Myron Ebell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Myron Ebell competitive enterprise institute, Myron Ebell CEI, Myron Ebell epa

Myron Ebell is rumored to become the next head of the Environmental Protection Agency. (Competitive Enterprise Institute)

Donald Trump is rumored to appoint Myron Ebell, a climate change denier, as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Ebell serves as the director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and he’s currently heading President-Elect Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency transition process. Politico reports that Ebell himself will likely become the new head of the EPA. While nothing official has been announced by the Trump campaign, the appointment of Ebell would represent a dramatic shift in the United States’ environmental policies.

Here’s what you need to know about Myron Ebell, the possible next head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

1. He Says Climate Change is ‘Nothing to Worry About’

Myron Ebell and Donald Trump both believe that global warming is not actually a serious issue that the United States should attempt to address in any way. In fact, he chairs the Cooler Heads Coalition, a group that fights what they refer to as global warming alarmism. This group explains on its website that it’s focused on “dispelling the myths of global warming by exposing flawed economic, scientific, and risk analysis.”

Ebell does concede that the planet has gotten warmer in recent years, but he thinks that this is normal and that scientists are being alarmist.

“There has been a little bit of warming, but it’s been very modest and well within the range for natural variability, and whether it’s caused by human beings or not, it’s nothing to worry about,” he told Vanity Fair.

Nearly every reputable scientist refutes this statement, agreeing that the climate has changed due to man-made activity. The planet saw a spike in temperature in the last 30 years not seen in at least the past 1,000 years, NASA’s Gavin Schmidt told The Guardian.

2. He Says That Even if Climate Change Were Real, It Would Be a Good Thing

Myron Ebell EPA, Myron Ebell global warming, Myron Ebell climate change

Myron Ebell has argued that global warming could be good for the planet. (Facebook)

Although Ebell does not believe that climate change is happening, he says that if it were, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

In a 2006 op-ed entitled “Love Global Warming,” Ebell said that we should consider the benefits of climate change, such as the fact that winter storms would be less severe and life would become more pleasant in parts of the world.

“So modest climatic improvement would be to have fewer and less severe big winter storms,” he wrote. “Amazingly, that’s exactly what we should get if global warming theory turns out to be true. The models say that much of the warming will occur in the upper latitudes and in the winter. At the risk of further ridicule in kooky blogs in England, where global warming alarmism is now a religion, that sounds pretty good to me. Fewer people will die from the cold.”

David Goldston, policy analyst at the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund, told Newsweek that Ebell “doesn’t believe in climate change and wants to reverse the advances we’ve had in environmental protection and decimate—if not utterly destroy—the Environmental Protection Agency.”

3. His Think Tank Takes Money From ExxonMobil

Exxon Mobil logo, Exxon Mobil world gas conference, Exxon Mobil logo paris

The logo of US oil and gas giant ExxonMobil during the World Gas Conference exhibition in Paris. (Getty)

As is the case with many climate change deniers, the think tank Myron Ebell works for receives a substantial amount of money from oil and gas companies like ExxonMobil.

Competitive Enterprise Institute, where Ebell works, received $2 million from ExxonMobil between 1998 and 2005, according to Vanity Fair. The institute’s entire budget is only $3.7 million. They also receive money from the American Petroleum Institute. ExxonMobil has spent millions of dollars funding think tanks like Ebell’s that argue against the scientific consensus of climate change.

When questions about ExxonMobil contributions were raised, Ebell told Vanity Fair that these donations are not relevant to the work they do.

“We’re not beholden to our donors, because we don’t say, ‘If you give us this money, we’ll do this project,'” Ebell said.

4. Donald Trump Wants to Make Dramatic Cuts to the EPA

How To Impeach a President, How to Remove Donald Trump from Office, Can Donald Trump Be Impeached

Donald Trump during a campaign event September 6, 2016 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (Getty)

It makes sense for Donald Trump to hire someone like Myron Ebell because Trump wants to almost completely dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency as soon as he takes office.

Trump said in March that the EPA would experience large budget cuts and that he would “get rid of [EPA] in almost every form. We are going to have little tidbits left but we are going to take a tremendous amount out.”

