Barron Trump, Donald’s Son: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20:  Barron Trump arrives on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. In today's inauguration ceremony Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Barron Trump is the youngest child in the First Family. (Getty)

Barron Trump will grow up in front of America as his father leads the nation. However, Barron is the least known of the Trump children. Four of Donald Trump’s children played prominent roles during his campaign for president, but one child remained out of the spotlight. Barron is the only child from Donald and Melania’s current marriage. He will remain with his mother in New York City for the remainder of the school year before moving to the White House.

While he made brief appearances on the campaign trail and during his father’s acceptance speech, the family has tried to shield their 10-year-old son from the spotlight. Melania has admitted there are similarities between Barron and Donald. Like his father, he enjoys the finer things in life. Barron was the only Trump child not to speak at the Republican National Convention.

Get to know the youngest Trump family member.

1. Barron Is the Only Son Donald & Melania Have Together

Donald has four children from his previous marriages, but only has one child through his current marriage. Given Donald’s travel schedule, Melania has admitted that she is with Barron most of the time. This is especially true now that his father is president.

Melania spoke to US Weekly on how their son felt about his father becoming a politician. “He supports his dad 100 percent. Of course, we both miss him because he is on the road a lot, but [he] understands and he’s doing great,” Melania told US Weekly.

2. He Is 10 Years Old

donald trump son, barron trump


There is a 24 year age difference between Donald and Melania. Donald is 70 while Melania is 46. It is Donald’s third marriage which helps account for the wide range of ages among his children. His oldest son, Donald Jr., is 38 years old. There is a 28-year difference between Barron and Donald Jr.

Tiffany is the closest to him in age at 22 years old. Barron is closer in age to his eight nephews and nieces than his own siblings.

3. Barron Has 4 Brothers & Sisters

barron trump, donald trump son, melania, who is, how old, youngest

Barron Trump with his family during Donald Trump’s acceptance speech. (Getty)

While Barron does not have any siblings through both his parents, he does have two brothers and two sisters through his father’s previous marriages. His two brothers, Donald Jr., and oldest sister, Ivanka, both came from Donald’s first marriage with Ivana Trump.

Barron’s youngest sister, Tiffany, came from Donald’s second marriage to Marla Maples. Tiffany and Barron are the only Trump children not involved with the Trump Organization which makes sense given their age. Tiffany just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

4. His Nickname Is “Little Donald”

There may be another Donald Trump in the future. Melania has said on several occasions that there are a lot of similarities between her son and husband. She even refers to him as “Little Donald”. She described Barron to

“He is a very strong-minded, very special, smart boy. He is independent and opinionated and knows exactly what he wants. Sometimes I call him little Donald. He is a mixture of us in looks, but his personality is why I call him ‘Little Donald,'” Melania told

5. Barron Prefers Suits Over Sweatpants

donald trump, barron trump, son, youngest, who is

Barron and Donald Trump share a love for golf. (Getty)

Barron may be young, but he has exquisite tastes. Like any successful business person, Barron’s father knows that all the big deals are negotiated on the golf course. The two go golfing together when Donald’s schedule permits.

Melania has noted that she handles most of the day to day aspects of parenting, while her husband looks to spend time with Barron when they can. It has not gone unnoticed by Donald. He opened a recent Wisconsin rally by praising his wife’s parenting skills.

“She’s an incredible mother, she loves her son, Barron, so much, and I have to say, she will make an unbelievable First Lady,” Donald told the crowd (via GQ).


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Harrison Harry Balze

Sometimes I wonder is somebody should not throw a cup of Clorox into the Donald Trump gene pool so as to keep another dysfunctional maniac from being spawned. Although I supported Trump from the beginning, deep down I always wondered how long it would take before his real personality would jump out of hiding so many times that it would ultimately assassinate his run for the presidency. For what it might be worth, I am no stranger to every form of lewd, crud and lascivious wordsmithing. Having gone to college and then on to do my duty in the armed forces, I have probably heard as many curse words and anglo saxon terms of debauchery as any other man of similar experience. Human behavior being what it is, men and women do talk of such things. The smart ones just don’t do it in public and especially in front of a microphone or camera. The last thing any person wants to do is conduct themselves in such a bad way that their actions appear on the front page of their home town newspaper the next day.

Yes, I think we can put a fork in the “Donald”, for this time he has had sex with himself one too many times.


What an asshole you are! I would venture to guess you’re not very intelligent, don’t have a beautiful spouse and certainly not successful and good looking children like the Trumps. Yet your last comment is that Barron has big ears?! What a classless idiot you must be.

