WATCH: Second Presidential Debate Full Video Replay

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off on Sunday night in the first presidential debate live from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The debate got heated at times and both candidates had strong responses, especially considering that they’ve been in the center of some pretty major news this past week. You’ll definitely want to watch the video of the debate and catch every moment that you might have missed.

The debate aired on every major news station and was moderated by Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper. You can watch the full video replay of the debate above. You can also watch the full replay of the debate through the PBS broadcast below.

The debate was the second of three debates. The next one is later this month. Learn about the schedule for the next debate in our story below:

Presidential Debate Schedule: When Is the Third Debate?

The second presidential debate is Sunday night. When is the third and final debate?

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  1. This debaate was an absolute joke far worse than the first debate. All questions were for the benefit of Hillary Clinton. It was embarrassing. Nothing tangible was covered in any detail. Auduence participation was at a bare minimum, while Hillary Clinton sat there with that smug look on her face. I think honest fact-checking on her comments are in order, especially her comments about her husband’s legacy. Bengazi was. Ot beought up, why? Erased & missing tapes were not brought up, Why? This was a one sided corum for Hillary Clinton. The Liberal media should be off limits as moderators. Outside, on-biased moderators should be brought in. This debate was a waste of my time.

    • You are yourself less than objective. In my view the moderators tried to be as neutral as possible under the macho and condescending attidue of DT. I agree that this debate was worse than the first one. But DT never answered any questions – he rarely does. HRC did not handle the issues of Benghazi and Bill Clinton’s womanizing well. DT failed to convince anyone about the innocence of “locker room banter.” In any event, post-debate poll suggested HRC the winner. Nothing much seems to have changed.

      • stfu u fcking demtard1 dt was ambushed by the evil establishment, and he still managed to come on top11 against all odds, the biased modz, the audience, the leftard media, everybody111 and wtf do you know about the gawd damn polls1111

    • Look, my friend, calling DT idiot is not very helpful. He has somehow managed to come up this far to be only a step away from the presidency of this great nation. The problem is, by way of his temperament and lack of a correct vision of the present and the future of America and the world, he is unsuitable to be the president of the United States. For example, how he describes the current state of the economy and society in America is essentially incorrect. Ours today is the strongest economy in the entire western world with unemployment at less than 5% while EC countries are running close to 10% give and take all across the continent. We continue to create new jobs every quarter than losing them. Our economic growth over the past 5+years has been a steady 1-2%; unlike DT’s depiction of 0 percent growth as he surmised last night. You don’t expect highly developed economies to grow more than 2+ or 3+ at best unlike the developing economies like India, Vietnam and China. American infrastructure – our roads, bridges, railway lines, etc. may not be as uniformly good as in much smaller countries in western Europe but they certainly are a lot better than some folks make them out to be. Just as an example: our Interstate highways are superior than anything I have seen in 40+ countries I have worked in. Despite occasional minor mishaps, our airlines are among the safest in the world. Our research and higher education system is unquestionably the best in the world; for otherwise why every aspiring young man anywhere in the world would like to get educated here despite its unduly high costs. I can go on and on to refute the argument of “making America great again,” unless someone tells me exactly how he plans to remove poverty from among us, clean our slums in cities, reduce interpersonal and random acts of violence, cut healthcare cost, and everything else that is supposed to make “America great again.” Unless that is done precisely, I consider that slogan nothing more than political rhetoric to create false consciousness. This is for all of us to deliberate and think about carefully.

      • tl,dc; and you conveniently omit that the tendency of the unemployment rate is to go higher. but more importantly, the reason why europe is so messed up. and it’s because their leftist socialist policies. the more the us implements them, the more ec like it will become, simple and obv. the undeniable point that dt was trying to make is that growth has been low. but i see you’re content with being a mediocre and barely getting by. yet i found extremely weird also the omission that all those ‘new’ jobs you mention are crap as hell and underpaid. or how the dollar has lost it’s value comp from years ago and towards foreign currency. i also found odd that you only considered the west in your deep ‘anal-ysis’:roll-eyes: because everybody knows that today the strongest economy in the whole wide world is china. i must admit though that comparatively and at an overall level, ramerica is indeed above avg; but if def wasn’t what it used to be, and at this rate, def not for long… higher ed is precisely good because is expensive. but clearly the us lacks behind a lot of countries below that level. the ratio to population between levels have inc also, which means that there are way too many undergrads for the amount of professionals. getting a degree is no longer guarantee of even getting a job. and those highways weren’t constructed by themselves in a few days, it took many years, by many great forgotten ppl that you diz with your condescence. &btw, you can easily see dt’s plans ol, which is only slightly less detailed than hellary’s if you really wanted to. so plz ‘great sir’:sarcasm, you can at least rebuke every single main point in the official site, and post in here for the rest of the simpletons to further tell us how to think and what to do, because we’re obv too stupid to make such decisions on our own..:re:

