WATCH: ISIS Hangs Man Upside Down & Shoots Him

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Message to the Monotheists After the Bombing of the Apostates in Tunisia,” a man is tied up and shot in “Wilayat Al Barakah,” Syria. It was released December 8.

“Wilayat Al Barakah” was one part of nine Syrian provinces claimed and subdivided by ISIS when they expanded from Iraq into Syria in April 2014. It is part of the Al-Hasakah Governorate of Syria.

In the video, ISIS militants are seen gathered around a computer screen watching footage of Daesh attacks in Tunisia, Africa. It then cuts to jihadists gathered outside, with a main figure delivering a speech for ISIS members AKA “monotheists” in Tunisia. ISIS considers only those who follow its strict Islamic salafi jihadism as monotheists.

According to Middle East & North Africa Direct, the lead jihadist speaking in the video has been identified as Bilel Chouachi, a salafist activist from Tunisia who now resides in Syria.

ISIS has had increasing interest in Tunisia. Since Tunisia’s Arab Spring ended in January 2011 with the ousting of its former dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, it has been a model of democracy in North Africa. However, because it is a fledgling democracy with Islamist parties represented in its government, it has also been susceptible to the growing Islamic State. Foreign Affairs reports:

But this accomplishment has also made the country a target of ISIS. In a statement released after the bus attack, the group warned that the strikes would continue against “the tyrants of Tunisia” until “the laws of Allah” were applied within the country. Perhaps more worrying, more than 3,000 Tunisians have joined ISIS…

Most recently, ISIS “claimed responsibility for bombing a bus carrying members of Tunisia’s presidential guard” that killed twelve, reports CNN. This is what the above video’s title references.

Later in the video, an alleged traitor against the Islamic State is strung up upside down from a tree and shot point blank in the head. Viewer discretion is advised.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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CreativeUnderworld {CU} ADDA

there is only one Islam and certainly not a western tagged Radical Islam. as there is only one Christianity not the other Radical Christianity. so the Trump has definitely fueled a short term driven but strategically designed, ill fated, one sided political farce. i don’t practice religion, but i stand with basic Truth. Islam is an Anti Terrorist religion. to know the Islam, read & understand Battle of KARBALA. it is the actual line of identification between the True Islam & the Fake Islam.
Battle of KARBAL is battle against Terrorism. ISI & its anti Islamic monarch Saudi supporters are imposing a hijacked & fake Islam in the world. USA, Israel, CIA, Trump…all know this. but the basic problem is to justify their hollow existence & control the world order by hook & crook.
mob gets carried away by such ill intended propaganda war.. so stop & understand the Truth. it will take little courage and some quest for knowledge…but that’s the way to support and stand with a better and transparent Human world order. [rj]


What is Truth?????????
Truth is What is Real.
Who is causing most all terrorist and killing? Answer Muslims

CreativeUnderworld {CU} ADDA

U r absolutely wrong & have no knowledge. actually they are the enemy of Islam. its a BIG political conspiracy. the fact is opposite. the largest victims of these Anti Islamic butcher ISI Terrorist are the true Muslims!
where is the world’s largest graveyard? and who is the victim? know the Truth they are not ‘Someone’.. they are innocent Muslims. ISI is Islaam’s & Muslim’s biggest enemy. its not a philosophy its fact.

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