Trump has also said that he will cancel the Paris Climate Accord, which was signed by 195 countries in 2015 in order to reduce global carbon emissions. Ebell has said that this deal is a “usurpation of the Senate’s authority,” according to Scientific American. The president-elect also plans to cancel funding to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change.

“President-elect Trump’s oft-repeated promises in the campaign are fairly black-and-white,” Myron Ebell told Scientific American.

5. Trump Has Said That Global Warming Is a Hoax

CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 21: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gives two thumbs up to the crowd during the evening session on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received the number of votes needed to secure the party's nomination. An estimated 50,000 people are expected in Cleveland, including hundreds of protesters and members of the media. The four-day Republican National Convention kicked off on July 18. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Donald Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention. (Getty)

It also makes sense that Donald Trump would be drawn to someone like Myron Ebell because they both believe that global warming is not a serious threat. However, Trump goes further with his assessment, saying that the entire thing is a hoax perpetrated by China.

Trump originally made this statement on Twitter in November 2012, the day of that year’s election.

This tweet was brought up during the first presidential debate in September, and Trump denied having said it. Trump also on at least three occasions called climate change “bulls–t” and again cited China.


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Judah Natzarah

we all know what happen when pig skin blue eye euro male ape get in power nothing but death misery and destruction it in there dna!!!!!


“Climate change denier”? lmao. yet more pablum from the liberal/progressive cultists.
I liked it when it was global cooling and the new ice age
then global warming and ice caps melting
data didnt’ support either, so they kept changing the data until that conjob didn’t even work.
so now it’s just “change”…aka weather.

next thing ya know, liberal/progressives will deny there was an ice age one time on earth…or that deserts were once rain forests and rain forests were once on the bottom of the ocean.

Your auto did all that…… liberal/progressives, such conjobs, such clowns….


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JH Kendall

Johnny — you’d make a perfect slave — but you are probably too fat to do any real work — but i like that passion — most racists are fcking idiots — too bad you keep breeding — like a cancer — and you have fat dumb fcking kids — that have ruined public education — white power — most like a bunch of fcking white losers —

Mop-Up-Crew (@jungletrunks)

There are many scientists that consider the catastrophic global warming scaremongering propagated by the media as nothing more than propaganda., an accomplished climate scientist in her own right is a lukewarmer. There’s been about 1.5 degree warming since the mid 1800s, Myron, the subject of this article, knows this. So now pundits call anyone a denier that doesn’t believe in catastrophic warming. It’s a preposterous notion. We’ve had periods where CO2 is 10x higher in the geologic record. 4x higher than today would be the peak beneficial level for accelerated greening of the planet. Climate moves exceedingly slow. In 50 years we’ll have new alternative solutions just through the natural tech evolution. Humans only first flew about 100 years ago. Think about that. Bottom line, it’s impossible to revert to a human CO2 footprint of the late 1700s which is what we would have to do to get in front of the supposed inflection point of human causation


Climate change due to man is real, obvious and idiots are the only denying party stupid people breed and in the next four years I want to see this country burn so that people like you can defend your choices. The same idiots that say retarded things like look its snowing where is global warming. What about this one We had cold weather before and we had hot weather before. yes we have had higher co2 levels in history and the earth will survive but we wont. Anything out of balance can be destructive and you can not artificially add more to the planet in large quantities without change happening. The issue is not one thing causing the problem but when you have more co2 from cars factories more people and increased methane from the fact that more people eat meat now than ever before Brazil being the worlds second (USA#1) largest producer of beef (=methane BAAAAD) clear cutting vast amounts of land which also decreases the forest and has been causing some of the worst droughts ever seen. Forest fires from the increased temps burn all over the world and are also cased from man burning forest to plant things like palm oil in vast quantities. This burning also creates soot that enters the atmosphere and fall on the snowy glaciers. the glaciers cant reflect light because the soot is black it absorbs light and heats the glaciers causing melt. It just keeps going and you do reach a point of no return for us.
That is the point of these discussions in the first place.
If you can look at it this way You have children and you love them so you would you not at least be careful if people told you that the nuclear plant next door to your house was leaking or just say the people were creating propaganda and every time they show you some sort of proof you only look for ways to disprove them.
The disbelief stems from money and that making change costs so people worry of money first.
Example Gulf oil spill happened and the local communities were outraged that could happen but when the government tried to put a hold on deep sea drilling the people said the government would take their jobs away so don’t worry about any contamination . Fukashima still is not under control Chernobyl also.
If you have to decide between being cautious and having less money or skeptic and dying because I made the WRONG CHOICE I would be cautious.


