WikiLeaks List: Most Damaging Emails About DNC, Clinton, & Bernie

How Can You Join the DNC Class Action Lawsuit?

With the WikiLeaks release, there's more evidence that the DNC may have supported Clinton against its own rules. Here's how to join the class action lawsuit.

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WikiLeaks Plans to Release Clinton Documents Before DNC

WikiLeaks is preparing to release information about Hillary Clinton this week, before the Democratic National Convention. What are they going to release?

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  2. I’m still wondering why Assange is waiting so long to release the other emails – he says that nothing will happen until after she is elected (God, I hope not) and the FBI will then use it as a bargaining chip with her. Again, why wait? Why not release BEFORE the primaries?

    • he has stated that some minor formatting was necessary in order to protect sensitive personal info; such as masking some credit card numbers, for example. and since they’re a lot, and there’s not enough trusted ppl helping…

  3. Guys, you save pictures of text as GIF, not jpeg. Or use .png if you can’t figure out how to save picture files. It works for both.

    • jpgs have an option to be created at min loseness; or store, that reads just fine. the prob here is that they used a medium low setting; ie too much compression, which creates distracting artifacts…

  4. Well here’s my worthless input that nobody is going to understand or listen too.

    This country is not a democratic country historically. It’s a “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC” which means it’s based on the rights of the individual. That in turn means each person and each vote counts. We have gotten totally away from that. It’s now about what fringe group is the loudest & the size of that group doesn’t matter.

    Also it’s not going to matter which president is in there this time cause the lobbyists & elite have taken so much control we aren’t going to get it back. They are all corrupt, money hungry power robbing idiots.

    Bernie says he’s a “democratic socialist”. Bullshit. By very definition of each they can’t co-exist. It’s a made up modern term for a socialist which if you know your world history that leads to communism. The young people of this country have been dumbed down so badly no thanks to the poor schooling and political correctness gone crazy they don’t see or understand the meaning of his beliefs.

    Clinton. Look up her pre political job history. Hell she was fired from her first law job for unethical practices & gross neglect. She’s been like that ever since she was in school. Now do you really want someone with a 40 tract history like that running this country? How about her being a “golden girl” or whatever it was? That organization was all about racism, discrimination and still is. So to all the non-white people out there. Think about that one. Look up her interviews of the 70’s & 80’s. She did and still does hate lgbt’s, blacks & browns! How about that for a president?????

    Now democrats in general. How many of you realize that they as a group brought civil war upon this country once already? Probably very few. Back in the day they knew they were going to loose to Lincoln. So they already had plans in place to succeed from the union & the confederacy southern states were born. All over freeing the slaves. In their minds they owned these people whom the republicans freed. The republicans fought and died for slaves freedoms. Black & white slaves equally. Yeah. White slaves. Hmmmm. Go figure right. Yep. Irish were slaves when they immigrated here. So you see slavery wasn’t about race you f-tards. It was about control of the people. That’s why the democrats are trying so hard to eliminate the middle class. Modern parties haven’t reversed rolls!!! Democrats still want and have partial control over the people thru the welfare state, freebies, gun control, freedom of speech, media lies and social justice bullshit.

    So what I see happening with the election is going to happen one of few ways.

    Scenario 1) trump wins. Minorities & illegals flip their lids and there is mass civil uprising because of all the lies, exaggerations and crazy crap the democrats, liberals, progressives and media lies have spread. Then the silent majority which consists of the middle class people who are sick and tired of high taxes, out of control government, race baiting and basic ignorance and craziness of this groups are going to take up arms and end things on a massive scale.

    Scenario 2) Hillary wins the electoral vote, Trump wins popular vote. The average American then realizes how corrupt and unconstitutional the Feds have become and take up arms and a revolution insues on the size & scale this world has never seen.

    Scenario 3) Both loose the election to a surprise 3rd party candidate that nobody saw coming. This country goes on with its day to day life while this person continues to chip away at the constution & bill of rights.

