Kratom News: The Public Will Be Heard & the Ban Will NOT Go Into Effect on September 30

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) confirmed to Heavy that a ban on kratom will not go into effect as of September 30. Russ Baer, a spokesperson for the DEA, stated on September 29:

What I can tell you is…we’re not going to do it tomorrow. I don’t have a date as to when we are going to do that final order publication in the federal registry.

Susan Ash, director and founder of the American Kratom Association, said kratom advocates will finally be heard. On September 30 she stated:

The DEA will be releasing a statement in the next few days about opening a public comment period and exactly what that will look like…this is a really big deal…regardless of what happens it means our voices have been heard!

The announcement came August 31 that the DEA planned to ban kratom in the United States as of September 30, causing panic and outrage to the thousands who use the leaves, which are closely related in makeup to the coffee plant. They’re specifically looking to outlaw the compounds mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine found in in the herb.

Users of the plant argue that it is no more addictive addictive than caffeine, and say it has helped them with such things as pain, anxiety and overcoming addiction to dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

According to Dale Jerue of the United Kratom Association, “Found primarily in South East Asia, kratom is a relative to the coffee tree. The pain relief effects found in kratom are produced by alkaloids found in the leaves. Historically, because of its reported analgesic and energizing effects kratom was used for centuries by farmers and tribes people in the region.”

Heavy caught up with the DEA to find out if the ban is moving forward.

Here’s what we found out:

The Plan to Ban Kratom Is Still in Place

(Photo courtesy of Ricky Bell)

Protesters of the ban are seen at the White House on September 13. (Photo courtesy of Ricky Bell)

When asked on September 28 if the ban will still go through, Baer stated:

We are moving forward in terms of scheduling. We don’t know if it’s going to be on that date or sometime thereafter. The reason September 30 came into play was…we’re required by law to post in the federal register our intent to schedule at least 30 days prior to the actual temporary scheduling action. If you do the math, the earliest possible date we could do the temporary scheduling action is September 30.

He also said they’re waiting for direction from the DEA’s Office of Diversion Control.

However, Baer confirmed to Heavy on September 29 that the ban will not go into effect on September 30, and said he is unaware of a date at this time.

“We have determined that it represents an imminent hazard, so we’re not going to drag our feet very long,” Baer told U.S. News. “It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when.”

The American Kratom Association Is Waiting on the DEA’s Response to Letters

(Cat Smith/#Iamkratom)

(Cat Smith/#Iamkratom)

Heavy also spoke with Ash, who has been adamantly working with different governmental entities trying to get the DEA to reconsider the ban. And she has the support of many.

A “Dear Colleague” letter has been signed by a bipartisan group of 51 U.S. representatives, which equates to more than 10% of congress, asking the Obama administration to reconsider the DEA’s plan.

A House letter, circulated by Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) and Rep. Matt Salmon (R – AZ) to the DEA stated, in part:

DEA’s Federal Register notice posted on August 31, 2016 proposes placing kratom in the most restrictive category-Schedule I-within 30 days. This significant regulatory action was done without any opportunity for public comment from researchers, consumers, and other stakeholders. This hasty decision could have serious effects on consumer access and choice of an internationally recognized herbal supplement.

A legal letter was also submitted to the DEA, however, Ash has not received any feedback regarding responses at this time. “To my knowledge there has been no formal response to any of the letters,” she said.

Baer told Heavy on September 29 that the DEA will be responding to the letters, but is unaware of an exact date.

Ash is still working hard, and told Heavy that today she’s trying to circulate a senate letter drafted by Sen. Orrin Hatch, one of the longest serving senators in the United States, that is also asking the DEA to postpone scheduling “until a public comment period can be put into place, and until they can justify why the need for emergency scheduling in this case.”

Ash went on to say:

We’re in a bit of a holding pattern because we’re hoping out of respect that they will respond to congress and to our attorneys prior to making anything final, and that they will be receiving the letter from the senate as well. And we hope the DEA will seriously consider the issues brought up in the legal, congressional and senate letters.

Kratom Supporters Argue That Scheduling Isn’t Justified

To put this all into perspective, let’s take a look at what kratom is being compared to. If the ban goes into effect, the plant will be in the same category (Schedule I) as drugs such as heroin, LSD and ecstasy.

Also on the DEA’s plan is to make a synthetic drug called U-47700 a Schedule I substance.

U-47700 is said to be at least 7.5 times as potent as morphine.

