Jeronimo Yanez & Joseph Kauser: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A sign reading, "Justice for Philando," and police tape are draped over the entrance of the Governor's Mansion following the police shooting death of a black man on July 7, 2016. (Getty)

A sign reading, “Justice for Philando,” and police tape are draped over the entrance of the Governor’s Mansion following the police shooting death of a black man on July 7, 2016. (Getty)

UPDATE: <a href="http://UPDATE: Officer Jeronimo Yanez was charged with You can read the original report below: —” >Officer Jeronimo Yanez was charged with manslaughter on November 16, 2016. You can read about the <a href="http://UPDATE: Officer Jeronimo Yanez was charged with You can read the original report below: —” >charges against him here.

You can read the original report below:

Jeronimo Yanez and Joseph Kauser have been identified as the St. Anthony police officers who were involved in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile Wednesday night in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, in a shooting that has captured national attention after video of the aftermath was streamed live on Facebook by Castile’s girlfriend.

It was Officer Yanez who fired the fatal shots.

Castille was killed during a traffic stop. His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, was in the car, along with her 4-year-old daughter, at the time of the shooting.

Reynolds said in the video that Castile was shot multiple times while reaching for his wallet to get his license and other information. Castile had told the officer he was legally carrying a gun, Reynolds said. They had been pulled over for a broken tail light, Reynolds said.

Castile, 32, was a popular school cafeteria manager in Saint Paul. He had no major criminal record and his girlfriend said he had a license to carry a concealed weapon.

The shooting occurred in Falcon Heights, a town near Saint Paul where the St. Anthony Police Department is contracted to patrol. The small department has just 23 sworn officers.

Here’s what you need to know:

Warning: The video below is graphic.

1. Yanez, With His Gun Drawn, Yelled ‘I Told Him Not to Reach for It’ While Talking to Castile’s Girlfriend After the Shooting

The graphic video, which you can watch above, recorded by Diamond Reynolds and streamed live on Facebook starts as Castile is dying in the driver’s seat of the car.

“Stay with me. We got pulled over for a busted tail light in the back,” Reynolds said. “They killed my boyfriend. He’s licensed he’s carried so he’s licensed to carry. He was trying to get out his ID and his wallet out his pocket and he let the officer know that he was that he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet and the officer just shot him in his arm.

As Reynolds describes what happened, the officer can be heard saying “I told him not to reach for it,” before yelling “f*ck.”

Officer Jeronimo Yanez

Officer Jeronimo Yanez pictured in the Standing of the
Memorial Guard event as part of Law Enforcement Memorial Day and National Peace Officer’s Day in May 2015. (City of St. Antony)

Reynolds then says, “He had, you told him to get his ID, sir, his driver’s license. Oh my god please don’t tell me he’s dead,” and the officer says “f*ck” again.

The video also shows that the officer does not provide first aid to Castile as he bleeds in his seat. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton criticized officers during a press conference Thursday, saying they comforted the officer, who was shaken up by the shooting, but did not help the dying Castile.

Investigators have released few details about the shooting, citing the open investigation.

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2. Both Have Been Cops in St. Anthony for 4 Years

Pastor Patricia Bell, right, of St. Paul, Minnesota, prays on July 7, 2016, with Gabriella Dunn and her children Oakland Dunn, 1, and Chloe Dunn, 4, at the scene of the latest shooting of a black man by police in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. (Getty)

Pastor Patricia Bell, right, of St. Paul, Minnesota, prays on July 7, 2016, with Gabriella Dunn and her children Oakland Dunn, 1, and Chloe Dunn, 4, at the scene of the latest shooting of a black man by police in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. (Getty)

Both officers have been with the St. Anthony Police Department for four years. They were named in a press release from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Little else is known about the officer, including his disciplinary record. City reports from 2014 and 2015 detail Kauser and Yanez’s roles in community policing such as working in crime prevention units and helping the public with bike safety.

The officer has been placed on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated, the St. Anthony Police Department said.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the state-level police agency, will be leading the investigation, according to officials. They will gather evidence to present to Ramsey County Attorney John Choi to make a decision on criminal charges. They have not said how long it will take for the investigation to be completed.

The Department of Justice told Governor Mark Dayton they will be monitoring the investigation and can assist as necessary.

Both Yanez and Kauser were interviewed by investigators the afternoon of July 7, the governor said.

3. Officer Yanez Is Married With 1 Child

Officer Yanez Wife Lindsey

(The Bump)

According to a now-deleted online registry at The Knot, Officer Jeronimo Yanez married a woman named Lyndsay Engstrom in November 2014. They live in Forest Lake, Minnesota, with their baby who was born on August 4, 2015.

4. Minnesota’s Governor Says He Doesn’t Think Castile Would Have Been Killed if He Was White

 Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, speaks outside the Governor's Mansion. (Getty)

Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, speaks outside the Governor’s Mansion. (Getty)

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton said at a press conference there is “every indication” excessive force was used in the shooting and said he does not think Castile would have been shot dead if he was white.

“Would this have happened if those passengers, the driver were white?” he asked. “I don’t think it would have.”