    Scenario 4) There’s a foreign attack on USA soil by the Chinese or North Korea or both team up and attack together. Our military is spread out all over the world fighting these bullshit little conflicts when we have no right to be there. So we can’t defend ourselves especially from those 2 countries just simply because of their sheer numbers available to fight. Obama declared martial law. Bam. He’s president in cahoots with China and Korea and welcome to the UNITED STATES OF COMMUNIST AMERICA!

    Scenario 5) We have some small isolated attack just before the election in November. Obama declares a undefined national state of emergency for a undefined amount of time. This will be a lie basically because it’s actually martial law so he can stay in office until he’s bored enough to step down or someone takes him out somehow.

    Doesn’t really matter really. It’s either going to be mass hysteria on a national scale or Clinton as president and business as usual. So as you see. Either way we are screwed blued and tattooed.

    Have fun with this one people.

    • To me, anyone who starts by explaining the difference between a democratic country and a constitutional Republic is suspect; they often have an agenda to show that vast numbers of voters are morons and only people like themselves are smart enough to understand important matters. “Jim” clearly fits that category! Anyway, I am just going to respond to one point in the post: “Bernie says he’s a “democratic socialist”. Bullshit. By very definition of each they can’t co-exist. It’s a made up modern term for a socialist which if you know your world history that leads to communism.” To put it bluntly, you are an idiot. Go look up Norway, Sweden, and various other European countries (or Canada, for that matter).

      • Well Neelam101 you obviously don’t fully understand just how many people think we have been a democratic society. So since it’s not taught at home or in school I make the point when it’s necessary.

        You also obviously don’t know how bad off those socialist countries really are. Do you know anyone who lives in those countries? Doubtful. I do. Many many people in several socialist countries. The news in the US and the country itself don’t talk about how horrible things are and have been for a couple decades. Look at Vensuella!

        Also why & what would I be suspect for stating historical fact of this country?! What’s wrong with talking real history? Not a damn thing. That’s what.

        • you sir are right on target the government is trying to over power the people and take control people don’t see Hitler trying to repeat itself people who live in canada have free healthcare but try and go food shopping they pay triple times the money for their food and gas they think with Bernie they will get free college yes on the homeowners property taxes that will force people out of their homes i am so sick of hearing how people want free i say if all the people on welfare got off their asses and worked and paid their fair share in taxes this country wouldn’t be so poor can’t keep taking without someone giving

          • Welfare is a fiscally feasible practice that does not put any extra strain on an economy that is not based on a manufacturing workforce (like U.S.). Earmarking of new bills in congress is where the majority of the money we all pay in taxes goes to.

            Don’t blame poor people who need financial help to live in impoverished neighborhoods.
            Don’t blame people who live in food deserts where they don’t have a store to buy produce to cook.
            Don’t blame the disabled who cannot work to provide for themselves.
            These are the people on welfare.

            I’ve seen tons of lazy ass people who actually do have jobs that contribute nothing to society, so that shouldn’t be where you start to to demand changes.

            My aunt works for FL food stamp office and literally told me that when you apply you need to lie on the form to get assistance. So, they’re not just giving money away. I myself had to apply 3 times in my life. All were denied. Then you also have people like my other aunt who got fired from the same office for fraudulently submitting requests for food stamps. Literally, 2 sides of the story in the same family.

            They don’t just give money away to the poor, that’s reserved for the rich. The rich pay less taxes through tax loop-holes. They spend money on the same things we do, but their money is returned to them because the government realizes that they need it more than the country does. Ever wonder why the government “creates jobs” but then in subsequent reports we find out those jobs are not Full-time or even part-time because those denote stability. They are contracted jobs, where the corporate oligarchs decide that you are a vassal to their empire and thus your expenses are justified. Ever question why a contractor can write off half of all his meals on the government tab? Because you don’t bite the hand that feeds. Why doesn’t everyone get to write off their gas? Because the people paying you, are paying for your gas, but they own oil resources the world over, so why would they overcharge themselves? Simple answer: They wouldn’t.

            So I agree that we are being subverted and I agree that we need to do something, and I agree that “free” healthcare, college, and whatever else they are selling us is bogus. But i can’t allow you to perpetuate the concept of those at the bottom causing the rest of us to drag. The embedded pesticides, bogus pharmaceuticals, medical malpractice, and other works of art portrayed by our government are causing disabilities (therefore more on welfare). When we have a whole decade’s worth of people taking toxic chemicals directly to the body and then an immediate surge in debilitating diseases its obvious the people at the bottom are not to blame for the misfortune that adorns them.

