PHOTOS: ISIS Beheads 2 ‘Psychics’ in Sinai Peninsula With Long Sword

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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Literally anyone can be a spy from their point of view. Seems they have a never ending supply of spies to behead… would have thought that by now beheading would be enough of a deterrent. If only the people knew that they make this shit up so they can enslave the local population through intimidation and fear. The people will stand up one day, and all of these scumbags will be dragged through the streets. One by one they will be held accountable for their deeds.

ugly rats everywhere

These and many ,many innocent people beheaded by this criminals junta , only for the sake of money . first they ask money from their families to set them free ,if not ,they get that money by selling their body organs on black markets . I SS expanding globally because of our weakness to cooperate .


Who is buying ISS oil, human organs and historical precious treasures ? Shame.

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