Where Is Julian Assange? WikiLeaks Supporters Demand Proof of Life

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 05: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speaks from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy where he continues to seek asylum following an extradition request from Sweden in 2012, on February 5, 2016 in London, England. The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has insisted that Mr Assange's detention should be brought to an end. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Where is Julian Assange? (Getty)

Rumors have been flying across social media about Julian Assange and whether or not he’s still at the Ecuador Embassy or even if he’s still alive. While WikiLeaks supporters are demanding proof of life, WikiLeaks is saying on Twitter that providing such proof is tougher than it appears. Meanwhile, Assange supporters are worried that he may have been taken from the Embassy or possibly escaped. So what’s really going on? (UPDATE: A video at the end of this article, claiming to have been filmed today for a conference, shows Assange talking about his Internet being cut. You can only hear his voice in the video.)

Here’s what we know so far.

The Rumors Started After Assange’s Internet Was Cut

The rumors began on October 16 after it was revealed that Ecuador had cut Julian Assange’s Internet connection.

Ecuador officials said they had done so because they didn’t want to get caught up in a possible attempt to interfere with U.S. elections. They were still, however, going to allow Assange to keep his asylum in the embassy and WikiLeaks could still carry out its journalistic activities. “The government of Ecuador respects the principle of nonintervention in the affairs of other countries and it does not interfere in the electoral processes in support of any candidate in particular.” They said the restriction on Assange was only temporary.

Just before his Internet was cut, WikiLeaks released a series of tweets that some people thought might be a dead man’s switch.

However, as Gizmodo reported, the pre-commitment wording means the codes provided proof that related documents hadn’t been tampered with. They weren’t actually dead man’s switches, but digital fingerprints of upcoming releases.

But since then, without Assange having any access to the Internet, people have begun to wonder if he is even still at the embassy. WikiLeaks is still releasing Podesta emails, so it appears the organization itself isn’t compromised. Some have suggested that perhaps Assange is under some type of house arrest, where his phone and computer have also been temporarily confiscated. Others have wondered if he was extradited to the U.S.

A conspiracy theory thread noted that around the time all of this was going down, a plane left the UK and landed in West Virginia. You can see an album of the flight, GLF5, posted here. The plane left the UK shortly after the Internet outages at the Ecuador embassy in London. But it’s not known if this had any connection to what was happening at the embassy or not.

One person tweeted what was supposedly a photo of Assange showing he was fine, but that tweet has since been deleted. Several fake or photoshopped photos of Assange have circulated since October 16, claiming to be proof of life and were later debunked.

WikiLeaks Has Posted on Twitter About the Proof of Life, But Won’t Provide Verification Keys

On October 23, WikiLeaks put out a statement about Assange’s status:

The statement simply clarified what happened to Assange’s Internet access and that he still had asylum at the Embassy. However, it also sparked a lot more rumors. One of the rumors was that WikiLeaks’ Twitter was no longer under WikiLeaks’ control. WikiLeaks supporters have been asking for verification from the Twitter account using their PGP private key, without a response.


There are other supporters who think the whole thing is compromised and some fake emails are now being released, too. A discussion in Reddit about the statement presented opposing viewpoints about Assange’s status. Some believed there really was no way Assange could have been secretly smuggled out of the Embassy. Others said that if WikiLeaks’ Twitter was compromised, all the people who volunteer for WikiLeaks would find a way to let the world know. (Interestingly, there were rumors for a while that Reddit’s WikiLeaks subreddit was also compromised. They posted a thread addressing those rumors and added their own opinion, which was that rumors of Assange being captured were simply “CTR attempting to muddy the waters. Do not engage.”)

Later on October 23, the WikiLeaks Twitter account addressed the requests for proof of life for Assange. They ran a poll asking the preferences for a proof of life, and “video” won:

Since the poll ended, however, they haven’t addressed the question and whether they will provide the proof of life that people are seeking.

Assange does have a “dead man’s switch” in place in case something does happen to him. Several WikiLeaks insurance files have been released in the past, which can be opened if their encryption keys are ever also released. The most recent insurance file was just released in June:

Since a dead man’s switch has not been triggered, most Assange supporters believe that he is OK. But all eyes will be on WikiLeaks for updates. In the meantime, you might also want to keep an eye on Assange’s Twitter account for his cat, which also periodically posts updates from the Embassy. Embassy Cat retweeted a few things in mid-October and his last original tweet was in late September:

A website just called Assange.net has a countdown to the last time anyone had proof of life for Assange. At the time of publication the countdown is at 22 days and 9 hours.

