Tiziana Cantone Photos: A Tribute to the Italian Beauty

Tiziana Cantone: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Italian beauty Tiziana Cantone hung herself after a sex video she was featured in went viral. Read more on the life and death of Cantone here.

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  1. This woman filmed *herself* with the deliberate intent to cause severe emotional and psychological harm to her ex-partner. It backfired.

      • @Alex, too bad you haven’t read the trial’s transcripts. There were videos made with/by her ex, but those had nothing to do with the trial or with her suicide. She filmed herself with her new lover and sent the tape to her ex as punishment. That’s by her own admission. The new guy left her and she went on to make a bad situation worse since the trial drew more public interest into her and the video.

  2. She is (well, was) a typical social media moron. She sends out a sex video of HERSELF and then gets upset that a sex video of HER is out there. When you are an attention whore, you need to be prepared for attention, good or bad.

    • I assume she was upset from the abuse she received, not because a tape was “out there.” Having a sex tape doesn’t mean you deserve to be abused. You’re blaming the victim.

  3. Slut used sex as a weapon, media as a weapon and shame as a weapon on her ex. A misandrist at heart. Her attempts at trying to ruin another person backfire and somehow you MSM libjockies try to paint HER as the victim in all this. Last poll they had in Itally, where the facts are well known, showed that the overwhelming majority of men and women she was not the victim and simply a cheating, spiteful idiot who ran afoul of her own machinations.

  4. Its not good. All resposibilty on her parents and friends why they not advice to go another country world is very large and time wash everything.

  5. So sorry that a very beautiful woman took this extreme action ending her life. She could half kept on living with more supportive and living People around Her. And psychological help . RIP

  6. and we are supposed to feel bad for this obviously, self absorbed w*ore? quit spreading your legs then crying victim of being slut shamed. she brought this on herself. most american girls are this way now, social media sites filled to the brim with their slutty images. dont qant negative attention? quit being a w*ore.