WATCH: New ISIS Video ‘Hell of the Apostates’ Shows Mass Grave Executions

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In a purported new Islamic State video from “Wilayat North Baghdad,” Iraq, ISIS militants carry out mass killings of “apostates.” The new video was released on September 22 on ISIS terrorist channels. The snuff film was shot around Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. ISIS invaded the capital city during the Iraqi Civil War in 2014.

In the video, ISIS militants are shown rounding up and mass executing “sahwat.”

According to the Long War Journal, “the Islamic State’s opponents… are part of the “sahwat,” meaning they are supposedly part of the “awakenings,” which received crucial assistance from the US during the fight against the Islamic State’s predecessor organization, al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).”

Syria Direct further reports that the sahwat “stabbed ISIS in the back” and that has made them a target by the Islamic State. It is unclear which side the sahwat are fighting with or for now, and if they still have American assistance or not.

In the video, which contains multiple execution portions, alleged sahwat men are rounded up by Islamic State militants.

In one disturbing portion of the video, at least two dozen men are shown on their knees in a pre-dug mass grave as ISIS militants walk around executing them.

Later, ISIS militants storm a home of alleged sahwat men and execute more there. Others are handcuffed and blindfolded and led outside for a similar line of mass executions.

The video strikes a dark resemblance to World War II and photographs of Nazi Germany war crimes.

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  1. STOP POSTING THIS PROPAGANDA. This, and all the other videos is glorifying killing just like publishing the name of a mass shooter glorifies murder. This site is looking more and more each day like shill site for the US military.

  2. Please stop supporting this, this is not the isis you want to find islam in, Allah punishes people not people!!! Please stop!!!!!!😣😔