      • Actually, Jim’s historical facts are true Neelam. You are just too pigheaded to open your eyes to the TRUTH!!!! And as far as Norway, Sweden and wherever else you are speaking of….Take a look at their population. Tiny in comparison to USA. Take a look at Venezuela. They can’t even buy toilet paper. You are the idiot neelam. Wake up.

    • The funny thing is, Democratic Socialism isn’t even a new thing. Marx and Engels wrote about Democratic Socialists and how Communism would handle them and if I recall correctly it was a pretty much live and let live policy. So it can be said that socialist ideals predate the de-facto conception of communism. Feel free to correct me as I’m just remembering what I read and I’m certainly not going to waste my time double checking for a reply to a comment as pointless as that one. I mean seriously, you still think Obama’s a communist. I can only assume that none of you people truly know what communism is. If Obama was running in a Socialist Democracy they would consider him to be in the center at the Left-most. Same goes for Sanders. As for Hillary, she’d be considered to be firmly in the Right. And as for Trump, most of the world is already thinking he’s either the next Hitler or else completely incompetent.

    • Jim – Communism and Socialism are not synonyms. Never have been, still aren’t – the entire premise of your fear mongering is based on a falsehood that you claim everyone else gets wrong cause their stupid…. Troll.

    • the ways are not important, only the end result. scenario 1 or 2 seem the most feasible ones; but not their consequences. ie it’s hard to imagining some sort of srs inner political upheaval under hellary. the whole point of maintaining the illusion of choice is precisely to keep the masses under control, until it’s time to make their final move. the others seem like backup plan c, d, etc. however, when the pieces are ready, they will act; whoever the current pawn in office is. it’s also time to accept our destiny, and understand that eventual war and conflict on a large scale are simply unavoidable…

  5. Ted Cruz has been a member of the Uni-Party since at least June 21 2015 (last e-mail) Notice the 1st e-mail. ~~~~ Kendall Unruh is a pro-Hillary plant with ‘free the delegates’- never/Trump groups ~~~~ This is a NWO, save NAFTA/TPP, keep the borders ‘open’ for the new North American Union, since day one. ~~ They are desperate to defeat #Trump and the WALL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  7. why voting a Theist = psychotic = retard = immature to face facts= fear facts =fears mother earth’s nameless,meaningless & timeless reality = a brainwashed human with a perma brain damage caused by PTSD severe anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, depression and memory lapses due to false reality?

  8. The most sickening, safest thing is that so many people, who often didn’t have much themselves, donated money, time and energy to this campaign not knowing that from the beginning Bernie just never had a chance anyway… countless hours of phone banking, walking from door to door… ufff! This is so wrong!

    • They should have known. The unfortunate thing is that Bernie reached a lot of voters who’d otherwise not vote so as far as the Popular Vote goes, Hillary can’t expect to receive all of their votes. I imagine there’re even some who’ll vote for Trump just to spite her especially with the DNC shenanigans.

      • bernie was merely a trial run just to see how much ramerica is down with the mirage of ‘worldly socialism’. i was very surprised to see how many ppl were just begging to be owned. anyways, both paths lead to the same result, only dif medium obv. bernie’s fast and extreme, hellary’s slow and moderate…

  9. Interesting that we are choosing to read this as, ‘It’s got too much support for Sanders and we don’t want that.’ instead of, ‘It’s got a lot of stuff for Sanders and we don’t want to be accused of being biased.’

    Important to remember that even people who leak documents generally have an agenda and we see only the window they want us to see.

  10. The dnc has been hacked by the Russians. So what makes you think that they don’t have all of Hillary’s e-mails and will hold her hostage with them. Now that’s called diplomacy………or blackmail. That’s also the reason you use secure servers with classified information. She put everyone at risk just to try to hide all the Clinton global initiative transactions. What a true American she is.