Some states are signing emergency bans on the drug. On September 27, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi signed a temporary emergency ban.

The drug can be purchased online and is connected to at least 50 deaths nationwide, the Associated Press reported.

In stark contrast, Kratom alone has never been linked to any deaths.

A Reddit user who goes by the name “Electronic Exorcist” described the effects of U-47700:

The only opiates I have used apart from u-47700 are heroin and oxycodone (IV and nasal). I would put the high somewhere between those.
With about 6mg u-47700 up the nose, then another 6 about an hour later, I am nodding happily. Not much of the ‘uplift’ that oxy has. I get real chill and happy. No matter how bad my day was, it is much better after a few sprays.

In comparison, Dan H. told Heavy how kratom, which is usually used in tea form, makes him feel. “I personally compare it to the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had,” he said. “I don’t feel high, foggy, out of it. I feel ready to take the world on. No pain, less anxiety. I just feel…OK.”

His statement goes along with what several other kratom supporters have said.

Nick Wing, a journalist with the Huffington Post, decided to give the herb a try for himself during a protest at the White House. He stated:

About 20 minutes after finishing the drink, I started to notice some of the commonly reported effects. I felt a familiar feeling, like a caffeine buzz ― that buoyant, airy feeling I used to get years ago, when a double shot of espresso actually affected me. My heart rate felt slightly elevated, though I didn’t take my pulse to measure a change.

I also felt sweatier than normal, though it was hard to tell if that was due to the kratom or from having been out in the heat for the previous hour and a half.

The kratom also produced some mild gastrointestinal effects, a few awkward burps here and there, which left me bordering on nausea for a few minutes.

And that was it. A few hours later, I was completely back to normal.

Skeptics of the DEA’s proposed ban say the reason for the government’s involvement is because pharmaceutical companies don’t make anything off of a natural and healing plant, which is in direct competition of their bottom-line.

It’s hard to imagine even one congressman trying so hard to stop the DEA’s ban on U-47700, and for obvious reasons. Yet dozens of lawmakers are absolutely adamant about helping the kratom community…support that Ash believes will only keep growing as knowledge and letters keep circulating.

What You Can Do

Kratom supporters are urged to contact state senators to sign the “Dear Colleague” letter, which can be downloaded here.

Jennifer Johnson stated:

Vendors and fellow kratom advocates…I cannot stress how important it is to call your senators today. They are all receiving this letter today and need to sign. Be nice to whomever you talk to and explain how long you have taken kratom and for what reason.

You can find your senator here.

An example of what to say can be found on

A very important letter crossed Senator ______’s desk this morning.
It calls for the DEA to delay their intent to classify Kratom, a natural herb, as a schedule I controlled substance so more research can be done.
I am a responsible adult that has uses Kratom for [all the reasons]…

The site highlights that it’s important to make the call on September 29, and to follow-up on signatures September 30.

The video above also explains instructions and what you can do at this point to help stop the ban.

Read more about the proposed ban below:

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  1. Trying to politely get the DEA thugs to back off on their ridiculous and UNLAWFUL “banning” of a plant without even requesting public discourse on the matter is like trying to politely beg a pack of salivating wolves NOT to eat an injured lamb. Not gonna happen. The only way to stop them from their TYRRANICAL move is to STOP THEM FORCEFULLY or for someone in a higher up position of power to stop them. Otherwise, you can say Buh bye to one more freedom, Amerikka.

  2. DEA already took pharma money – theyre obliged by their greed to ban kratom, to get as many people as possible to be hooked on prescription drugs and alcohol- the two that never harm anyone and much safe to use than meditation.

      • How dare u fabricate such nonsense. I bet there is no name of this “someone” and how much is it. If u did your research, medications are by far, and i mean by far more expensive. Remove your comment youre a joke.

      • Kratom literally costs $100 a kilo, shipping included. That’s enough to last even the heaviest users 2 months. One search such as “Where can I buy wholesale kratom” through google would have immediately turned up a supplier in the $100 per kilo range. It is not the kratom vendor’s communities fault that this person you knew was a douche.

      • Lol you must be extremely poor to consider $80 a kilo a lot of money. And there is no way you are telling the truth about your recovering friend.

      • That is a lie….stopping kratom is like stopping drinking coffee….a few hot flashes and over in a day…rehab? What a joke. Take down your irresponsible post… if your friend is in rehab is for something other than Kratom I guarantee it.

