the alleged soldier in the head then kicks his body off a cliff. At the bottom, the militant stands over the corpse and addresses the viewers again. This time, he says that terrorists “love death like you love life” and that the terrorists will “fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies.”

If the above video gets pulled from its server, click here for uncensored screengrabs with narration.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.


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Isis hunter

Lol, pussies claim to only care about allah and want to be tough jihadist but always cover their faces, why? pussies!

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