Dayton continued, “I can’t say how shocked I am and deeply, deeply offended that this would happen to somebody in Minnesota,” Dayton said grimly. “No one should be shot in Minnesota for a taillight being out of function. No one should be killed in Minnesota while seated in their car.”

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama said he was “deeply troubled” by the shooting of Castile and the shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“But regardless of the outcome of such investigations, what’s clear is that these fatal shootings are not isolated incidents,” Obama said in a statement. “They are symptomatic of the broader challenges within our criminal justice system, the racial disparities that appear across the system year after year, and the resulting lack of trust that exists between law enforcement and too many of the communities they serve.”

Mark Dayton: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has called for a federal investigation into the shooting of Philando Castle, who was shot by a police officer.

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5. Castile Was Loved by the Kids at the School Where He Worked & Was a ‘Good Man,’ His Family Says

Castile worked as a cafeteria supervisor at J.J. Hill Montessori School in St. Paul. A statement from the school system said Castile was hired in 2002, at age 19, and was promoted to supervisor two years ago. The statement described him as a “team player who maintained great relationships with staff and students alike” and said he was “quick to greet former co-workers with a smile and hug.”

The statement included this glowing assessment from a co-worker: “Kids loved him. He was smart, over-qualified. He was quiet, respectful, and kind. I knew him as warm and funny; he called me his ‘wingman.'”

“This was a GOOD MAN,” a parent of a child at the school wrote on Facebook, saying that Castile snuck extra graham crackers to children and hugged a borderline autistic child every day. He “pushed extra food in them like a grandma” and took care to know every single child’s name.

Philando’s uncle, Clarence, said Philando had worked in the cafeteria for 12 to 15 years “cooking for the little kids,” according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Clarence Castile called Philando “a good kid” and said he grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, also living in Minneapolis.

Castile’s mother told the Star-Tribune that her son had worked all of his adult life. “They killed my son,” she said. “They took a good man, a hard-working man; he worked since he was 18 years old.”

Philando Castile: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Philando Castile died after being shot by a police officer in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, while his girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds, captured the aftermath on Facebook Live.

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    • Yeah, HISPANIC like George Zimmerman; both working overtime to identify themselves otherwise. And he’s definitely not CHINESE. Google The Philippines to see what they look like.

    • I think you’re really missing the real point Fatsolio. The point is NOT that the officer necessarily hated blacks or itching to kill them. The point is that blacks and Hispanics are more likely to be “assumed” to be violent or attempt to cause harm so they are, whether subconsciously or not, not given the benefit of the doubt. More often than not, it is fear, not hate, that precipitates these kind of attacks by law enforcement on innocent people. You can monitor crime in any major municipality and you will find more than your share of white criminals, many of them violent. There is still, however, this bias that portrays blacks and Hispanics as inherently lazy and violent. You hear it in conversation. It spills over into art and entertainment where it is easy to see the stereotypes, especially in comedy because it is so exaggerated to make it funny. The problem is that a lot of this country still buys into it and, in my humble opinion, that is what this case, in particular is all about. It is not about hate and purposeful executions. It is about fear and stereotypes causing a tragic accident and loss of life.

      Whether it is hate or fear, the man is still dead and his family has lost him forever. Saying that it is just like how people accuse Muslims is not any kind of rationale that should, in my opinion, even enter the conversation. They are both wrong, both horrible and both need to be dismissed. I don’t know what the solution is other than people putting aside their fears and prejudices and trying to understand and love people that are different than themselves.

      • The idiot govenor said it was a race issue……and completely irresponsible and incompent rhetoric from a govenor. Facts are not all in folks……the hispanic cop should be given the benefit of the doubt……the problem is determining fault baded on race…..if the officer was black any news story?

          • Owning a gun is a responsibility. The decedent didn’t even carry car insurance, so shouldn’t have been driving. What moron legislators let this guy legally purchase a gun, when he had a large number of cases of driving without car insurance.

            • Oh no… He had no car insurance. Must be a hardened criminal thug up to no good…

              Thanks for putting that into perspective, I was on his side until I heard that…

              • An innocent man was assassinated, it was recorded and people are trying to find faults with the victim. What world are we living in?? There is evidence and a witness and the cop still has his job and salary. Wake up everybody and standup. For god sake the man was sitting in his car, his girlfriend’ s daughter was in the backseat and there was no regard for anyone in that car… Give me a break… The cop is a murderer and thats it…

                • The cop, Jeronimo Yanez, had a wife and a one year old. He was just trying to do his job and survive without getting killed himself.

                  • …And he flubbed up. In a justice system there has to be consequences for that. People get fired for MUCH less

                    • he should never be hired where he would carry a gun… should have to pay something for his kid at least till he or she is 18,do community service ,and I suppose st anthony should be sued for hiring this guy to police their city


            • As a white citizen I’m shocked at tour total ignorance. Yes we should shoot all blacks who have the audacity to drive without insurance,if true
              Open season, punch your ticket. You are the only moron here.

              • You better pray and repent! I don’t know why white supremacist’s don’t think Jesus is real! Your day of suffering will come!

