WATCH: New ISIS Execution Video From Mosul Comes Out During Coalition Siege

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A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Deterring the Hirelings 2” comes out as the retaking of Mosul by the American coalition begins. In the video, “spies” are mass executed by ISIS militants.

It may perhaps be the last ISIS propaganda film to come out of the Iraqi capital.

Last night, conflicting reports came in that the American coalition, consisting of the Iraqi Army, the Kurdish Peshmerga, Shia militias, Christian militias, and the Turkish Nineveh Guard, had descended upon Mosul to free it from the Islamic State.

It was later confirmed to be true by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, reports the BBC.

Mosul is the last major ISIS-held city in Iraq. It fell to the terrorist organization in June 2014.

Because of the current dynamics in Mosul, this may be the last Islamic State propaganda film to come from the city.

This video is a “sequel” to the ISIS video “Deterring the Hirelings,” which was released on August 13, 2016. In that video, three alleged members of the “Mosul Brigade” are executed for anti-ISIS graffiti. Three men are also beheaded on spying charges.

In the video, the three alleged members of the Mosul Brigade, charged for spray painting anti-ISIS graffiti, are publicly executed to cheers of a crowd.

Watch that video here.

In the new video, ISIS focuses on the Mosul Brigade again.

Reports of the Mosul Brigade, called “Kataeb al-Mosul” in Arabic, first came in July 2014, when the International Business Times published an article about the local armed resistance. According to Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, their methods for attacking ISIS goes far beyond graffiti. The Mosul Brigade uses snipers, IEDs, and other weapons to attack ISIS militants.

In the video, ISIS rounds up these men, allegee “spies,” and execute them in front of their anti-Islamic State graffiti.

More men are then publicly executed as a large crowd watches.

Heavy is an independent news organization. We report acts of terror and violence so that the public may be fully informed. This may include content considered graphic, which is identified. We do not support, in any way, the individuals or organizations involved.

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  1. Looks like the cowardous Däesh are taking one last pathetic attempt to sway fear into the hearts of others but it is useless as evil will perish as will Däesh they may have murdered those poor men but they will be up in heaven with god. Its really quite funny as there are many videos of those Däesh pigs being caught and theyre complete pussys. Crying and wimpering and to top it off theyre the biggest hypocrites technically they should put all of themselves to death for being pill popping junkies…… so much for their so called “bravery” coming from their Allah they getting themselves amphetamined out instead. Their end will not mean the end of this war however as like the many headed serpent/dragon you take one head and another will rise in its place but in the end god would not ask this of his creations. He would not ask his people to commit evil atrocities or horrendous acts those are the kinds of things Satan/Beelzeebub/Lucifer asks of people that much is clear to anyone with half a brain. Däesh have their hearts and souls committed to Satans ways and the path of hell. Evil deeds like Däesh has committed will not go unpunished. Its a sad sight to see how the world has gone today if only people were not blinded by their twisted desires….what a waste….

    • amphetamines on the battlefield is nothing new… In World War II The German Armed Forces “The Wehrmacht” and “The Waffen SS” are well known for
      distributing amphetamines in pill form to all their soldiers fighting on both the western and eastern fronts and towards the end of the war the majority of
      the German People were also taking amphetamines. At that time you could purchase them over the counter without any prescriptions.
      The Islamic State seems to be on the same path when it comes to amphetamines. I think that it is fair to say that The United States Army in the 1950’s
      1960’s were distributing amphetamines in pill form to American Soldiers in Europe during the cold war…. It is a fact that Elvis Presley was given amphetamines
      in pill form to stay awake when he was guarding the borders that separated West Germany and Western Europe from East Germany and Eastern Europe
      under the occupation of the Soviet Union, Just thought you should know that using amphetamines on the battlefield is nothing new!

  2. as the reputation of the executions increased desperation for escape increased, resulting in more complex restraints, it may be that these victims are the logical conclusion along a pathway of executions if indeed their were intelligence on escapees.
    These spray painters choose execution over their own mothers, no one would willingly incriminate themselves on video.
    if a known militant that was wanted, happened upon another militant with gold rings, fingers, and bold cutters (finger cutters), that had been shot by a sniper, if he took that booty, he would probably be executed in the same way.
    The united nations marble wall, with the green and white, you can super impose a slight image behind the speaker, something between a western leader and a terrorist facial structure may trigger a search response over the internet, or you could overlay a map contour and a speaker that has a specific profile.
    it would probably have to be militant only information but slight enough not to destroy any other work, such as the new currencies for attack profiles.

  3. Do the folks that are reading this material and watching this video understand that it is the US, UK, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey et al that are the nations that initiated and gave funding and birth to ISIS and these other terrorist groups? These terror groups were created by the US/UK to bring down the Assad Syrian government. Amazing just how stupid and ignorant the west, especially the US and UK are.