Yes!! Please appoint him, President Trump! I hope he puts the ‘global warming’ fairytale to rest once and for all!


Thank you Trump! I now won’t have to wait years for my European citizenship. I can simply move anywhere under “refugee status” from an oppressive regime. And, on the way out the door, you can just subtract the 2017 taxes I am NOT paying, from the bill you owe me for insulting my country. I’d sue you, but I’d be willing to bet my company earned more than yours this year and likely you can’t pay.


Global warming/climate change is a hoax and the EPA has become the Gestapo of the Obama administration. Trump is doing the right thing. Finally some brains in the WH that will actually help rather than hinder US progress.

Tom Lenz

LMAO at the liberal snowflakes at I look forward to increasingly hysterical things you people think we “Need to Know” about this historic Trump movement.

Tom Collins

Donald Trump should emphasise that he is against AGW – i.e. Man-Made Global Warming. THAT is the real hoax and what is costing consumers and taxpayers Billion of dollars, and pounds etc. We are, in fact, going through an Ice Age!


why is it that folks like Gore and DiCaprio, with huge carbon footprints, jet around the world telling the rest of us to cut our carbon footprint? It reminds me of the glutton at the dinner table, that tells everyone to take a smaller piece of pie, so they can take a bigger piece. and of course the glutton will have lots of reasons why you should do what they say – take less to save the starving, the poor, the children – but it call comes down to you taking less so they can take more.

June Hansen

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Julie Audrey Ward

With the likes of a Myron Ebell as the EPA Director, we can expect a jet set propelled investment only in the dynamics of oil rigged drilling chipping away the earth’s crust. Diminishing foundations to preserve new standards of survival in a baroness environment. With radiation freely flowing. Once released into the atmosphere; the combustible combine with the solar rays if the sun, comets and other universal occurrences, shall surely burn any constructual plans pending. There is no logic of intellect regarding humanity’s survival; with the likes of anyone that discards facts about global warming dangers.

JH Kendall

I hope they run those pipelines all across this shithole nation — frack in the drinking water — cut down those trees — drill in the Grand Canyon — wipe out endangered species — open up the seas to drilling — pump that pollution into the air — Americans are too fat to go outside anyways — plus if a handful of people get really wealthy off raping the land — awesome — that is what God wants


Trump’s radically different political and economic policies might not just destroy the US economy – it might destroy the entire planet!
But yeah I think we would agree that global warming sure beats going into another Ice Age.

Roni Bell Sylvester

Update Your Vocabulary
There’s no such person as a “climate denier.”
No one denies there’s climate.
Everyone knows, “Weather or not, it happens.”
There are though, “climate realists.”
A climate realist asks questions like this one from Patrick Michaels
“The question scientists should now be asking is not how much it will warm over the next 50 to 100 years, but why has it warmed so little during the major carbon dioxide buildup?”


Climate change and specifically global warming, while it has androgenic contributions, is mainly due to solar output variations. We know this because the carbon dioxide polar ice caps on Mars are observed to be receding too. There is no denying terrestrial greenhouse gas emissions from human activity and less mentioned methane gas emissions are contributing to global warming but in the end the Sun is the major contributor. If all human existence ceased on the face of the Earth there would still be global warming at this point in the history of the planet thus all human efforts at mitigation are muted. Just be glad we are not in a cooling trend, which as we know happened in the recent and prehistoric past. Also looked at another way, consider greenhouse gas emissions to be preventing another ice age. I’ll take warming over freezing any day!

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