            • I’m sure in your world you cross all of your t’s and dot all of your i’s….. I hope you don’t have any loved ones …. And I hope if you do that they don’t even Jay walk . you’re an absolute IDIOT . People like you are what’s wrong with this country . I bet if Philandro was any other color you would be outraged over his murder .

            • Comments like yours are racist pure and simple. The guy gets murdered. He went through the process of obtaining a gun license. Legally. He was murdered. And instead of sympathy. Apathy and compassion, you want to point out that he had driving violations? This country is sick and bad cops make it very difficult for good cops.

              • People who are licensed to carry need to know how to react when stopped by police. Many police are killed in routine traffic stops, and most by blacks. The police are just trying to survive to make it home to their families at the end if the day.

                • Really Melanie I guess HE (Philando) wasn’t trying to get home, he was just trying to die that day. Where is your proof that “most by blacks” Say nothing without siting your proof

                • He did what he was supposed to do you idiot… He informed the officer he had a firearm and was authorized to carry it… The officer overreated and killed this guy while there were 2 other innocent bystanders in the car, one an infant/toddler… My 33 years of Law Enforcement says somethng is definitely wrong with this scenario… He jeapoardized the lives of the other 2 vehicle occupants… Because of that, I guarantee they fire him… He was reckless… And we “Serve and Protect”! Not “survive to make it home!” We will die to save others… You have no idea what you’re talking about…

            • If you look over the record, you will notice that these charges for no proof of insurance were when he was younger.. Insurance is very expensive for young men under the age of 27.. He probably just couldn’t afford it… He has been independent since he was 19.. Most of our kids get our help… he might have had to choose between car insurance or rent… I’m iust saying….

            • No car insurance? Then of course this man deserved to be immediately publicly executed by the police without due process in front of a child! One down … so many to go, but I’m certain you are relieved to know that “authorities” are slowly but fervently working to correct this “serious” problem. You are so very wise … ever consider running for office?

            • From what I read driving without insurance was one of the charges he had been cited for in recent years. I also read that many of the charges against him had been dropped. My own daughter was cited for driving without insurance simply because she had forgotten to put the proof in her car. Regardless, there are many worse crimes than driving without insurance. Also it was my understanding that his girlfriend was driving.

              • She was driving.
                4 year old daughter was in the car.
                There was no regard for her safety or well being. NINE!
                The officer is a lunatic and should be changed with reckless homicide, civil rights violations, and child endangerment. A bruised reed He will not break and a smoldering wick He ( Jesus ) will not snuff out until He leads justice and a just cause to victory. Matthew 12 : 20 AMP BIBLE

            • What does this have to do with being executed in the street? Kill him because he owns a gun legally and doesn’t have car insurance?

            • The man was law abiding! Damn people will still beat him down even if he’s law abiding about not having car insurance??? Wow! How could you not have compassion for this man who was gunned down while a 4 year old was in the backseat of his car! Jesus is returning soon; I can feel it! He is fed up with all this hate! Read Exodus this is exactly the hatred that the Egyptians had for the Hebrews and God punished them! On earth white supremacist may be safe but God hears and sees all; and you will suffer in jesus name! Vengeance is the lords! I’ve seen God make the evil suffer!

            • @ Grab-What the hell does that have to do with his 2d amendment right to carry a firearm you slug. I get it, so you have NOTHING SO YOU FIND ANYTHING DUMB OR DUMBER

            • Yes… Blame the deceased victim for the Officer’s excessive use of force IAW the Force Continuum/Use of Force Model… STFU…

          • Not cold blood. If you watch the video the cop looked genuinely upset. I think he made a dumb mistake and reacted out of fear.

            • I agree. It’s tragic and so very sad. Fear and distrust and a rookie move. It sounds like the officer over-reacted. Perhaps Phil mentioned having the gun while he was reaching for his ID and the police officer over-reacted. Very sad. I’m praying for our country, our police and our citizens. God help us all.

            • someone has to have authority on the street and this is the senseless terrible consequences of that authority.. if yanez was found guilty in some cases cops would be scared to make any move knowing they could be tried for murder if they made a mistake… the criminals would know this and the crime wave would expand and more murders of the innocent would increase…. just a theory…

        • Really STFU you sound like every other racist piece of $hit out there. The videos are pretty damning evidence.

        • Borders on slander.and racism. Vey irresponsible. Gov want’s to incite. Such a senseless death , but not intentional

        • Either he is an idiot or he is saying that so he can stay in office. I think the officer made a terrible mistake. I watched the video and he sounded like he was really upset. I think he will regret this for the rest of his life. Yes I do agree that those who are Hispanic or African American are presumed to be violent and that is a shame. Hopefully that will change. I certainly don’t think officers wake up in the morning and say “I want to kill black people today.” With all of the incidents that have occurred and the irresponsible way the media portrays things as “black man, white cop.” police are more on edge. Those who are stirring the pot are not helping. Trevon was shot by a man of Latino and Caucasion ethnicity and the last name Yanez sounds like a Hispanic name. I wish that the media would be more objective and stop creating hate where it doesn’t need to be. My prayers go out to the families of Trevon, Freddy, Philando, Alton, and Michael Brown, as well as the slain officers in Dallas. These are the people who continue to hurt.

