Donald Trump Rally in Geneva, Ohio: The Photos You Need to See

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  1. I own two healthcare businesses and I know what the blue collar worker is facing with the cost of insurance, sky high deductibles, and enormous premiums. The democrats want the rich richer and the poor poorer. The democrats are doing exactly what they accuse the Republicans of. I pray someone would repeal Obamacare. It is hurting small business and the blue collar worker and you are not going to tell me different because I am the CFO and see this firsthand with many of our patients.

    • I am very grateful to Obamacare. My son has a severe chronic illness. We would have had to either file for bankruptcy, or lost our home, if it had not been for Obamacare. I’m an Independent voter, but if Republicans want to help us so much, why didn’t they come up with a health care plan in the last 30 years? It was also the Democrats that brought us Medicare, and the Republicans fought that too. Try taking away Medicare from a Democrat or a Republican today, and you’d have the fight of your life on your hands!!!