      • Kratom dosent cost a lot of money, you have no idea what your talking about. A simple Google search will show how much kratom costs. Don’t spread misinformation and feed into the media hyperbole that’s already going on.

        • You are a liar.And most likely paid by the DEA to say this absolute bullshit as if anyone will believe “anonymous”

      • I spent more in one day for opiates than I spend in a month for kratom. Whoever this “someone” is, if there is such a person, is more than likely taking opiates with the kratom and doesn’t want anyone to know the real problem. Blame it on kratom. It’s legal and mommy and daddy will be more understanding of my addiction. That’s a cop-out and I’m not buying it. Kratom has literally saved my life, at a fraction of the cost of opiates.

      • No, you do NOT know someone in rehab because of Kratom. They’re in rehab for some other reason. Kratom is used in opiate addiction treatment, and is itself NON-addictive. If you’re going to lie in public, learn to do so effectively by not using such easily disproven statements. Anyone who voluntarily allowed themselves to be placed in rehab because of kratom is a moron. They’ve got far more serious problems and they’re all labeled by psychiatrists. And as far as this herb costing a lot of money? Pharmaceutical opiates are hundreds of times more expensive. Why do you think they want to ban it? There’s no valid medical reason to do it.

        • Yes, Dennis sorry to say people are in rehab because of Kratom. The cost of Kratom is expensive and its sad that someone can lose everything because of this legal crap- having no warning signs on the package. Well just try to get off Kratom and nothing more needs to be said. You will experience hell for sure.

      • Liberty means the freedom to make choices– even bad ones. Choosing kratom over ANY pharmaceutical drug, however, is a MUCH, MUCH SAFER choice. It is as safe as marijuana, and has NEVER by itself caused a single death (and the deaths listed in the DEA’s report on kratom were ALL used in combination with other toxins/drugs/compounds, such as Tramadol which was prescribed to me and caused seizures; i have NEVER had a seizure taking kratom). The bottom line is, if it can’t kill by itself, the government shouldn’t even be CONSIDERING a ban on anything! Freedom comes at a cost, but in this case the cost is next to nothing. Oh ya, and “anonymous” kiss my ass and worth about yourself and leave everyone else the hell ALONE!

  3. This is just another example of a government that IS NOT of the people, by the people, and for the people, the US government and especially the DEA are reminiscent fof the NAZI party in the 1930’s before all hell broke lose. Now I am a felon, if I use kratom?, the drums are beating, oppressive government crap, law enforcement like the SS, ….a old line in a song by Jim Morrison comes to mind….”They got the guns, we got the numbers”…time for us to be taking over….

    • Correction: 51 Congress persons signed the original Dear Colleague letter, NOT 51 Senators. That process is ongoing now and so far, Orrin Hatch is the only name I’m aware of that has initiated this letter.

      • Yes, Congressmen/women signed the Original letter. Senators are signing Orrin Hatch’s letter as well. I know these people have signed: Chuck Grassley, Patrick Leahly, Dianne Feinstein, Jeff Sessions, Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham, Dick Durbin, John Cornyn, Sheldon Whitehouse, Mike Lee, Amy Klobuchar, Ted Cruz, Al Fraken, Jeff Flake, Chris Coons, David Vitter, Thom Tillis, Richard Blumenthal and my Senator David Perdue!!

        • This is a list of all the members of the Senate Judiciary. Where did you read this? I could be wrong, but I think it’s highly unlikely that the entire Senate Judiciary has signed.

  4. Yes Kratom has saved my life I was in a bad accident broke my back and multiple other bones I didn’t like taking the pain killers because they were so addictive I turn to alcohol became an alcoholic then I found Kratom from one of my friends was hooked on opiates the first time I took them on you my life is going to change I no longer I no longer felt to use because of my addiction for alcohol or opiates and until this day I’ve been clean for 10 years only taking all natural herb Dean Kratom that saved my life it is sad that the da in the government it is sad that they would try to take this from us it’s all natural just like marijuana and has the same medicinal values I have no anxiety and no pain in my body do not ban the kratom on please unless that is you’re like people being hooked on painkillers and heroin instead of taking all natural tea leaves that comes from the coffee plant

    • That story is a similar one happened to me. Not only did I get off of alcohol, but finally got off of H. Oh well, I guess it’s back to using H again.

  5. Is this really true?! Its not happening tomorrow?! I swear I’ll break down into full blown tears. This could mean my life wont be destroyed tomorrow!

