PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks & Kills Iraqi Army Soldiers South of Mosul


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Mr Prince:
1-Re the ISIS fighters picture: This picture is misleading .ISIS fighters don’t rely on “war booty” from Iraqi army to carry out their operations. Their Principal founder and cofounder( Barak and Hillary as revealed by Donald Trump during his election campaign) have allotted the best and most advanced weaponry to their disposal.Therefore they don’t need such used and second hand equipment captured from the Iraqui army.The picture is only to mislead the American people so that they will think these cowards are really having a hard time to find weaponry .People don’t know that the moment these cowards wish for any euipment , their equipment will be flown and delivered to them on sight.!!
2-Re Your Islamic Interpretations : Please clarify whether you are a religious missionary or a news reporter???
In the middle a news report you seem to have suddenly found a golden opportunity to delve into Quranic verses and even mention the verse and chapter by number telling the readers where in Quran it has been permitted by God for the Muslims to kill their infidel enemies ( and surprisingly ISIS are only killing other Muslims) and then take their weapons and other belongings and thinking by mentioning such things you can depict Islam as a religion of war and destruction and hopefully drive people away from Isalm and towards god knows what!
For clarification to the readers of your article , not as single verse in Quran from the beginning to the end is about the Materialistic realm or worldy affairs .Each and every verse of Quran has an esoteric meaning whose meaning can only be revealed to a seeker of the truth by God himself. According to Quran itself , Quran has existed from even before human beings appeared in their physical f bodily forms so its verses can not be about a certain historical period set in the deserts of Arabia between 610 to 633 AD( the time within which it was revealed to Prophet Mohammad) .
All the of the verses of Quran pertain to the realm of soul and how one must achieve “Cognition” or self knowledge. All the verses mentioning Jihad(struggle) is about struggle with the ego and the soul and for soul to get free from the realm of material into the realm of spirit
Please before insinuating such wrong pictures to your readers, read some books from Islamic Gnostic/Sufi Masters such as Rumi, Attar, Ibn Arabi and other Sufi Masters and do not limit your thinking to the one dimensional picture fed to you by your western society for the past 1400 years, so that you will get the true picture of Islam.

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