Shannon Miles: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

miles caught on video

Shannon Miles’ photo was captured in this video of the crime. He approached Texas Deputy Darren Goforth from behind and brutally murdered him, shooting him while he stood and then continuing to shoot him after he fell. (Footage)

Shannon J. Miles was arrested for the execution-style killing of Deputy Darren Goforth at a gas station in Houston, Texas. He has been charged with capital murder and had a long history of crime, including being arrested at least six other times. Officials are still unclear as to what provoked the killing, as they cannot find any connection between Goforth and Miles.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Shannon Miles Was Arrested for Killing Deputy Darren Goforth

shannon miles, darren goforth, shooter, killer, murderer, texas

Shannon J. Miles, 20, is in custody and is the main suspect in the execution-style shooting of Deputy Darren Goforth at a gas station in Houston, Texas.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office arrested Shannon J. Miles, 30, for the execution-style murder of Deputy Darren Goforth. At first, the sheriff’s office released the wrong mugshot on Twitter of the suspect, but the correct mugshot is pictured above. Miles is being charged with capital murder. On its Twitter page, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that they found him through a routine search. He was first questioned around 2:30 a.m. following the shooting after the police received a tip, The Daily Caller reported. The police then returned Saturday afternoon and arrested him.

2. Miles Did Not Have Any Connection to Goforth

shannon miles, darren goforth, shooter, killer, murderer, texas

Deputy Darren H. Goforth, 47, was in uniform at a Chevron gas station when the killer approached him from behind and shot him multiple times. (Harris County Sheriff’s Department)

Goforth was in uniform at the Chevron gas station at Telge and West in Houston, filling up his tank, when he was approached from behind. He was then shot multiple times without provocation and without warning. After falling to the ground, he was shot more. After the murder, Miles fled the scene in a red or maroon extended cab, the Sheriff’s office said on its Facebook page. He evaded authorities until he was arrested the next day.

Authorities have not been able to find any connection between Miles and Goforth. Some officials are saying that the Black Lives Matter movement played a role in instigating this killing.

After Goforth’s murder, Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman. said it was the most cold-hearted and cowardly incident he’d seen in his 45 years in law enforcement. He added that all lives matter, not just black lives, and cops’ lives matters too.

Deray McKesson, a Black Lives Matter leader, responded to those comments and concerns by saying that he grieved for all victims of violence, but felt it was unfortunate for Sheriff Hickman to use the tragedy to politicize his beliefs and attribute the killing to a movement that seeks peace, The Houston Chronicle reported.

3. Miles Has A Long History of Arrests And Criminal Actions

Miles had a long history of arrests, The Houston Chronicle reported. He was arrested at least six other times, including being arrested twice for using force against a police officer. His first arrest was in 2005 for giving false information to a police officer. His other arrests included resisting arrest, criminal mischief greater than $1,500, discharging or displaying a firearm, criminal trespassing, and evading arrest. His arrests showed a long history of violent acts toward police officers, officials said.

4. He Went to a Local College And Had Worked For Fast Food Restaurants And a Church

Shannon Miles resume

Shannon J. Miles’ resume was posted on (Beyond)

Miles’ resume, posted on, and an unconfirmed Facebook page indicate a lengthy history working for a variety of fast food restaurants, helping out at church, and attending local colleges, The Daily Caller reported. According to one Twitter user, he was also a former high school football player with Cy-Fair. On his resume, where his name is listed as Shannon Jaruay Miles, his education includes “hotel and lodging management” from the University of Houston. However, the resume lists four bachelor degrees, so it may not be accurate.  His last listed work experience is working as a kitchen cook for Burger King from March 2008 to October 2010. He also worked at Whataburger, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, and Popeyes. He lists working as a youth supervisor for The Church Without Walls in 2001 for one month, and working as a porter for A+ Limousine.

His neighbors told The Houston Chronicle that he was friendly, but they thought he might have a learning disability.