  6. I’m not one for conspiracy theory but it’s OBVIOUS there is more to this than meets the eye. Perhaps there has been recognition of the profits being made by this industry and they want those profits. Government agencies and Big Pharma are using the DEA as their scapegoat in order to cash in on this beloved plant. They’ll probably try and turn it into the next pill and you’ll see some ridiculous commercial asking you to ask your doctor to prescribe you “Mitrasynica” or some such ridiculous name….sad

    • Yes. There’s more than meets the eyes. Pharma Companies like Janssen Pharmaceutica hired the lobbying firm Hogan-Lovells to influence the DEA to schedule kratom because it is a threat to their profits. Hogan-Lovells is for all intents and purposes Rosenberg’s employer. He was a partner at the firm before heading the DEA, as was Loretta Lynch. It’s a sad day when a bureaucracy-for-hire is willing to press Americans into slavery–absent antisocial behavior or physical harm–to protect corporate profits. That these Americans were suffering and found relief is just icing on the cake.

    • All you have to do is read about the newly appointed head of the fda and it will all make sense. He left being a top lobbyist for big Pharma to take the lead of the fda. Did the situation gain any clarity now? Lol.

  7. This intent to schedule/ban kratom is the most oxymoronic thing I’ve ever heard of. By the DEA’s own admission, heroin and opiate painkillers are their biggest problem. It’s completely obvious that kratom safely helps keep people AWAY from these substances. How does this make sense in any Universe? I really hope they come to their senses soon. I’m afraid the DEA and any other agencies involved will be unable to admit they’re wrong. This has to stop. The public can’t afford to wait around for years while theses agencies play games with their lives.

  8. I live in Indiana Kartom is all ready illegal here I’d love to try it i’ve been addicted to opiates for going on 20 years. I’m to the point where I don’t care if i wake up in the morning. I’ve hurt everyone i love and I’m about to lose the only woman I’ve ever truly loved. I’ve been on prescription drugs since i was 8 years old dexedrine my whole life has been addicted to something Meth, Coke, Benzo’s, alcohol . I’m afraid that i just can’t take much more. If i lose my soulmate not sure what i’ll do. Any one who reads this thanks for listening.

    • Hey Kevin. I was on 90mg of OxyContin a day for my torn ligaments in my knees. But I switched over to Kratom around May 9th of this year. It literally saved my life. My marriage and I’m off pain killers 100%. I used to buy $60-90 worth of Oxys every other day. And now I spend maybe $100 a month. So it’s like drinking a Starbucks a day. Kratom also helps with anxiety and depression. It’s a miracle plant.

    • Kevin, I know how you feel! I have been addicted one thing or another for 20 plus years as well. Don’t give up, don’t let the drugs win. Don’t let yourself be another statistic. Keep fighting brother!!

    • Kevin, see if you can find a vendor that will ship it as a COD (Cash On Delivery) order (if they don’t offer it, email them and ask if they can make an exception). Then have it shipped to the closest FedEx or UPS facility in the nearest state, like Illinois, where it is still legal to ship (first, make sure to find out which shipping carrier they use; if you have it shipped to a FedEx facility by UPS, that FedEx facility will refuse the package, and you’ll have to start all over). go to the FedEx or UPS website to choose the best location that also has a “Hold for Pickup” option. use your real name and have valid ID because they’ll ask to see it (it doesn’t have to be an Illinois driver’s license; they just use it to confirm that the package is yours). Then just drive to that location, tell them you’re picking up a COD package, give them the money order for the correct amount, and you’re done! Trust me, it works (I’m from Indiana as well). btw, i had serious problems with painkillers as well, and kratom honestly saved my life. I truly believe it can do the same for you. GOOD LUCK and let us know how it goes.

    • i know exactly what your saying. lose everything cuz of oxycontin or heroin. that shit rules your life and breaks your bank account. move away from your state and into one were kratom is legal. maybe if people start moving out of the states tha banned kratom,the state will start to suffer. ive been on oxys for years and wanted to dye cuz i couldnt afford it and couldnt get off it. then i was introduced to kratom and i got off oxys,i have money now, i have my own place and my own business. it feels great. i can go days without kratom but i couldnt with oxys. i even broke into a pharmacy to get more oxys. i dont feel lost or out of control anymore. if u can get kratom its worth it. you will get your life back.

  9. What do I need to do to help?? I am all in. I don’t think that I have been more angry in my entire life. I really really really hate the federal government at this point. The audacity to rip a freedom away from me for no reason is insane. I have been nothing but a hard working American my whole life. I pay my taxes and I don’t ask anyone for a dime….I take my Kratom in the morning like most people use coffee. I like it instead of coffee because it doesn’t give me the runs or jitters. And now they wanna take it away from me? They can all burn in hell.