        • Thank god for the Gov. This yanez punk should be arrested put in prison for every. These chicken sh#t cops were too busy hugging poor little yanez and arresting his girlfrien then providing first aide to an innocent man. Cops such

        • You’ve got to be the meanest, most heartlessly warped, evil person and you certainly don’t have a girlfriend, wife or significant other cuz your heart space if completely full with hatred. Surely you don’t have children to infect with your evil. Until you have FELT what that good man felt just before he was shot dead even while trying to comply with that low level of intelligence officer, you will never understand– cuz you’re clearly not black.

        • Well , you made sure it was noted he wasn’t white. He was Latino it looks like at least . And it doesn’t change the fact that a innocent man is dead. I’m embarrassed as an American that police officers are allowed to be excecutiors and I am doubly embarrassed it was a Latino cop. If anyone should have been aware of racial profiling should have been him.

      • LesH the problem you fail to ignore is that blacks and hispanics unlike any other group commit the most violence in the country. Whether it’s Africa or in America, your own communities are savage. How come poor Asian immigrants don’t have this problem?

        The hate and fear is justified because 9/10x when a crime is done it’s a black guy who did it. And if blacks werent lazy as you say how come they have the lowest grades, lowest college graduation rates, and lowest SAT scores?

        Your words betray the truth.

            • Bet Williams has an EXTREMELY low SAT score. Know what? Bet he never even went to a good four year (decent) college. (And if he’s not a high school drop out, then he probably only got as far as the 13th grade in some inferior community college. His insecurities show clearly.

        • Might be because of the systematic racism in the education system causing us to not receive the same quality education such as whites.

          Or maybe because of the systematic racism in the judicial system that prosecutes us at higher rates than whites for the same crimes.

          If you would see around your privilege for a moment it might start to become clearer for you.

        • Williams, Asian immigrants have their own problems (many Asian men treat women like s–t for one). Whether people are black, white, yellow, red or purple — some are good and some are bad. Some white men are savages. Why are the scores so low, as you point out? I would say it has a lot to do with expectations being low. I actually had a math instructor in high school who began the first class of the year with saying, “I know you girls are probably not going to get a lot of what I’m going to teach, but just do the best you can.” That stayed with me. As a woman, I wasn’t expected to excel in math, and I didn’t.

        • What you fall to notice is BLACKS are profiled and the media will quickly blast the information if the person is black . But it doesn’t matter does it ? Idiots like you will still find a reason to accept this crap.

        • William, I sympathize with your lack of education and warped beliefs that have led you to your ignorant statement, “…Blacks and Hispanics unlike any other group commit the most violence in the country. Whether it’s Africa or in America, your own communities are savage. How come poor Asian immigrants don’t have this problem…?” Let’s start with your last comment on “…poor Asians…” I assume you are talking about ‘Orientals’ and not East Indians who fall in the Geographic region known as Asia and are also referred to as Asians. Firstly, have you ever been to China Town in New York City? I am not just talking about going there for lunch or dinner. Well, let me inform you that the police there deal with the same crime, poverty, social and environmental problems such as: domestic violence, child abuse, sex crimes, murder, and illegal immigrant crimes. The reason you do not here about this is because the Asian community and population is usually more concentrated and not as spread out within particular states like the African American and Hispanic population; in other words the Asian American community is much smaller in numbers when compared to the African or Hispanic populations. In addition, African Americans have been in this country way before Asian immigrants and have and continue to suffered and struggle with discrimination, prejudices and yes racism longer and more so than the Asian population. African Americans are tired of being treated like second class citizens in a country that was built off the sweat and blood of their ancestors. They simply just want the equality and respect they truly deserve. In regard to your comment that Blacks and Hispanics commit the most violence in the country; well it is not just as simple and straight forward as you put it. When you deprive certain communities and people of equal educational rights and proper living conditions the end result is what you presently have. Fortunately, most African Americans and Hispanic people are able to raise up and out of their deprived state. Furthermore, this problem did not occur 8 years ago or 20 years ago, this has been going on for many decades. Finally, your comment on Blacks being savages, I refuse to comment on this because it only speaks to the level of ignorance and stupidity that defines you.

          As white Americans we must be honest with ourselves and admit that the problem stems from our prejudices, and unnecessary fear of people who have a different skin color. We need to stop giving into the stereotypes that Blacks and Hispanics are lazy and we need to stop demonizing black and Hispanic men. We are all Americans and our skin color does not determine whether we are good, or bad, criminals or heroes; these characteristics are found in anyone regardless of their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or religious preference. Until we are ready to accept these truths will we truly have an America, ” …the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

          • So you think Cameron Diaz or Ted Cruz are criminal? They are both hispanic.The truth is that the Asian community is the invisible community to us.Why do you think that Scarlett Johanssen got the lead role that was supposed to be an Asian.The truth we do not like them.I am white.

