2016 Florida Early Voting Final Results

Florida election ballot, Voting in Florida 2016, Florida candidates 2016

A voting sign points early voters to the polling station at the Hillsbourgh County Supervisor of Elections office on October 24, 2016 in St. Petersburg, Florida. (Getty)

The early voting period in Florida has come to an end, and the final results are now in.

Early voting in Florida began on October 24th, and it concluded on November 6th. According to data released by the Florida Department of State’s Division of Elections, 6.4 million Floridians voted early this year. In the end, the Democrats were able to come away from early voting with the advantage. A total of 2,558,000 votes were cast by registered Democrats, and 2,471,000 votes were cast by registered Republicans. This translates into 39.85 percent of the vote going to the Democrats, and 38.49 percent of it going to the Republicans.

In total, 49.7 percent of the state’s entire population of registered voters have already voted. This turnout of 6.4 million voters is a significant increase compared to four years ago, when only 4.4 million votes were cast early.

The Democrats hold a lead going into Election Day, but their lead is significantly smaller than it was four years ago. In 2012, Democrats scored 43 percent of the early vote in Florida, and Republicans scored 40 percent. In the end, Barack Obama won Florida, but it was a tight race, with the president defeating Mitt Romney by a margin of just 0.88 percentage points. Democratic turnout tends to be high in early voting, and Republican turnout tends to be high on Election Day. So the fact that the Democrats don’t have as large a lead as they did four years ago may spell trouble for Hillary Clinton.

This year, about 1.2 million of the ballots cast came from those not affiliated with any of the two major parties. This translates into 19.2 percent of the early vote. It’s unclear who these voters selected, but many polls have suggested that they tend to gravitate towards Donald Trump. In a recent CBS News poll, independent voters favored Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, 47 percent to 34 percent, and another Remington Research survey showed Trump winning among unaffiliated voters 49 percent to 36 percent.

Although the number of votes cast by Democrats is down, good news for Hillary Clinton is the fact that Hispanic turnout in Florida is up this year. According to The Wall Street Journal, about twice as many Florida Hispanics have voted early compared to 2012. However, African American turnout was down 11 percent this year, according to McClatchy DC.

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  1. Given the narrow vote difference between Republicans and Democrats compared to 2012, the likelihood of Republicans voting in greater numbers on election day, and the fact that every poll shows independents voting in greater numbers for Trump than Clinton, Florida is probably safe for both Trump and Rubio.

    • no trump disrespects women and anyone who isn’t white and just because he says that he is going to make america better again doesn’t mean he is because he is going to ruin america he’s mean

      • “He’s Mean!” Really? You must not have heard what people who have worked for Hillary say about her, lol. Pretty much Unanimously. “Mean” doesn’t even begin to describe how nasty she is to her underlings when there isn’t a camera rolling. And she considers ALL of us underlings. Throw in “corruption and gross incompetence on virtually every level throughout her career,” and . . .well . . .Go Trump!

      • wendy,
        Why, because of something Trump said 21 years ago? Come on, man! You’re full of crap. You can’t be serious about voting for the most corrupt politician in US history, Hillary Clinton. Lies, lies, lies, Benghazi lies and cover up, server lies and cover up, Email deletions, even those protected by a congressional subpoena, more lies about emails, lies about the Clinton Foundation, lies about accepting one million dollars from Qatar (that’s illegal), then when Wiki-Leaks comes out with the evidence, Clinton admits that she did accept the one million dollars. Corruption, corruption, corruption. It continues on and on with this woman, and it dates back to when Bill Clinton was raping someone when he was governor and she threatened her. We need to end this NOW! Clinton should never be president. She is too much of a crook!

        • Where are Trumps tax returns?You want to see corruption!From your ignorant statements,you probably flunked out of TRUMP UNIVERSITY,a fine bastion of learning!!!!!

      • 1. He is not a mysoganist and nt a racist. If he tlaks about illegal imigrans that des not mean a certain race
        2. HIs politics copared to Clintons are way beter for the average US citizen
        3. Hillary is litealary the worse choise u can make as she is lying corrupt and is a pay to lay person as the wikileaks, Clinton faundation scandal and email scandal

          • Leave it to the irascible Libs to resort to ad hominem attacks A sure sign of a puerile mindset. Any intelligent, educated voter would come to the conclusion that, Donald Trump is the best chance, not only for our country, but the world.

      • Where is your proof? Do you even know what is going on around you? Your beloved Hillary paid those women to say those things, and to hit people over the head. You simply do not know what you are talking about. You should have to pass a test to vote! You would not pass!

      • Clinton takes money from countries that don’t even let woman drive. Countries that throw woman in jail for being raped. Don’t be a hypocrite. Only an idiot would vote for someone who rigged a primary.

  2. Do the math! If every registered voter voted for their candidate and with the split of the independent voters, trump has 3,059,000 to Hillary 2,990,000. Real voting will start with Hillary DOWN 69,000 votes. Ouch. If any of the DNC voters (white union dudes) defect for Trump it will just add to the problem.

  3. Aren’t we all sick of the political BS? We need the businessman to pull us out of our economical nightmare! We need a strong leader who will defend America. Trump trumps Clinton.

  4. you all realize that NONE of this means a thing? They only know how the person who received the ballot is registered not how they ACTUALLY voted, that won’t be known until today!! My husband is registered Democrat but he is voting for Trump he is not alone!

  5. Wake up stupid Democrat voters that are voting for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton won’t help the
    poor and middle class people (women and men) but she will help the rich people. Do you want
    that for a President? Donald Trump is the opposite. He wants to help the poor and middle class
    people and he would make a much better President than Hillary Clinton. Just wait and see what
    will happen to you dummies if Hillary Clinton wins and you will regret it and don’t you dare to
    say I’m sorry I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, because it will be too late. Did you know Hillary Clinton
    think of her Democrat voters are the Deplorable and stupid? Yes, it is true. Hillary Clinton called
    Donald Trump’s supporters Deplorable, because she hated us for being too smart and not vote
    for her. Hillary wanted to get even with us for not voting for her. Wake you, you dummies that
    vote for Hillary.

  6. GOOGLE TRUMP: “I am going to fight for every citizen, of every background, from every stretch of this nation. I’m going to fight for every person in this country who believes government should serve the people – not the donors. And I am going to fight to bring us all together as Americans.”
    TRUMP: “I will fight for Detroit, for Chicago, for Baltimore, and for every neglected part of this nation – and I will fight to bring us all together as One American People.”

    The reason I am voting for Hillary is because I love the corrupt media being so biased against Trump and the corrupt media crucifies Trump everyday while painting crooked Hillary as the angel. This needs to continue. I love corruption.

  7. How Trump stole the Election: They used the same scam that was used in 2014 in the Pennsylvania Casino theft(Casino thieves steal $420G from Mohegan Sun with slot machine scam ) and a combination of what Putin used in the Ukraine election. You will not be able to find the proof in the ballot cards, because they have gotten rid of them, but it can be verified.