  10. I once worked a counter-narcotics mission with the DEA in the Bahamas. I was told by one of the agents, among other things that the DEA exists in a perpetual state of failure. You know, how’s that whole “War on Drugs” thing going guys? I suspect that as the new fiscal year approaches, they needed a “success” they could point to as a way to ensure legislative funding support, or something. Seriously, DEA if you’re listening, I’ve got love for you guys, you’re a key partner in cutting off funding to those who would wish us harm, you are all hard working Americans who should be proud of what you do. This kratom ban though, it only works to delegitimize all the your other efforts. Withdraw the rule, and keep your eyes on the real prize. Not this FDA stuff.

    • the same is within usice; they could’ve deported almost all illegal immigrants a long time ago; yet they ‘failed’ to do so, purposely. otherwise big bizez would complain about losing their cheap labor force…

  11. Its over. Corrupt Dea bans another safer and natural alternative. I long for the day maybe not in my lifetime were its not 100 people marching on the white house lawn but millions when Americans wake up and see we have a tyranny government who sleeps with the tobacco and big pharma companies. As long as you keep dying they keep getting paid and anything that comes along that is natural by nature and safer will be snuffed out. This is why i am sadly moving out of the U.S when my kids finish collage , i hate the government that much , they have no care about the american people , and i grow tired of them meddling in my affairs telling me what i can and cant use.

    • It’s ALL about the money!!! Repeat after me. It’s All about the money!!! They don’t care if you’re hurting, or addicted to chemicals or ruining your life, and health, and relationships, it’s all about the money…And it sucks!! Unfortunately it does seem to be getting worse. If you are or even if you’re not religious, we need to pray for some kind of Divine Intervention, because basically spiritual warfare seems to be the only kind of action that we can take.Like Forrest Gump said, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

  12. notice how come there is no actual sensible reason for the gov as to why ban it. although i’m certain they eventually will be able to conjure up some silly excuse. if kramton actually were such a great thing, or precursor; then the drug cartels would’ve made their move a long time ago. unless you mean the legal drug cartels of course; ie the pharma co’s. this is the almost the same as with marijuana. because i do have to admit that the latter is slightly more toxic and addictive. but it is the same principle nevertheless. so this is what you rightfully deserve to get for giving up your liberties and power to choose little by little from a long time ago. hence, why not complain then about those things as well. i guess complaining about a rel harmless plant, is say, more ‘pc cool’ that troop intervention in the middle east, or private invasion under the false guise of national sec, snowden fashion like, just to name a few more important examples. in any case, at least ‘thank’ obama and the rest of the current demleftardz admin anyhow…

  13. I think we all know what this is. And on that note I believe the DEA members should have to take a polygraph on whether the pharmaceuticals companies are influencing this decision. It’s a case of gross misuse of power. Now their decision is saying we will let you have it but only after its brought to you thru our sponser… Big pharma.

  14. Let’s be real. To those saying Kratom does not induce physical dependence are either lying and / or delusional. ANYTHING that remotely touches the opiate receptors is going to cause physical dependence if used daily. That’s a biological fact, and there’s no way to get around it. Does that mean the DEA should ban it? Absolutely NOT. But, Using the argument that “Kratom does not have addictive properties” as a talking point to stop the ban is bassackwards, because it most definitely CAN and WILL if you do use it every day (whether you’re abusing it or not). And no, it’s not like a damn caffeine withdrawal. Unless you’re using it infrequently and/or at low doses, its going to be worse than getting off caffeine for the majority of the population. If you are an exception to that rule, you’re in the minority. If you use that argument with any government agencies that are pro ban, they may automatically discount any other LEGITIMATE and factual future arguments, and the discussion will stop there. Factual and legitimate arguments such as: it DOES very much have medicinal properties, especially for mild anxiety and pain management. That automatically excludes it from schedule 1 status. It is also completely safe to use, any reported deaths I’ve seen have always had a cocktail of other harmful drugs in their system, so it’s impossible to isolate Kratom as being the main cause (it won’t be). I’m sure there are a small percentage of people that have a biological makeup that does not tolerate Kratom well, but there’s also a small percentage of people that don’t tolerate peanuts either. The DEA also uses the 660 poison control calls as one of their main arguments to ban. However, In 2013 alone CAFFEINE had more than 4x the calls and overdose issues with poison control than Kratom has in the last 5 years, COMBINED. And don’t get me started on TYLENOL, which holds the crown for poison control calls, yet can be found in nearly every household in the US. There are countless over the counter medications that are far more harmful, have caused more deaths, and are responsible for far more poison control calls than Kratom.