Deputy Darren Goforth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Darren Goforth, a deputy sheriff in Harris County, Texas, was ambushed and shot to death while pumping gas in his uniform Friday evening in Cypress.

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5. Miles Was With His Mother When He Was Arrested

Miles was with his mother when he was arrested, in the neighborhood of Pine Halls and Lake Crystal Drive. Some news reports said that she insisted that he was not responsible because he was with her. Others said that he came home crying and she was the one who called the police. According to the Houston Chronicle, Miles’ brother said police burst into their home while he was their with his brother, Shannon Miles, and their mother. He said Shannon had gotten off work earlier and gone to the store with his mother, but the brother didn’t provide any additional details because his mother told him to stop talking to reporters, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Shannon Miles: Photos of Deputy Darren Goforth ‘Shooter’

Shannon J. Miles is in custody and is the main suspect in the execution-style shooting of Deputy Darren Goforth at a gas station in Houston, Texas.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers go to the officers family. These are signs of the times were living in. We are living in the last days. We live in a lustful generation. We are living in perilous times which the bible speaks about in the book of Matthew. We also need to read in the book of 2timothy about this last generation in the last days. Also check out the book of 1peter about the end times. I recommend that the news media which are the scribes the bible talks about including news anchor another words they take note of things happening. Another place to check out the holy bible is in the book of revelations. Chapter 12 verse 12.

    • He is obviously still a POS, and learned absolutely nothing worthwhile in school; now a 30 year old waste of oxygen. Peace to the family of this officer, and may the rotten SOB who did this suffer miserably during incarceration before the loser gets injected.

  2. The Harris County Sheriff is Adrian Garcia, he is currently running for mayor of Houston. Ron Hickman is a Constable, which is a precinct level elected Texas police official independent of the Sheriff and the state and municipal police.

    It is easy to get confused about this most non native Texans do not figure this out for years, until they get a ticket from one.

    • Adrian Garcia stepped down as Sheriff to run for mayor. Ron Hickman was appointed to serve out the remainder of Garcia’s term. I am currently an officer of Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and this is factual public information.

      • God bless each one of you .our hearts and prayers are with you all each and every day . These thugs and cowards that want to ambush officers it’s discussing. Stay safe and alert at all times. From my family to all the men and women in law enforcement thank you all and God Bless all of you. The Williams family waleska ga.

  3. Looks like a black man holding a cell phone walking in a parking lot ????
    If this man shot a cop I don’t see it….wtf…if he shot the cop show us….this is a picture of a guy with a cell phone?
    Why not run the video you got the still from? At least pick a still with him near the cop.

    If you Smell something Say something…..I Smell something.

    • They got all the video, witnesses,and evidence they needed to arrest this cowardly bastard.I hope they hang his sorry ass.

      • You are probably right, I just don’t understand why wouldn’t you show the guy at least near the cop or his prowler? Unless you want to make people scared of black men carrying cell phones walking in parking lots. I think we owe it to this man to show the person responsible for killing him and leave no doubt. For example, they showed the video of what lead to the death of Sandra bland, they didn’t have to show the actual moment of her hanging, but we see what lead to her death and who her murderers were.
        Every time a video surfaces of a police officer unloading his weapon into the back of a fleeing black man on parking tickets, or choking to death a black man for selling an un-taxed cigarettes, or shooting a black man in the head through his car window on a routine stop, the media shows it, but when someone does the same thing to a cop they don’t show it. It’s not fair to the cops.
        I think if the public could see these images at the same time and with the same media exposure they would have a better understanding of what is happening on a broader scale in our country.

    • Your a dumb j …ss coward just like like all your racist family out thier.ob no better you stupid one brain cell little inus

    • Killing an police officer should be an automatic death sentence of all involved killing a thug resisting arrest and not following police orders who the hell do you that your are look how many offices have kill it’s appalling how a coward can do such things. It’s got Evrthing to do with race .your in denial. I’ve been pulled over put in two sets of haND cuffs and I deserve all I got .so be a man and quit blaming everyone else you little b……h.thug and grow up!!!