Lynda Wilson

Not only big ears but he has very vacant eyes…..he’s not all there he has a problem, not sure what but a BIG problem…….old people should NOT produce children. The kid is down right CREEPY maybe that’s why he has whole floor to himself……they’re afraid of him……


That seventy year old man can kick your sissy butt. Shut your pie-whole and go back to hanging out in your mommy’s basement. Loser.

Jill Silveira

Have you seen that fat, flabby out of shape man in his golf attire? He has bigger child bearing hips than my mother and she bore 6 children!


So happy our new President of the United States of America is Donald Trump ‼️ A true American.


President Trump will make our country great again . More jobs, better security, a better future.


Define great. Neither Trump nor his Labor Sec’t believe in a min. wage. Enjoy working for $2.75 an hour as lowest bidder will always get hired. Or don’t work at all — the new Labor Sec’t stated on the record that, “Robots should replace human workers whenever possible. They don’t call in sick or ask for more money.” Revel in the edukashun (sic) our youngsters will get now that the soon-to-be Sec’t of Education doesn’t believe in public schools. Most of all, enjoy retirement; Trump and all cabinet nominees are eager to eliminate or privatize “entitlements” that citizens PAY FOR such as Social Security, Disability, Workmen’s Comp, Medicare, etc.

bob ster

no one wants to work or minimum wages .. that’s not the reason for Trump not wanting it …and im not saying that im against it yet necessary for a very low limited amount of people .. it was originally intended for entry positions into the labor force and i too started at minimum wages back in the 50s at less than a dollar an hour yet becoming a General Partner in a brokerage firm within 10 yrs ,,,no one starts at the top ,,, you must prove yourself and your worth to others before opportunity arises ..and it wasnt white privilege that made the difference it was damn hard work and self paid schooling after working a full day that made me successful as a former member of the two largest exchanges in the world //
perhaps the word persistence also has something to do with it along with ambitious ..


A true reprobate is more like it, Sharon. I predict being Vladimir Putin’s puppet will be the scandal (once proven) that brings 45 down.


We are happy to call you our 45 th president, Congratulations Donald, and First Lady. America will be,Great again !


A great piece a shit like the president elect! Despicable human being, so so sad! Ignorance is bliss!!


Anonymous-Why are you afraid to put your name up here? Is it because your a moron or an idiot or just a crybaby!
What do you call a cellar full of Liberals?….A Whine cellar!


May Donald be a blessing to us all. I have learnt a lot from him: Against all the odds, never give up!


Maybe it is time for you to start learning how to spell…. like the president elect: doesn’t have great verbiage available to him, he doesn’t even know how to speak properly. And to think that many people like yourself want to follow that role “model”? I have never seen so much ignorance, disrespect, lack of empathy, bigotry, self adoration and disgrace put together into one single human being (if you want to call that human!) but we all have to learn lessons in life… get ready because yours like for all the people that voted for him are about to get a big one! Hope you are prepared to see how great America gets…


Unless your live in the UK, perhaps you should be cognizant that “learnt” is used in the Queen’s English, while “learned” is the accepted past tense/past participle of learn in American English. Against all odds, never give up. You’ll master your native tongue if you continue trying.


I fear 45 will be everything EXCEPT a blessing to us all. Number one, how can a sexual predator and narcissist be a blessing? That aside, I feel that 45 will really disappoint that poor group of voters who voted for him believing he will bring jobs back to their communities. I hope it happens, but I fear it won’t happen. For one thing, he can’t pull his head out of the asses of Steve Brannon and Vladimir Putin.

Lisa Quenneville

Very proud of President Mr. Trump with a beautiful wife and my love a little Donald so gorgeous look like his Dad. Good luck at your new home in the white house. Take care your all families too!
Best wishes Love Lisa from CORNWALL, On


He was, by far, the most interesting and cute thing to see during that winning speech. He was so bored, fighting to not fall asleep, the more dad talk the sleepier he got. I am glad they put him on the camera next to dad. What could have looked dark and gloomy, looked fun and interesting instead IMHO!


“Barron is 10 years old” Wow, earth shattering! Investigative journalism at it’s zenit..

Dick Scott McCord

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Dick, people are not civil anymore in commenting upon others philosophy. Simply, to them, you are “strange”. You sound like a cult’s street preacher. Perhaps you should seek internet web sites that may be more compacinent regarding your “visions”. Since you believe in science there are Doctors who can help. Best wishes and so long.


Wow! First time I have seen the retarded side of the “net”. This is very scary and hopefully everyone here is either sterile or too old to produce viable sperm. God help us if there are a lot of you people out there.

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