    There is a lot of misinformation about Kratom from both the Kratom community AND government agencies, and I just think that’s the wrong way to go about it. Let’s get all the facts out there and be truthful about what Kratom is and isn’t. Telling half truths and sugar coating your side (whether you’re pro or anti ban), is counterproductive. I think more authentic research is needed to prove that Kratom is perfectly safe if used responsibly, and that, in my opinion, is the only way to reverse the DEA decision, or at the very least get a more favorable schedule status. Agree or disagree, those are the facts.

  15. I am AFRAID! I was a heroin addict because of the amount of pain i was in on a daily basis. I tried to quit so many times and the pain always had me going back to heroin. I am a 50 year old grandma and the use of kratom has allowed me to live relatively pain-free. I do not go through any sort of withdraw if i dont have kratom. If i have a good day with minimal pain, then no kratom needed. It has been such a blessing to be able to live pain free without the any of opiates that i have had dependency issues with. Please do not ban this miracle plant. I do not want to turn back into a heroin user. And if my pain management tool is made illegal, then why wouldnt i just go get heroin??? It is everywhere and cheap!! It will be much easier to get heroin than kratom…if you lived with chronic pain, you would understand.

  16. Strangely enough, we need Mel Gibson to weigh in again. I don’t say that often. Look for the dietary supplement commercial he did in the 80s or 90s. Awesome.

  17. Our voices have been heard and that is the first step. Now, they need to do what we are asking. We are making an extremely reasonable request. Please keep kratom leaves and their alkaloids legal. If the DEA bans this, they will show themselves to be heartless! If they aren’t moved to change by the old ladies, teachers, moms and veterans crying on YouTube because the government is going to take away a plant that they need, then they are truly horrible and deserve to be removed by the american people. We won’t stand by and let them hurt our most vulnerable people! Those who suffer from pain, mental-illness and addiction need this alternative! We demand that the U.S. government not only listen, but stop this ban for good! It is a supplement to a healthy lifestyle for people suffering from the symptoms I listed and it should be treated the same as Kava!

    • Nana, you’re absolutely right—they should be removed (if they keep the ban). But unfortunately, the DEA—not to mention the EPA and FDA—do not answer to us! they are NOT elected officials, and therefore we the people can’t do shit to them!

  18. Hi my name is terry.I have been using kratom for about a year now.during this time I have managed to quit all of my anxiety and pain medication.krato has done wonders for my life.I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my spine about ten years ago.I was taking large amounts of oxytocin everyday.The drugs were destroying my life.Also along with that I was taking a lot of benzodiazepines.sometimes I couldn’t even get out of bed.kratom has never killed anyone.kratom is saving my life.Doctors told me for years if I couldn’t get up and live my life I would die early.Dr Khonner was afraid the meds alone would end up causing me kidney and liver damage.For the past year I have been getting up at six a.m..I take my morning dose of kratom right away.I usually have to lay down about a half hour before the pain starts to go away.I truely don’t even understand why the Dr a would even want to take a herb like this off the market.pot is becoming legal almost everywhere and it gets you extremely high.I don’t even get high on kratom Kathie it does work great for pain.only thing that will happen is people will go back to taking pain pills and benzodiazepines.look at all the people who die from taking drugs the doctors hand out piles of.I thank God for kratom and would ask that you would let us who want to be free of pain pills be free.This kratom isn’t killing me it’s saving me.If your concern is human life.keep it legal .

  19. KRATOM is Helping to SAVE my LIFE!
    I have several health issues…
    One of them Severe Migraine!!!
    At least one a week or more, taking
    A Triptan, Maxalt every time for relief
    Which relieved pain with side effects, one of which increased level of depression and I would suffer with suicidal thoughts :( :( !!
    And I was taking OPIOIDS for pain relief on Daily basis, for other chronic pain issues..
    Long story short- I found Kratom!:):)!!
    I have been taking Kratom for a month
    And have had NO Migraine!!! :):):)!!!!
    Also Less Chronic Pain!!!!
    So less Opioid use!!!! A lot less!!!
    Soon I believe I may be completely off off of them!!!!
    I have Never had such a Positive change!!!! And no side effects:):)!!!
    I highly recommend Kratom it is
    Outstanding and should be available to all that have pain, addiction, etc.
    It is Amazing and has Truly Saved
    My Life!!!! I am Forever Grateful :):)!

