Donald Trump’s Cleveland, Ohio Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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Curtis Uwuigbe

Why does the media hide the 20k+, 30k+ crowds at Trump rallies? Because they are twisted and afraid of the visual effects on voters. And Hillary draws an average of 3k crowds, shame on the fake media eg CNN, ABC and Co.

William Evans

Because does it really matter? I mean, both candidates have been holding rallies for a while now and the only things that matter are what is said, not how many people are there. I guess people will find any reason to blame the failures of Trump.

Randy Frye

Yes, it matters when a crooked DNC with help from a biased media are telling Americans that Hillary is ahead when in reality Trump has twice as many Supporters. The majority is being covered up by media and that majority is for trump. Washington and Democrats are covering up the truth and the media is helping. Bah,bah…be a sheep.


If you believe the Democrats are doing this alobe you are wrong. They are in kahoots with the Republicans. Trump is not in line with their propaganda they have dealing to us hor the last 40 plus years. They want him out of the way so they can continue making us a socialist nation.

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