            • Nell, you’re a straight up moron. The Asian community may be invisible to people like you. The truth of the Asian community is that they are taught to work hard despite the setbacks and shortcomings. The majority of Asians are taught to not moan and groan and whine and complain over every single little thing that’s “unfair”. Asians stay out of the spotlight, off the radar because they are grateful for the opportunities given, will work with what they have and will work hard for what they want. The truth is “we” do not like them? That might be the case in your world…but rest assured, that may not be what everyone else things.

        • I’m impressed that you know the actual crime statistics of the entire continent of Africa and Asia. can you please provide resources and references to substantiate you opinion?

        • Williams, I don’t want people of other races associating me with people like you simply because we share skin color, after seeing you associate a good man who was killed with criminals and violence simply because of his appearance. I doubt that you can see the irony, though.

        • And You Fail To Realize That PEOPLE Who Think Like YOU Will Always try to find an excuse on things that are wrong. First Of All You Must Was Held Back Or Your Stupidity Just shines higher than anyone elses because true indeed african americans have their share in violence but so does any other race. and regardless of what another person does that does not mean all african anericans are all the same and that also does not mean shoot someone because they look “Threatening” Thats just Plan Stupid.

      • That fear comes from something called statistics (facts in numbers) that African Americans are disproportionately more violent. It wasn’t this seemingly innocent man who fell into the violent group, but don’t pretend like you don’t know where their fear comes from. If you pulled over a person who you knew is statistically more likely to be violent (based on facts) than other groups, you would be more on edge too. Racism is terrible and may very well be factor in some police shootings, but try to see it from more than one perspective.

        • Are BLACKS really? Statics are what’s reported ….. Lets go back to the beginning of this country …. This land was stolen by violent WHITE men and to this day WHITE men are the most violent narcissitic people on this earth. And will get away with way more crimes … Whether violent or not then ANY OTHER race . Your history is fueled off violence .

      • there is only a presumption of race as a factor if the policeman is described as white. however in this case, the policeman is an hispanic male, not white. it only sounds good for the press if he is labeled as white. this is not a cultural issue; this is a media-bias issue. yes, the police in this instance seem to have shot first and asked questions later. yes a bright light has left this world way too soon, again. but in this case, please stick to the facts when discussing race.

      • just for the record, I am a black male and I do not carry a gun around to the grocery store. not sure why everyone is wasting their energy on the post about the insurance. It is more about the gun. Cops have to be prepared if someone is packing a gun. Cops get shot in routine traffic stops, black or white.

      • So, all the world wars have been started by White people, plus many more wars, genocides, the Holocaust, Inquisition, and you said “Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to be ‘assumed’ to be violent or attempt to cause harm”, WTF?

    • He didn’t murder the cop, he made a very bad judgement call. He sounded like he was very upset about it. He should be held accountable for his indiscretion, but not for murder. I know you are angry and I am too. Hopefully there will be new policies that will prevent this from continuing.

      • You can not be serious…please you can not be serious…he sounded upset over killing a man for no reason…poor baby…lets just tell him next time try to not get upset and send him back out on the streets.

  1. Must really tick off black people and white guilters that the cop is hispanic and that he was killed because he is a minority. That is what bugs me when these people go on about blacks being gunned down like all these cops are racists…this cop being shaken up sure doesn’t sound like someone who just poof, hates black people and is ready to shoot them out of the blue.

    My guess is this guy was just another of the typical police officers who aren’t truly trained or stable for the job and he overreacted to what he somehow thought was going to be a threat. Yes, the guy being black probably factored in since blacks surely do cause many cops to be more antsy (whether a stereotype or simply because most violent criminals are black and cops are aware of that) but I highly doubt this cop was all itching to kill a guy when he pulled them over for that infraction. People can say it is wrong to assume every black you pull over is going to be a violent criminal which is true but it is no different than people who want to vilify all of the world’s 1+ billion Muslims simply because a few go and commit terrorist acts.

    In no way am I trying to justify what the cop did or support him as I think cops are out of control these days and this cop should be fired and thrown in jail but rather, I don’t think the assumption should be made that he shot this guy just because he was black which by extension implies he views black people with little value.

    • Make no mistake about it Philando Castile death is a result of racism.
      Likely not the skinhead, nazi flag waving, my race is better than your race kind… more likely somewhere between that and the subtle kind that occupies even the most fair minded of us.
      Officer Yanez’ prejudice not the actual situation dictated his actions.
      Also, know that many of the statements that you make here surely do perpetuate racism / prejudice.

        • Well last time I remember Black people were KIDNAPPED from our land.. Built your entire existence on OUR Blood,Sweat, &Tears.. Had our ONLY form of family broken while Your Nasty Ass Pappies and Grandpappies violated are women.. Served your Asses like loyal dogs and was treated like a Piece of property.. Told we were less than Shit on your shoe..Now being shot down like dogs and hanged(Atlanta) in this present day.. So excuse me if a WHITE PERSON WILL BE THE FIRST TO GET A SIDE EYE FROM ME!!😑😑 Your peoplw have Always been the most deceitful people walking thia earth.. So call ir racist.. I CALL IT CAREFUL..