  2. Donald Drumpf “Trump” NEVER answered a question straight forward, he responded with comments and the language he used was that as a 15 year old teen! Well even worse, I might actually be offending some honor students. He said the word “DISASTER” about 100 times and he was never concrete with his answers. He know nothing about how to run a country. This is not a business, it is far more complicated then what he think it is. He says ” I will do this and I will do that ” but in reality Congress has to approve of it. I have yet to see any plans of his in paper on how he would “Make America Great Again” . Everything he has said I have research to see if it would work but nothing make sense. This is not “The Apprentice”, this is real life and he is taking it as a joke. Promoting violence and the talking about how he is going to end it !!!! Give me a chance!! Look people I still don’t know who I want to vote for but it will NOT BE DONLAD TRUMP !!!! A PERSON WHO HAS FILED B.K. 4 TIMES LEAVING BUSINESSES UNPAID CONTRIBUTING TO THE DEFICIT OF THE U.S.A. . IF TRUMP BECOMES PRESIDENT, WICH HE WONT BTW, A CIVIL WAR WILL HAPPEN AND ALSO WW4. ALL THE NEGATIVE THING HE HAD SAID HE WILL DO ARE BEING USED TO CAUSE HATRED TOWARD THE U.S.A. .

    • I understand your indecision about which way your vote will go. But let us look this way: No one is ever made to fit the profile of a perfect candidate to sit in the mighty Oval Office. We have to compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of the contestants and than vote for the one whose strengths outweigh his/her weaknesses. In this case Hillary scores a good bit higher than the “macho man” by way of her strengths over her weaknesses.

      • lol1 war will come to us, want it or not; it’s unavoidable. i’d rather have dt dealing with our enemies than weak hellary. so even if dt only finishes to accomplish 1% of what he promised; he’d still be obv a million times better a better candidate that hitlary11 although you’re clearly free to weight more emotion over reason in your final analysis. give more to the same old, negative experience, squander and lies over none at all, proven managerial rec and benefit of the doubt; then that’s obv your prerogative. imho, dt is the only choice111

    • The biggest business is always the Country you live in; it’s the business you care about the most. Its structure is bigger than any publicly or privately owned company in the world. I believe in a 3rd party above all else for a better America. Thanks to Trump and Clinton in the near future that dream could come a reality. Well you know both candidates are pretty different. You can’t believe in the lifelong Politian’s. People change some for the worse and some for the better. I always wanted to help people for the greater good but there are always at least 2 sides to every argument. A 3rd party would hold way more value than this failed democracy we live in now. We aren’t free we are slaves to government, especially the lower middle class that doesn’t want any help from the government. I’m tired of what this government is telling me what I have to do, I want freedom of the government not more rules. I didn’t fight for this country for it to become a whore like it is now. I want our country great again. The way I see lifelong Politian’s.. is they have a way with words. Obama had it he could talk just about anything and no matter what people would believe him. He could convince you that piece of shit with frosting on it was actually a very tasty brownie. Guess what over 65% of American’s would eat frosted shit and most of those would go for second helping because they believed in his words not his actions. I don’t believe in pretty words but actions. Actions always speak louder than words. I know this for sure if Clinton is elected president our country is screwed for life, no redemption she is the Politian reaching out to everybody but there isn’t action behind them it’s just words. Trump hasn’t been corrupted by the democrats nor the republicans and he is the best 3rd party choice I have seen in my lifetime. The reason I like him is he sees how the country is, so very weak in all so many ways that most people wouldn’t dare to say and more so he knows more about the economy then any Politian’s in the united states and he wants to make it better. He is a successful business man he has had his good times and bad times but that is life. He perfect for the job for President of the United States to put us on a better road. I know some of you want some more brownies maybe Clinton will give you some at an event if Obama is there.

  3. Trump did good, especially when he was allowed to address real issues. Hillary is a globalist puppet and even referred to globalist controlled Hollywood as a reference for truth. Putin has tried to explain to Obama that communism does not work, and he replied that it will this time.