      • Serious tho, why are you angrily responding to 2 comments that are “..” and “dot dot”?

        Do they have some hidden meaning or something?

  4. This email is sad as hell, where is the news in this calling it racist?? POS black male shoots “white” cop but not a word about racism.. Let me guess we start white lives matter and we will all be deemed clan members. Just shows how ignorant you people are. This officer did NOT deserve this in any way. But you a-holes keep on protesting. Do you see white people out riotung …..nope sure don’t! Think about that.

    • The officer wasn’t targeted because he was white. He was targeted for being a officer. Looks like now a days it don’t matter what race you are. People are getting killed just because of the type of career field they go into. I feel for the wife and children that has to deal with this tragedy. I can’t imagine being called late at night and being told my husband was killed by someone that didnt even know him. Just killed him just because…like wtf! The officer lost his life over Nothing…the same way Treyvone, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown and any other person that has fallen a victim to a senseless animal that has no regard for the human life. All lives fucking matter no matter what the race is. Come on America, what are we turning into here? I went to school with Shannon and the apples didn’t fall to far from that tree then and as we can see it they don’t fall to far now. He was always a very strange odd ball that I was afraid of…

      • I m not afraid of any spine less coward .this has everything to do with cowards ,the media ,black racism towards whites and one stupid brain cell in the white house.if you disrespect a police officer your a li… b…H coward you get what you deserve. You think we are scared of you how laughable .we feel sorry for you and hope you don’t reproduce! !!!!!

      • “I went to school with Shannon and the apples didn’t fall to far from that tree then and as we can see it they don’t fall to far now. He was always a very strange odd ball that I was afraid of…”

        This is exactly what is going wrong, all it takes, now a days, is for a single person, for wHATEver reason, to say something like this to an over-zealous, militarized-police-force, and the guy goes into a program (zersetzung) and is relentlessly followed and harassed using “the stingray device” to track cell phones, until pushed into doing something whereby he can then be institutionalized or killed. In many cases of police ambush shootings we are witnessing the blowback from this program. Strange, eccentric, non-conformist, minorities, whistleblowers, odd balls, marginalized people, single women, and women devorced from law enforcement, who would otherwise be harmless, are pushed, in many cases with “white gloves and winks” and “touchless torture” into doing something out of desperation and fear.

      • Your a racist b…H coward just like they were thugs and cowards racists deserve what they got who the hell do you think you are nothing but a crying little bi crying your mommy will wipe your a.s

  5. Prominent civil rights activist who we’ll refer to as Mr S said, this was a horrible tragedy,

    What have we been working so hard for all these years when a black man can still be arrested.
    The color of his skin alone should be a get out of jail free card. After 2 million years of slavery and oppression perpetrated on my black brothers and sisters at the hands of white men,, Clearly that white cop got what he deserved.

    What is this country coming to when white law enforcement officers can arrest Shannon J. Miles in front of his blessed mother.
    Darren Goforth was clearly a white cop which makes this open and shut case of racism against Shannon J. Miles who is a good boy.

    He’s a good boy, I never said he was perfect.

    Come on niggas set this place on fire and get some free cell phones.

  6. You forgot that he he attacked, I believe stabbed, a guy in a mental hospital when he was homeless in Austin diring which time you claim he was working and going to school. He was also arrested at u of h so I seriously doubt the propaganda that he worked at churches and went to college is anything more than his defense attorney helping win a case.

  7. I worked with Shannon Milles for a period of time just before this incident, You are WRONG!!!!!!!!! The longest time Shannon has been locked away was in Texas state mental facility.
    If you ever met him you would understand, He was extremely quiet in a very disturbing way. Shannon was not a racist, no a member of pro black or anti-cop movement, Hell he did not even know the deputy he killed. Shannon is just not THERE! Shut Up! and talk about something you know.