  20. I’ve been taking 5 grams Thai meang da every 6 hrs for about 10 mos now. Being a regular consumer of Kratom I can tell from experience that there are withdrawals and they suck. Awful RLS, insomnia, fatigue, essentially all the symptoms of any other opioids except diarrhea. Do yourself a favor and use this ban to get off this stuff once and for all. I am. (I’ve got about 500 grams left so I’ll try and taper off but once it’s gone it’s gone for good!)

  21. What a let down.BAN this CRAP, already! Kratom is not some benign plant that you crush-up like your morning cup of coffee. It’s addictive both psychologically and physically, it’s a drug, yeah, you heard me. Kratom is a drug and should be banned as fast as the DEA quits quivering over letters from Congress and Senate.The Sooner Kratom’s banned the better. Sorry, all you addicts are going to have to learn to live life without the fear of pain, and anxiety / depression that comes with that fear. Your fix is going to be taken from you any day, it’s only a matter of when the DEA decides to throw down the ban hammer. Schedule 1, over and done.

    • By the way. The legislative branch of the government is supposed to make the laws. The executive branch of government is supposed to enforce the laws…. do I need to go on teaching 3rd grade here?

    • “Anonymous”,

      You do grasp the meaning of FREEDOM, right? That doesn’t mean free to do ONLY what YOU think we should be allowed to do. If i had it my way, I’d revoke citizenship for all close minded idiots who act as though it’s perfectly in line with the Constitution to mandate and/or over-regulate virtually every little aspect of life, even when there is absolutely no threat to human life. What do you think about abortions? I personally support life, but i realize that if abortions were again banned, it would hurt and/or ruin far more than it would save. Just because you don’t like or agree with certain lifestyle choices doesn’t mean you get to prevent others from doing. How about this for an idea: F-off, live your own life, and let me and everyone else live ours! Maybe… just maybe, i could accept your opinion on the subject, but considering kratom is just as safe as marijuana (and far safer than alcohol, pain pills or any other pharmacutical drugs, including tylenol) your opinion is sh*t. BTW, you probably love that old “Reefer Madness” movie from the 1930’s, don’t you?

  22. Just my thoughts…. Why would DEA try to ban a natural herbal supplement so that after it becomes illegal on the streets, the DEA can sell kratom, such as a generic (cheaper) form of kratom. More than likely, the generic version of the new drug, will probably be extremely dangerous, considering the actual kratom itself is being placed in the same drug class alongside dangerous controlled substances like heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. I’m not exactly sure if the DEA sells these drugs to big pharma, or if that is someone else’s job. What I do know, is that no drug company should try to replace a harmless herb with a synthetic version of a potentially dangerous drug. All though, the new synthetic drug may resemble the same effects as kratom, people will have to obtain a prescription to get, not kratom, but a generic or synthetic version of what could be a potentially life-altering synthetic drug. Meanwhile, the police will be jailing anyone who does not have a prescription for the synthetic version, but bc the newer generic version of what was once kratom, is now addictive and causes more symptoms than ever before. I’ve never taken kratom myself, but I have heard that many people actually benefit from the natural medicine. Of course, big pharmaceutical companies will do anything to get even richer. Keep all citizens of our wonderful country sick so that they’re living high on the hog.

  23. Hello. To make a long story short, I have suffered from Chronic DAILY migraines my entire life. I have been through multiple traumatic injuries and near death experiences, so I know what pain is. But nothing can compare to the migraines. There was no treatment for it for 35 years until I found Kratom. Everything they tried failed, and made it much worse. I have schizophrenia and have to take many “medications” for it and they gave me Crohn’s disease (among many other diseases) and the Kratom seemed to have completely reversed the Crohn’s as well within a year. As in full remission. When they have no treatment for that either. I only have to take the Kratom one/two days on, and two days off. It is a miracle for me. I have never developed a withdrawal symptom or even craving for it a single time. I have other painful conditions, but i refuse to use opiates/opioids because I am far too educated to rely on such a thing for chronic pain. They are for surgery only, obviously… and other very rare exceptions.

    I graduated high school in ’98 – right when the economic collapse happened and went to college. In ’03 after college, I went off to join the military out of necessity, hiding my conditions like any other poor person. And everybody knows what happened in ’03.

