Dr. Jan Seski Photos: Pictures of Suspected Lion Hunter

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  1. ….WHO exactly is doing all this “accusing (of illegal hunts)? If the accuser isn’t the Zimbabwe-government itself (and it CAN’T be since otherwise these “illegal hunters” wouldn’t have been allowed to LEAVE Zimbabwe), then just who the he11 is “accusing” these doctors of “crimes”? Or is the SJW-mob the ONLY “accuser” here (in a country with Constitution that doesn’t allow “mob-rule”)?

  2. Farmers in Zimbabwe get murdered the world doesn’t bat an eye but a lion gets hunted and everyone loses their shit.

    • Last count there are over 7 billion people on this planet and only 30000 lions left thats why .dude get with the program

  3. fucking pyschopath killer of beatifull animals I hope he dies a painful death like the animals he kills for fun. DICKHEAD

  4. What fuckin losers these people are to have the need to kill something to make themselves feel like a winner! I hope one day his head ends up on some animals wall with a giant pic of the animal smiling.This jackass could take a camera to shoot these majestic animals but it’s all about killing.These people are sickos!! His time will come..or has it.😃