Hillary Clinton’s Jay Z & Beyonce Concert Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton’s Detroit, Michigan Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton held a rally today in Detroit, Michigan, with Mark Cuban traveling with her. See photos and stories here.

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  1. What a f…nice hypocrites….she has the balls to talk about Trump and women. All jay Z raps about are his ugly hoes….dogfighting….killing police.
    He and his ungrateful wife have made millions from the white folk.

    • “White folk” like every other “folk” have the free will to purchase or not purchase Beyonce and Jay Z concert tickets and merchandise. I don’t get you Trump supporters. You complain that black people being lazy and welfare types, and then when two of them become billionaires (like your beloved Donnie Boy) you get all pissed off . . . know wonder why you’re voting for Trump–you’re both hypocrites!

      • Come on , Clinton foundation has more than 2billions , did she ever help poor black children family in this country, what program they contribute to black community , please let us know

        • Geez, another ignorant Trump supporter Hillary created the children’s CHIPS healthcare program that continiues to this day!

          • Why does this person keep calling Trump voters ignorant? How enlightened this person is, they knew the one thing Hillary voted for and encouraged people to pass, it does not mean that she gave any of her own money to support healthcare programs. The CHIPS is a Medicad program that was available to all kids who qualified with low income but too high to qualify for Medicare itself. So, this women accomplished one thing in twenty five years of being in politics. Please anonymous, I need you to tell me how to vote. Yeah, that is right, I am just ignorant, too!


          • She didn’t create it. It was an offshoot from the failed Health care initiative proposed by Clinton Administration and she was front and center on that but didn’t do her homework apparently.CHIP was sponsored by Ted Kennedy (D) and Orin Hatch (R). She supported it as First Lady. The bill was up for a vote, but included a tax on cigarettes that would have interfered with a the balanced budget that Congress had forced on Clinton, and Pres.Clinton called around to Congress to vote against the CHIP portion of Budget. Kind of pissed off Kennedy and Hatch. It was later passed to the benefit of a lot of needy children.

  2. Hillary such a hypocrite. She talks about Trump’s language about women but Jay Z was calling women the B word and saying the N word last night. Phony, lying politicians. Hypocrites.

    • In case you forgot, Jay Z is not running for President . . . Donnie Boy is . . . although, you’re right, they do have a filthy, vile mouth in common. And horrible Hillary, she had the temerity to use the word “temerity!”

      • Hillary says she’s so “offended” by Trump’s language, and then she puts Beyonce and Jay Z. on her stage to spew filth about women, police, etc. and drop the F-bomb and the N-word. I’d rather gargle with broken glass than pull the lever for that evil witch.

          • You are the dumbest person on this planet, they are saying Hilary condones they same language she bashed Trump for, doesn’t matter who copies who. I am surprised you can even read these replies. Ask your queen b or jay z for some money and see if they fill your pockets. If those millionaires care about their black communities they would really contribute, they just set up foundations and charities that no one is eligible to receive and write it off on their taxes just like Trump and Hillary do.

  3. Hiallry is the celeb in chief like Obama. She doesn’t care about regular folks, only ! percent, wall street and mega foreign donors.

    • She is a lying murderous criminal. Wake up america and please don’t put this creep into office..haven’t you learned from our America hating mooselum president?

    • Yes, that’s why Donald has the hired help miss his sister’s wedding, and construction workers have to sue ’em to get paid! Go Donnie Boy!

    • More like the Criminal in Chief. Who the hell would vote for her? She’s the target of two FBI investigations, and she doesn’t know how to tell the truth. Everyone will lose their healthcare, if she’s elected. Forget your Second Amendment right. And then, there’s her dream of open borders….the reasons to vote against her are too numerous to mention here. I’m voting to make America great again, and I can’t wait to see the back of HER.

      • Why will everyone lose their healthcare, explain please? Also, Hillary learned to shoot a gun as a young girl. Just because she supports gun safety does not make her against the Second Amendment, even though the Amendment was created to appease Southern states and assure them that they could maintain slavery via posse militias. As far as making American great again, great for who I may ask? White men, white Christians? Don’t think many minorities or educated women thought it was too great 20 – 40 years ago. You better take a look at this country’s demographics . . . you might find there’s a whole bunch of us don’t want to regress to the past.

    • Funny, wonder why Trump donated to both of her Senate campaigns if she’s such a criminal? Shows poor judgement on his part!

      • Trumped explained several times why he donated to certain politicians: Because those politicians are corrupt puppets, for sale to the highest bidder. It was a major point of his campaign.

  4. Of course they didn’t find anything incriminating, she permanently bleached those email. Your all stupid if you can’t see that.

  5. I am laughing my ass off right now…She used these 2 clowns like UNCLE TOM NIGGROS to try and get the blacks to vote for her….I don’t think it is going to work like that…

  6. Hillary pretends to be offended by Trump over private banter from 10 years ago, then has Jay Z, who records much worse on albums and sells it to children, be her representative and spokesperson. Michelle Obama says she doesn’t know any men who talk like that…after inviting drug dealing misogynist Jay Z, Wale, Rick Ross, etc. to the White House and presenting them as role models for young people. Hillary says this is what America is? America is selling drugs to your neighbor, strong-arming women, using them for sex then abandoning your own children? No wonder America is such a mess, and no wonder black voters didn’t fall for this scheme on election day.

  7. ‘this is what America is?’

    Dear Hillary, I would say, that this – along with corrupt media, wikileaks, FBI leaks, esp spirit cooking, then having satanist devil worshipers singing for you….. i would say that is what lost you the election. I would say that Trump supporters are more awake. Hillary voters are still asleep .