          • If you want to fix something, do you continue complaining or will you instead be the person you want to be seen as

          • I sure hope these thoughts are retained to the population you live with rather then a world view of white people… dont know if you guys noticed but this killing bullshit is a problem within your society…

          • Anonymous: I recognize a blind anger in your soul, and your comments reflect a true lack of knowledge of a system in which you belong. While there have been atrocities committed against many people whose ancestry derives from the continent of Africa, there have been many more committed against people whose principal ancestry derives from Europe. I have obtained information that tells me the real truth (with evidence as public schools taught us to find first before drawing conclusions). According to my ancestry, my folks never owned slaves because they were devout Christians (even those whose entire existence and tribal ways were taken away by the rush of the future–they still believed in a Heavenly Father and in the ultimate goodness in their neighbors no matter their DNA). They farmed their own land and all of their neighbors farmed their own land–building their future for themselves. In fact, two of my ancestors where considered European (Scottish, English, Irish, Native American, German) who died defending the truth that no man should become rich on the backs of a poor man–no matter their color. Speak the truth and use statistics, if you dare to propose such broad inconsistencies as the gospel truth.

            Stories that count are the stories that each person tells for himself. Tell me a story about you, not folks you never knew first hand. Evidence isn’t truthful unless it is tied to specific, supported examples. I am sure that when you add your stories of people just being kind, generous, sweet, considerate, loving, helpful, and caring, that they will stack 10x higher than the stories about you being treated like property. I have stories about all kinds of people acting all kinds of ways. I still remain. You still remain. So the totals must be on the positive side or neither of us would have or could have survived.

            Another issue I have with your response is your broad categorization of what BLACK and WHITE is. Look it up. Learn about DNA. Have your DNA traced. Study what it means to be you, not what it is to be some non-color (white isn’t a color, black isn’t a color–they are descriptions of the scientific definition of how our eyes work in this world with light energy). Be descriptive. Give yourself a better description than “black.” I am so much more than either of the two–I am all of them, both of them, plus much, much more. The real truth is, I am the residual energy of an entire Earth history of people who have fought to survive in a world that is totally against us–wanting rid of us all like a body killing a virus.

            Lastly, we only know our own truth. No man knows the heart, soul, and mind of another. We were commanded in our Bible by Our Creator to refrain from judgment or by the same harsh measures we use against others will be used against us. What that boils down to is to speak of only what we have seen, touched, tasted, heard, or smelled.

            People are afraid of one another. None of us wants to die any sooner than we have to, so we constantly look out for the next thing that will kill us. (That is how we survived, you and me, to this day.) Our real problem is that to truly have LIFE, we must be willing to DIE and unafraid. I walk through this world aware of the next thing that may kill me, but totally unafraid because I am brave and my soul will only go to a better place. I have been nearly choked (by the hands of an individual with epilepsy) to death by a person in circumstances that one could have NEVER predicted, yet I am not afraid. Truthfully and statistically, we both are way more likely to die of cancer (1.6 million died in the US in 2015), drug (opioids) overdose deaths 165,00 people in US in 2015, in traffic accidents (32,675 died in 2014), or death by guns (12,942 people in 2015 in the US) than the 1,1,34 people who died at the hands of the police in 2015. In fact, more people (760) have just died (in 2016 alone) at the hands of their loving family member in the US than all of the people who claim African descent who died in all of 2015 (310).

            Death is assured to you and me. Sad, I know. Most likely, I will die of heart disease or stroke (thank you very much from my US Diet and African genes). That is if I don’t die in a traffic accident (lots of those and I do drive 100 or more miles per day) or cancer (Please, God, no!). Most likely I won’t die at the hands of ANYONE holding a gun because first, I am smart. I am compliant–if someone with a gun pointed at me says fold yourself up like a pretzel, then I will try to do just that.) Next, I am emotionally intelligent (I wasn’t born that way. I worked at this all my life because I dearly LOVE all people–even the pissed off crazy people I happen to teach–btw: I teach people with Emotional/Behavior disorders/Autism because I love them so very much.) Lastly, I don’t carry a gun, commit crimes (although I do speed–hence, the threat of dying in a car), nor do I curse nor yell at people or threaten people or act stupid with police.

            Oh yeah, I am not white. I am not black. Lucky for me, people always ask me what I am. I know I am not Chinese nor am I Hispanic (although I taught myself Spanish). Last time I checked, I was a pretty clay color with undertones of yellow (thank you AFRICA). I have lovely black curly hair. I spend most of my time caring for my family (with two very lovely souls who happen to have a disability) reading, studying and writing IEPS for my students (for each of whom I would take a bullet should a gunman come into my school). I speak with authority. Study to show yourself approved as a workman for God. Yes, for God, we are all free (in HIM) and we are all slaves (of sin). Your brief argument needs work. I love you. If you were my student, I would teach you to formulate your thoughts in a more coherent and sensible manner so that your story may be heard.