    I have taken opioids and i know the difference. A single Hydrocodone pill is 100’s of times more potent than a single serving of kratom. Because of the schizophrenia (from multiple brain injuries/PTSD multiple times over) I cannot even drink coffee. To me, a single serving of coffee is also 100 times more potent. As in total nervous paranoid schizophrenic breakdown. I am very close to Parkinson’s disease now because of the antipsychotics primarily. The treatment for Parkinson’s is dopamine. The treatment for schizophrenia is a bunch of meds, but primarily we’re talking about antipsychotics because the rest become like nothing compared to this death sentence. You cannot receive the dopamine treatment for Parkinson’s because of the schizophrenia, or the antipsychotics because it will kill you by the time you have Parkinson’s. Which basically means I’m going to be in a wheelchair, in a diaper, frozen in place, being fed by a spoon for probably 40 years soon. Especially sooner when I can’t wake up 2 days out of 4 with MY morning joe (Mitragynia Speciosa – Kratom).
    When this Parkinson’s becomes fully active, i will have a fully active brain, that is fully schizo’d out, and a permanent migraine. I know it will last so long because my body just CANNOT die. Trust me on that one.

    Kratom is the cousin plant to coffee. But I am the opposite i guess. My morning kratom wakes me up and makes me able to move again and the pain to be gone, and the migraines to be prevented, as weak as it actually is. Its about prevention with this plant.

    I have Pacific Islander blood in me, and I think that has a lot to do with how well the kratom resonates with my body.

    If western society had widely adopted the kratom plant instead of the coffee plant, well I guess you’d see coffee being banned right now instead.

    Well, I have also studied world history in A LOT OF DETAIL as well, and the miraculous qualities of the Kratom plant is ancient news. I could fully detail this history easily. Basically, the Eastern cartels have always pushed the Poppy plant and its opium and heroin upon everybody because of the money to be made. You would be killed for even mentioning the Kratom plant. This is because the only way to get off the poppy, is the kratom. Now, we are seeing this same phenomenom in the Western world, quite obviously…. with the opiate/opioid epidemic and then boom! what do you know, Kratom placed on schedule 1. Gee, I wonder why? I would offer my highest advice against timing such silly things right now, with the real problems going on in the states and the world right now? Use your brains.

    THIS IS A VERY LONG STORY MADE VERY SHORT. Sorry for being too long. :) Don’t take my medicine from me please.

    • By the way, for you religious folk out there, its right at the beginning of the Bible. GENESIS Chapter 1, verses 11 and 12:

      11: And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

      12: And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that IT WAS GOOD.

      • And while I’m at it, the correct treatment for Schizophrenia and all of those diseases is called CBD, from the HEMP plant. A non-psychoactive plant. You have already stolen all my constitutional rights for no reason, including most of my bill of rights.

        I have committed no crime, I received no trial, and this is cruel and unusual punishment. I have no right to bear arms, shall I go on? I’m now a peaceful man, have ever since been so and have not a single misdemeanor on my record. I’m just scratching the surface here. Thank you, USA.

        • You don’t even want me to start with the mental effects the meds inflict upon you…. THAT is pain, and you don’t even want to know what physical traumas I’ve been through.

  24. As a former kratom addict I can tell you this without a doubt: abuse of this plant, i.e. daily use for whatever reason the user deems valid, leads to undeniable addiction. I used kratom daily for over four years. The last two years I tried desperately to quit. I simply could not. The withdrawals were too strong and the mental pull of the drug, the craving, was overwhelming. I lost my marriage, I spent thousands of dollars on my daily drug habit. Please note I had no history of drug abuse or psychological problems. I simply started taking kratom under the guise that it was “as safe as coffee.” After a 30 day taper I was finally able to quit once and for all and my life has been immeasurably better since then. I feel like myself again, not lost in the fog of kratom use. Granted, everyone is biologically different. But there are hundreds and hundreds of users every day on reddit that report the same addiction and struggle that I experienced. (www/ Kratom addiction is real and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. The main proponents for kratom are profiting in a big way from keeping it legal and readily available for the next crop of addicts to come through. Please heed these warnings. Be well.

  25. I support the kratom. It should not be banned. It is very helpful in many different conditions. I personally use kratom capsules for regulating my digestive issues and it works perfectly fine without any kind of side effects. It is obvious that if you take it too much it will cause a problem just like any other drug going to cause if have a overdose of it.

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