Donald Trump’s Golden, Colorado Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Cedar Rapids Rallies: Which Had Greater Numbers?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both held rallies in Cedar Rapids, Iowa today. Which had the largest attendance? See photos and read the details here.

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How Many New Clinton Emails Did the FBI Find?

The FBI is investigating new emails related to the Clinton server, found on Anthony Weiner's devices. The number of emails is greater than a rumored "three."

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Is It Fair to Call Hillary Clinton a Liar?

Polls show Clinton's seen as dishonest. Now we know she lied about classified emails. What else is there? This is an in-depth analysis of her top accused lies.

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  1. Donald Trump said that he still feels the voting may be rigged. Well it definitely is!! UTube has pictures all over the country of denofcraps tearing up Trump ballots and laughing and just saying they’ll ask for forgiveness if they get caught. There was even a lawyer in there telling them to keep going just don’t get caught. In Arizona there were about 4 woman at one polling sight that were stuffing the ballot boxes with killery marked ballots and they would run to the ballot boxes and help each other so they could put a lot of ballots in the boxes. This is Alison going on in Philadelphia and one women went back to make sure the voting machine didn’t change her vote 3 times and dure enough it did. Tge denofcraps are evil lying stealing fraudulent pigs and because you could see all this on camera I hope everyone of these people are fined and thrown in prison. We have got to stop this and redo the voting with paper ballots as soros’s machines are rigged and worthless. This is exactly how obummer won the election in 2012 and 2008. They were also getting illigal people to vote and put many ballots in the boxes. People were also selling their ballots too. This is criminal and we need to deal with this NOW!!!

    • Voter machines are made by Die-Bold, same company that makes ATM’s owned by (R) that promised W Bush the State of Ohio, where 100% of the population voted Bush !
      When is 100% of any county even eligible to vote, never ! That’s the (R) end game of cheating elections 👀

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