            Be CAREFUL if you will, but watch your diet, your behavior, don’t stand outside in the lightning, don’t ski down a warming ski slope in the rockies, drive safely, exercise, work hard, READ everyday, LOVE others, don’t let anger get your blood boiling, do things that lower your blood pressure, don’t eat or drink sugar, don’t smoke or drink alcohol nor do drugs, don’t cause your children to become angry, watch heart disease and stroke risks, find your ancestors, celebrate your life, care for animal life, RECYCLE, please, grow your own vegetables, sleep 8 to 10, fast and pray, find the goodness in everything for even roses have thorns for a reason. This world and we were made for times like this. Do your part to make this septic tank a better place for God didn’t make a mistake. He made you and me.

            • Thank you for saying what I have been thinking. . I don’t see hatred between blacks and whites in my neck of the woods and I refuse to jump on the let’s hate everybody who is….bandwagon. I genuinely like people of all races and realize that God loves all of us. What I don’t like is ignorance. Racism=ignorance, no matter what your race is. And remember that racism is not limited to Caucasions. There are just as many people who are African American,Hispanic, Asian, etc who don’t like other people because of their ethnic background. Please stop the hating. Hating breeds more hating and negativity. And for those who don’t know their history, the civil war resulted in the end of slavery and many people gave their lives fighting for that outcome. Meanwhile, my ancestors were not in this country while all of this was going on and never owned slaves. The thought of segregation, not allowing African Americans to vote, the KKK, etc makes my stomach turn. These things should have never happened. However, two wrongs do not make a right.

          • don’t forget Ancient Egypt was black and white people have made it white basically telling black people “no way could you have built this” making them white in film and in museums.

      • Psychological studies involving shoot/don’t shoot situations show that racial bias is a factor in the often split second decision. Interestingly, the racial bias towards black males (there is less bias towards females in these scenarios) is present even when those making the decision to shoot are black.

      • Unless the cop was wearing a working body cam, we’ll never know. As a matter of fact, how do you know that Philando Castille wasn’t high as a kite, and that he didn’t mutter something about carrying a gun and then ignore the officer’s command to stop reaching for whatever the officer thought he might be reaching for? The woman is heard admitting that they had weed in the car, so how do we know that this wasn’t the result of stoned-stupidity-gone-bad?


      • Seriously? So you think he was leaving it up in the air for everyone to make their own conclusions?

    • Who has there gun out at a routine traffic stop for a broken tail light? Never seen that in my life and I’ve been pulled over countless times and have not seen one gun except in holsters…Even in so called bad neighborhoods.

      • Anonymous, we don’t know yet why his gun was drawn or IF it was already drawn when he approached the vehicle. That is a good point. It suggests to me that there were commands being given and ignored that caused him to pull it from his holster. Is it possible he had it out and ready to go, aimed at Philando? Yes. But we don’t that that, do we? I wish there was dash cam or body cam so we would know what happened up to that point. I wish there was. We have two people’s word here, the cop and Ms. Reynolds. One says Philando was told to get his license out and the other, the cop, kept saying I told him not to move. Sadly, that little girl was there. I wonder if she’ll be asked to shed any light on what was said and done up until the video starts, and if she’ll be able to recount it. She is only four, but she sounded incredibly bright and articulate in the video, so maybe she will help somehow.

  2. I believe a minority of cops do overreact in crisis situations.probably shouldnt be cops.but to say this was racial ,im not sure. since the officer is obviously hispanic .i do hope justice prevails.

    • Not sure why the fact that he was Hispanic rules out the face that there was a racial element? All races have prejudices. I’m black and know many prejudiced blacks. I do still go back to that subtle prejudice called “fear factor.”

    • And hispanics and other minorities can’t be racists? Seriously? That statement in and of itself is racists. wow.

    • All the more tragic because there appears to be not any indication of a crisis until the cop fired his weapon. Should have been a routine traffic stop. Here’s your ticket or warning and on your way….

      • No where in the video does it show what happens up until shots are fired. Heck , it doesn’t even show what happens during the shots are fired. So of course, there doesn’t appear to be a crisis.

        • True. I’ve made assumptions based on the video that did not began until after Philando had been shot combined with what I’ve read about the type of person he was.
          I believe that my assumptions will be confirmed, but at this point that’s all they are.

  3. Axel.fatalistic On Instagram. There’s A Video Of The Adopted Korean That Is The Alleged Shooting Offiser Of Philando In Falkon Heights…… He’s Wearing A Hat And Sword With Flags In The Bakk

  4. chickens come home to roost and all you crackers out there are endangered species time for browns and blacks to take back what is ours!!!!!!!

  5. Jeronimo dear your itchy trigger finger *Executed* an innocent man in front of a four year old AND due to technology, *Executed* Mr.Castille in full view of the 497 other children he fed every school day. There exists no justice for what you did.

  6. Any act of violence does not define any race as a whole. This is an issue with humanity and society. Believing race is the biggest factor is not going to solve anything even if it true.

  7. In case anyone is curious, Yanez’s family (Jesus, Maria, and Gab) lives at 1406 4th St N, South Saint Paul, MN 55075-1932. I hope an armed & angry mob pays them an appropriate visit.