  11. As Ive said, none of the emails actually show any actions taken against Sanders. There was some talk, but in every case the suggestions were either not serious or they were vetoed. It is evident that some people did not like Sanders. Thats not illegal or against rules. They took no actions against him.

  12. The DNC, the Clintons and the State Party Chairs in every state, along with all those super delegates are GUILTY of national voter fraud….they talk about supporting voting rights, while they DESTROYED the voting rights of 13Million voters and all those who were given provisional ballots. WE knew every state was rigged by these corporate demoRATS, to nominate Clinton aftr the voter fraud has gone international , the US is now the laughing stock of the world. Bernie will be nominated tonight…lets hope all those 1900 delegates plus the ones who flipped STAND UP and nominate the man who won this election.

  13. The Internet Is A Relatively New Thing? Since when, we have had email and email servers for 22 years! There was even email services on the old ARPANET back in 1982! The DNC is totally corrupt.

  14. Can someone ask a Russian Hacker to get into Soros’s email? Its bad when you have to count on the Russian for the truth because our own media couldn’t find a gas leak with a match. Interesting the DNC doesnt deny them, just bitches about how they are published

  15. With the Wikileaks disclosure this showed that the DNC the party of Obama, the party of Clinton, the party of Joe Biden, they rigged the democratic election process. Surely there must be a federal law stating that the election process must be carried out in a 100% neutral way. This was Not done here meaning the nominee is tainted. As for the DNC I believe laws were broken people need to go to jail. And before I could ever return to the Dems they’ll have to earn my respect!

  16. Assange may not be a perfect guy, but I am grateful to him for illuminating the truth about our government. If the sheep choose to ignore the information, things will only get worse. Eventually, things are gonna really blow-up in this country, and electing either Hillary or Donald will only accelerate that process. I’m not looking forward to it, but it has to happen. And I’m (at least for now) on the side of the people that are still making it (middle-aged white). Things are so out of whack in this country there is no chance the center can hold. Things have to change.

  17. My opinion is more e-mails must be released about the Clinton Crimes. CNN is 98% for Hillary and they sell her 24 hours a day. Now the Haitian Humanitarian Funds Bill Clinton was in charge. WHERES THE MONEY? James Comey on the Board of directors for 3 years at HSBC in New York. Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton were all involved in a money laundering scheme. Are the Clintons truly Teflon.

  18. These emails are pretty weak sauce as evil master plans go. “Bernie delegate almost not allowed in a fundraiser” – you mean (gasp) some people organizing an event considered keeping out a suspected trouble maker? The shock. “Rhode Island reduces polling places” – so after Bernie supporters were accusing the DNC of being partisan, someone at the DNC tried to get ahead of a story that might look bad even thought the DNC has nothing to do with deciding on RI polling locations? The horror. But more to the point – who does fewer polling locations actually hurt: The old fogies voting for Hillary that have gone to the same polling location for decades and might be confused by a change? Or the young, tech savvy and dedicated Bernie supporters that helped him win caucus states where enthusiasm to go the extra mile counts? BUT WORST OF ALL: “DNC Collecting Bernie’s voters’ Data” – IT IS CALLED VOTEBUILDER AND IT IS WHAT EVERY DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN DOES!!! Since 2000 the DNC has built a huge ground game advantage over the GOP by having all candidates SHARE their voter data. Both Bernie and Hillary got to use the info about voters collected by Obama. In two years Congressional Democrats all across America will benefit from using the data collected by Hillary and Bernie’s campaigns – this isn’t a scandal, it is the DNC’s gift to all Democratic candidates. I’m sorry but after those weak attempts I can’t read any more of these email “scandals”.

  19. Seriously only about Clinton nothing on Trump just before an election. WOW MAKES YOU JUST AS BAD AND SHOW WHATS YOUR AGENDA. Do you have a pardon from Trump – seriously balance is whats needed and I thought you were better than this. Totally pissed off and fed up with all the bullshit

  20. REALLY!!!!! All about Clinton and not a thing on Trump???? just before an election and you think this is freedom of speech????? Wow since when did you become the holder of truth and justice – So disappointed you are just like all other forms of media with an agenda all of your own – Super disappointed