Student Gives Speech About How ‘Terrible Clinton Is’ at Bernie Rally FOR Clinton [VIDEO]

A student who spoke before Bernie Sanders at a Sanders rally for Clinton dumped his script and spoke out against Clinton instead. You can watch the video of his speech above.

The student, Kaleb Vanfosson, president of the Students for Bernie Club and the Young Democratic Socialists group at Iowa State, was supposed to give a speech at the Ames, Iowa rally about Sanders and Clinton supporters uniting, the Iowa State Daily reported. Instead, he spoke about how terrible Clinton is and how she only cares about billionaires.

He was escorted off stage after his speech.

During his speech, he started out talking about student loan debt and how Donald Trump wasn’t concerned about this issue. Then he added: “But unfortunately, Hillary Clinton doesn’t really care about this issue either. The only thing she cares about is clearing her debt … to billionaires… The only people who can really trust Hillary are Goldman Sachs… The military industrial complex can trust Hillary. Her good friend Henry Kissinger can trust Hillary.” At that point, the crowd cheered.

Vanfosson told the The Iowa State Daily that he was “basically assaulted” after being escorted off stage.

During Bernie Sanders’ speech at the event, he said that Clinton believed what he believed about student debt, which was that it needed to be refinanced at lower interest rates, Iowa State Daily reported.

The rally was held at the Scheman Building at the Iowa State Center in Ames on Saturday, November 5. It was listed on Clinton’s campaign website here as the “Ames Get Out the Vote Rally with Bernie Sanders.”


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Crazy Bernie needs rehab ,he is fighting with his own words. You said that before Hillary is in fit for the oval office because of her lack of temperament and bad judgment, now you are struggling to sell as if she is the good one.


Wasn’t much of a rally was it. Probably could nave held it in someones den. I have to applaud Caleb Vanfosson for speaking out and apparently everyone else did too.


In the video it shows the gutsy young man being removed but not necessarily “after” his speech. Poor Hillary!


WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE CELEBRATING WITH AFTER NOVEMBER 8? If you are thinking of voting for Clinton, think again! A vote for Clinton, is more than just a vote for Clinton, it’s a vote for all of these people and groups who support her and her goals. Her goals are their goals, and their goals are her goals. On Clinton’s side: People who benefit from their connections and payments to Clinton Inc. On Donald’s side: A proud Basket of Deplorables which owes nothing and pays nothing to Clinton Inc. Which group do you want to be celebrating with after November 8? Vote Trump, and get your friends and relatives to vote Trump!


The student president gave a good and honest speech of hillary. Bernie followers don’t support her. Don’t fooled by obama, hillary and bill the democrats r corrupt and they don’t change anything other than them getting rich.


This kid is right. Shame on Bernie. He sold out ALL of his supporters….everyone who “sent him $27″….and Hillary only “changed positions” to steal progressive votes away from Sanders. She’s a phony..pandering..hypocrite.


Y’ALL Bernie doesn’t really support Clinton but he knows how important it is to get his followers to vote for her. This election is incredibly important. He knows about the devastating consequences we will face if Trump becomes president, things much worse than we will face with Clinton. We, the people, can control Hillary. She knows we will be watching her every damn second of her presidency and if she does not do, what she has promised the people will stand up. Everyone is tired of a corrupt government and we will take action if she does not. Remember that Bernie does have a plan to push hillary to do as she has promised, but for now he has to support her in order to create a chance for change because under Trump it will only get worse by the minute.


Omg he was bought be Russia ! No one would ever say those mean things about Hillary lol lol


Great work. The student debt issue has legs. Vote Jill Stein / Ajamu Baraka, who are promoting debt forgiveness and demilitarization as well. Let’s keep our movement walking.

Lalanya (@Luvlylayy)

& this is the reason donald trump is in office. because you idiots don’t know how to follow suit & support your hero Bernie in his support for Clinton. Now hope you’re happy. you helped do this. You did this to us & our country & our future- yes YOU!

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