  8. Sad all around. Prayers to families. Think cop jumped the gun and made bad mistake. Don’t think premeditated murder. Need new police protocol.

  9. officer Yanez needs to go back to Mexico. why should white cops have to die because of stupid Spanish cops killing blacks? same with Treyvon.

  10. This is truly a pity that this happened. Without a bodycam video, we’ll just have to piece together the officer’s and witness’ testimony. I DO know this though, If I was pulled over and had a CCW, REGARDLESS of the color of my skin, I wouldn’t move my hands out of the officers sight until I was, without a doubt, cleared by the officer to do so and I would move SLOWLY. This would be out of respect for the officer AND for my own life. I wasn’t there, but I do suspect something unusual happened (like fast hand movement, perhaps just after informing officer of gun possession?) to cause the officer to react in this manner. I think the sane thing to do here is wait for a full investigation and not to jump to conclusions. It’s unfortunate that the girlfriend’s video started after the important interactions.

  11. Why did the cop pull his gun? I have never had a gun drawn on me during a traffic stop- and I’ve even been an asshole to the cop. Of course I’m white

  12. See what happens when you give unexperienced kids guns and a badge? Only ex military should be hired as cops not kids straight out of high school or college.

    • Bullshit….some of you ptsd, war hardened, trigger happy, shell shocked, mercinaries are the worst ones on the force

  13. nobody saw what happened before the video. the cop didn’t sound happy about what he did. Innocent Cops get killed in the line of duty as well not just black men by white cops. If I were bit by a pit bull, I’d probably fear them more. If I were sobbed by a white man I would probably fear them more, but I was robbed by a black man while innocently pumping gas. I don’t have a dislike for a black man, but I may fear them more in a threatening situation, especially if they were carrying a gun.

  14. Jeronimo Yanez murdered Philando Castile and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law… this is beyond belief that such a good and decent loving person should be shot by a trigger happy policeman who is supposed to defend us. Such a senseless tragedy.

  15. The police officer clearly states “I told him not to reach for it…. I told him to get his hand off of it”. Look at the video at 0.50 and you can see Castile has a gun lying on his leg, with his hand right at it. Why would Castile have a gun in his lap while driving? I’m sure this video will be used by the police to back up their defense.

  16. So I am curious. This is proof that the media is bias, stereotyping, and, racists. Let’s turn the tables on this story. What if, Yanez was sitting in the passenger seat, with a license to carry. His girlfriend on facebook, showing the whole thing live. A Black cop shoots Yanez dead in the passenger seat. Would the media have covered it? Would BLM made a big deal about it? Would there be 7 dead cops? Would Al Sharpton be on tv, Another bad day for a latino man? Would Mark Dayton, have made his same comment? Would you be on this forum, supporting Yanez and want the black cop in prison?

    This is what is wrong with America and the media. Recently I told all my human resource personal. To go through facebook pages. Any employee would is racists, bia’s against a race, or, supports blm and violence. To notifiy me, so I can fire these people. They will not be working for me. This is a business, not a family feud like Hatfields vs McCoy. People need to be even on all people and race. Not special treatment to one. That sounds a lot like what Hitler would do.

  17. The vituperative comments on this situation borders on stupidity, hatred, ignominy, racism, and even heresy.
    Allowing Officer Jeronimo Yanez back into the public shows a extreme disregard for his loved ones and the ongoing investigation.

  18. Find a case where a Black Police Officer has been tried (or charged) charged with murder for the death of a White person since 2000. I don’t think there is one, while there there are plenty of whites shot and killed by Black Officers, are never charge, let alone actually tried. Statistically, Black Officers are more prone to shoot whatever the race.

    White people are shot and killed all the time and nobody cares.
    This case may be the exception, but 99% of the shooting cases are because the suspect resists arrest, fails to do what he is told to, tries to flee. If a White Officer fires the shots, the media begins the character assassination which is so vicious, nasty and racist even if he is found not guilty his life is ruined. Look at Officer Darin Wilson of Ferguson who was cleared in that shooting, yet had to move away to escape the death threats and is unemployed.

  19. A horribly poor judgement done by the two primary actors gave way to different acts of movement. One was seriously concerned and elevated the other just pushing through the requests and was probably just doing what he said he was asked to do. What a very bad accident. There is no way to reconcile this. Both are probably good men in there own right, they are however not equal in this error. The officer was in control and used force because he made the wrong judgment call as more then likely the diciest did when reaching for his liscense when he more then likely with Gun pointed at him should never have reached for… Really, get your license while a gun is pointed a you?. Both live in it’s consequence now that is simply horrible, with all the broken pieces that go with it.

  20. So Officer Jeronimo Yanez, clearly a white guy (sarcasm intended) shot a black guy under questionable/debatable circumstances. But, where are the riots? Where are the protests by Antifa (and their masks!)? Where is BLM? The new left is the most hypocritical bunch of douche bags in American history

  21. Where is the video of Yanez in front of the confederate flag, playing the song Dixie and yelling about how Black Lives Matter people need to die? It was deleted off my FB page and now I can’t find it anywhere. He was not fearful he was hateful.