Donald Trump Rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona: The Photos You Need to See

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  1. THIS PHOTO of Hillary in Jail o Is GREAT… LMAO…Forward to all your friends and family…They too will get a kick out of it!

  2. Now, THATS AMERICAN at it’s Best. When, people can take time out of their busy schedules to Show TRUMP SUPPORT…WAY, to go guys! We’re with you…VOTE TRUMP NOV 8th

  3. THUMBS UP … 4 VOTES here at Home, for OUR MAN TRUMP! VOTE TRUMP NOV 8th, 2016 …If you can’t make it to your POLLING STATION…Then, CAST your Absentee Ballot…It’s one of the most IMPORTANT THINGS AN AMERICAN CAN DO, this year ! BLESSSINGS to ALL, from TEXAS!

  4. The Law’s on Trumps Side…Something the Law Isn’t on, for Hillary, OBAMA and LYNCH! GO TRUMP, WIN TRUMP…Make America GREAT Again…ABOLISH those Crazy Laws OBAMAS has Signed in …BRING BACK OUR COUNTRY to NORMALCY! Thank you!

  5. i’ve never been so proud of dt, really;) and those ppl are just so cute and pretty1 that chickened hellary does look a bit creepy though8) and the truck is a little too much imho, but kind of lulzy:)