    • The US and its Western allies did not deserve the unprovoked attack on 9/11/2001. It would seem obvious to most sane individuals that you don’t attack a global world power without expecting serious repercussions. Average citizens are often left out of the loop, but nothing my government does would surprise me. Even so, I love my country and my culture. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. People in the Middle East who practice Islam bow to Alla and Mohammed. Striking terror into the hearts of the disbelievers is getting a little old. Now it’s onto cultural jihad.

  4. They’re just chicken shit bastards cause they know they’re going to hell an not paradise. They need the same damn shit done to them plus extra of having there dick cut off for raping women and children an keeping them same as slaves

    • What kind of religion is based on SEX in paradise!!!!!!!
      They are promised 25 virgins in paradise!!!!
      They are all cancerous vermin
      When you discover cancer
      You cut out the bad to save the good
      Nuke them all till the planet is Muslim free

      • You must be an idiot jew what the jews are doing they are using usa to fight their war you don’t know anything about religion islam it’s been hijacked by the zionist and the jews they are using our religion for their own interest it them who created isis and arming them they want to portrait muslims as evil people and using the media to demonise them and fools like you believe what they write about islam

  5. Meanwhile, at the White House Michelle and Barack Hussein Obama chanted, “Say it loud! I’m black and I’m proud!” at a private concert thrown at the White House using taxpayer funds and to be aired on BET! I CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP! I :poop: you not! The Obamas are pieces of :poop:!!!

    • Stop grouping these vile Islamic atrocities with religion. Islam is not a religion; it is a conquest ideology. I know this new-age wave of militant atheists likes to point their fingers at ALL religions, but Christianity, for all of it faults (I am not a Christian), does NOT advocate violence against non-believers. Most civilized/modern religions do not advocate violence against non-believers. ISLAM needs to be stopped, not religion.

      I’d rather see Muslim children drown than step foot in America.

    • It’s not the case you idiot
      Only the Muslim religion condones raping and murdering children
      Every other religion I know of promotes peace and tolerance
      Muslims are a cancer to peace

      • It is your media that says that to you pumpkin head those people that promote heatred are using our religion for their interest it is the cia bihind those groups and ofcourse the jews

  6. I think that those individuals who were executed by soldiers of The Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq should be recognized for their bravery and for the fact that
    they showed no fear when they bit the bullet like men! The Islamic State will be wiped out when Donald Trump becomes President of The United States of America.
    The Islamic State might be feared but they are not respected! Death will soon come for those who pulled the trigger!

  7. More propaganda, not one wound in the slow motion fall after they are shot. Being good helps people, doing nothing is easy, but why all the effort to create evil.


  9. it is the jews that are killing muslims isis does not represent islam but the state of israel death to the jews they are using islam to kill innocent people death ti israel all the jews shoud be killed because they are the ones that are causing mischief

    • The Jewish people make up 0.2% of the world’s population. Yet they make tremendous contributions to science, medicine and technology. Muslims make up 23% of the world’s population. For the life of me I can’t think of anything Muslims have contributed in at least 1,000 years. But they know how to brutally kill. They themselves are attempting to colonize. Stop blaming the Jews!

      • Lord your so right
        What do they bring to the table
        If I sound racist why is it I have complete respect for Indians,Chinese,polish etc etc
        I have no problem with any other race on the plant except muslims
        They hate and as a consiqence I HATE BACK

        • You idiot do you know that cia is arming isis and al nusra front and they are controlling they do as they are told by their masters by the jews

    • Shut up your lies Muslim
      You enjoy raping children,there is no good in your race
      Extermination of your kind is our only salvation

  10. it is israel bihind isis dear brothers isis does not represent islam but the interest of the jews how does the heavy com get their videos because they work together may allah guide all the muslims from the deceivers may allah free the world from the jews may allah kill them all

    • One true Muslim, this simply is not true. ISIS follows the Quran, Hadith, and the Sira. They are “good Muslims” and are following the words and actions of Allah and Mahammed to the Letter. It’s very disturbing. Muslims really get into the blood and gore, thats’s for sure. Terror is all you have got.

      • How do you know that it is not true the jews may make 02 percent of the world but they are the ones that are on the top sarcozy ex french president a jew cameron his great great grandfather a jew all Obama’s administration jewish obama was their puppet do not blaim muslims for your crimes isis it is been created by the jews their plan is to destabilise middle east and create greater israel

  11. It’s honestly quite sickening. These people, the ISIS terrorists, honestly have to be absolutely psychotic, to ever happily kill other Humans. Humans are designed to survive together, and to not kill each other. If these people can honestly do this so easily, there is something seriously, seriously wrong in their heads.

  12. This is not a right way i am telling you this is not the way of islam.try to save lives,show your bravery,try to ignore sins because you can also do sins try to hide oneanother’s sins give death after 4-7 chances.i am sure you love your parents GIVE PEOPLE CHANCE TO IMPROVE AND YOU ARE NOT GOD