After publishing this story, a live video was released on YouTube showing Julian Assange speaking at the “Conferencia Internacional De Software Libre.” You could hear Assange speaking in the video, but it did not show actual video footage of him. However, when he spoke he did address his Internet being cut, so at the very least supporters say that this was filmed after that occurred. On YouTube, it showed as a live video with Assange speaking at a conference. Do you believe this shows proof of life and that he’s OK?


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Jean Jearman

I think he has been abducted by the United States. Obama has the mind and instincts of a dictator and he desperately did not want the emails released that showed he lied to America when he said he found out about Clinton’s insecure email server the same time as the rest of America. He knew all the time that Hillary was placing our country in serious security risk with her top secret emails exposed to the world. He is trying to protect himself but it is too late. Now he will make Julian pay if the world does not come to his rescue. The world needs to call the White House tomorrow at (202)456-1111 comment line and (202)456-1414 switchboard line.


I agree. He has always been on the clintons kill list. Just check their record and Obama is from the thug capital of the world Chicago…after growing up in Kenya of course.


Why is it that no one is suggesting the obvious here: That this whole “Assange is missing” thing is being orchestrated by Assange himself to feed rumors that he has been “silenced” or perhaps even “eliminated” by HRC and her “criminal empire”? Doesn’t it seem just a little too perfect that Assange’s “disappearance” just happens to coincide with O’Keefe’s “bombshell” voter fraud videos? And all within a few weeks of the presidential election?


That is not Julian’s voice on the phone from Argentina. Accent is not authentic..sloppy..starts to ramble on about hacking since he was thirteen. Unprofessional behavior. Not Julian.


Julian Assange mostly liked kidnapped ad tortured but possibly dead, that’s my position. I’d put money on it. Of course it could be him trying to court attention but the embassy/visitor could quash that… It’s kind of a last chance card to play. As important as the election might be it seems an expensive card to play… Maybe worth testing supporters


It’s all coming out….Clinton’s ties with child sex trafficing . Assange will never be safe with Monster like them controlling the media….OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE….DOESN’T EVEN BEGIN TO ADDRESS THE CRIMES THEY’VE COMMITTED AGAINST HUMANITY!

KT Knup

Just heard about this a week ago. He’s been missing for over two months now. Didn’t Assange ‘disappear’ the same month John Kerry paid a visit to the Ecuadorian Embassy?

If I remember right, in the lead up to this, Assange was talking about data dumping info on Kerry. My educated guess is (Skull & Bones mummy) Kerry threatened Embassy officials. Notice their talk about not wanting to get caught up in “interfering with US elections”, and now we have the freakin pos CIA SCAPEGOATING the Russians, claiming they’ve “hacked” the elections and that’s why Trump won? LOL no. Trump won because the Electoral College elected him, nothing to do with “hacking” anything. The fed bootlickers get more and more pathetic and desperate by the day. Hang on to your hats boys and girls, we’re in for a bumpy ride courtesy of psychotic criminal prostitutes in federal govt eating dicks for satan.


This is stupidity, the fed’s and hackers (programmers) have always been at odd’s about the subject of Encryption, but you can bet your bottom dollar there more concerned with being found to have a backdoor into those afore mentioned products, 6-6-6 Lucifer (DES) – Broken encryption standard and encryption standard tampering, it’s all microsoft and people hoarding vulnerabilities, Windows still uses NTLM hashes and JAVA with JAVASCRIPT is not a safe programming language, also it’s not that hard to write your own encryption wrappers, that’s what disributed decentralised computing has always been about, the prospect before them is a chilling one, one where programmers will now – “be forced” to enact some genuine software security control mechanism’s over there own system’s, because they where found to be hoarding not just vulnerabilities but also bot-hearding and if the russian’s hacked them, it’s because of there own repeated “TAMPERING” with secure communication systems and inserting BIOS level vulnerabilities like “LoJack for Laptops” whilst getting caught insider trading idea’s about TCP/IP Level backdoors and spreading viruses and trying to backdoor there own security standards.


The Government Say’s it want’s a – Backdoor, prey tell how do you back-door a programming Language?

Is the Government “Really that Dense!”


Attacking pFSensor and OpenBSD – the Unix (TM) Brand – “does that me a dipshit’s?”


Linux is a Penguin, BSD is a Devil and OpenBSD is a Puffer fish… Puffer fish are “Poison!” – the UFS & Self-Checking Filing System & SRP stanford research protocol are not – Unmaintainable Cruft!


This is definitely not proof of life. If he could do an interview with RN, why couldn’t he just get on a camera and say some passphrase like, “It is me senpai, no need to ask I am alive.”
Also that was the hardest video to masturbate to amirite?

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