Chris Harper Mercer Photos: Pictures of Umpqua Shooter

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  1. I was born and raised in Roseburg, I went to Winchester Elementary. A couple miles away from where the shooting took place. 10 lives have been lost.. 7 more injured.. and all you sickos care about is attacking eachother. About gun laws, religion, and just hating on eachother in general. Have some respect for all those effected by this. Stop giving this mad man terrorist a name. Don’t give him a voice by using this as political propaganda to change laws or anything else. And don’t use this as an opportunity to be keyboard warriors against one another. Have some respect for the dead. Like you would if this had happened in YOUR backyard.

  2. He lived with his White mother . Identified as White, looked White and was obsessed with the Irish Republic Army. So, what if he had a Black bio-dad somewhere, he wad White; not that crazy doesn’t come in all colors.

  3. He lived with his White mother . Identified as White, looked White and was obsessed with the Irish Republic Army. So, what if he had a Black bio-dad somewhere, he passed as White and lived as such; not that crazy doesn’t come in all colors.

  4. My condolences to all those who’s loved ones were injured or killed by this nut. We must stop unstable , disturbed people from accessing firearms.

  5. the boy ain’t grown yet. All he wanted was attention. Well, he got attention from the police. All the other people (Charles Whitman,
    Adam Lanza, The boy at South Carolina, and all the other psychos out there are all the same). They just wanted attention.

  6. Very scripted. These “shootings” are always well timed intervals allowing public fig edition of tearful family hugs and Presidential speeches emphasising “gun laws” from a President who has probably been responsible for a couple million innocent lives with his passion for warmongering. …..yawn…..why is there ALWAYS a military training going on at the same time? I for one am not a sheep.

  7. I’ll right away take hold of your rss as I can not find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or
    newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me recognize so that I may subscribe.

  8. I find it strange how much military advertising is on this page… I wonder if this isn’t part of a setup for some coming operation.

  9. I don’t believe this guy is black. He admits to be mixed race. I’m not sure with what though. On his social media page, he says he’s an ultra conservative republican, likes killing zombies, and is into punk rock…That doesn’t exactly say black to me

  10. Obama seized on the Roseburg shooting because he thought he could make some political hay…you know, the usual straw men: racist whte guys, the evils of guns, nothing about crazy behavoir, the need to gut the 2nd. But what do you know, looks like theshooter HATED Christians, shot a lot of white people, could pass for black, and maybe coud even be Barrack’s kid if we squint a bit.?!

    But let’s talk about the OMRVGV instead…that’s the Obama Matrix for Random Victim Gunshot Violence. Seems Barry’s drone and bombing program has rung up another 40+ victims in Afghanistan…all innocent, too. Is Barry a muderous war criminal? Is the Pope a communist?

    I wonder how many innocent people have been killed by this cowardly Peace Prize Winner? The number must be legion.

    Hell, I’d like to see a list of all the random victim (the shooter or author of the shooting does not know the victims) stats and see where Barry stacks. I’ll bet that racist white guys are down the list a ways, but ISIS, Boka harum, garden-variety Moslem terrorists, black on black or Mexican on Mexican (or anyone) drug violence are “up there”, along with Barry’s shameful score. A man of peace….sure

  11. All self- loading semi- auto pistols and rifles should have long ago been restricted to the military and law enforcement. Revolvers and lever and bolt action long guns should never be restricted in the USA. But, the horse is out of the stable. Is it too late to effectively restrict weapons in a nation where millions of people already possess weapons best suited to trained, uniformed professional combatants? It’ s already a bit late to do any really effective restriction.

  12. People on here who talk about conspiracy theories are stupid… People died, it doesn’t matter if his mom was white or black or anything, she could be green for all I care… He killed people and they died and that is never acceptable for anyone of any race… And Anyone who believe in guns are retarded… All those guns were legal…. I’ve had a gun pointed at my face and it left an impression ill never forget… Guns are made to kill