Electoral College Contacts: How to Write the Electors
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Electoral College Contacts: How to Write the Electors

how to write electors

How can you write the electors? (Getty)

The electoral college meeting, where electors will put in their votes for the President of the United States, is on December 19, just a week away. Some people have been organizing and writing electors with the hope that they’ll change their minds, become “faithless” electors and turn aside from their state’s popular vote.

The members of each state’s electoral college are selected by their state’s political party to cast ballots in a vote on December 19. They typically vote for the person who won the popular vote in their state, but there are no federal law or constitutional requirements that force them to do this. In many states, electors can become faithless electors and switch their vote to a different candidate — in fact, anyone that they wish. However, some states use laws or pledges to bind their electors to vote for a specific candidate. The penalty for breaking this pledge isn’t typically severe. According to Inverse, the charge is typically a misdemeanor and a fine of about $1,000.

With this in mind, some people are writing and trying to convince the electors to change their minds. This can be difficult, however, because electors are sometimes party officials or loyal Democrats or Republicans who aren’t likely to change their vote. We’ve gathered a complete list of electors that you can read here.

If you’re interested in writing to the electors, a few websites have compiled lists of their emails or addresses so you can contact them. However, these sites haven’t been verified, so we can’t confirm that all the information is correct.

Right now, one of the most popular sites for contacting electors is AskTheElectors.org. You can click on a simple red button on homepage, and a popup window will appear that helps you craft a letter to the electors. After you write the letter, a new window with the electors’ emails and your email text will appear. You can then copy the emails into your own client or use the “send via MailTo” or “Send via Gmail” choices. Some people are sharing the letters they’ve written openly on the website. This site does not contain a complete list of electors’ emails, as there 538 electors and it appears that less than 200 are on the email list. Even accounting for a list that only includes Trump’s 306 votes, this is still far short of that total.

You can also get names and addresses of electors from public records. As each state turned in its certificates of ascertainment, listing who was appointed as electors, the documents will be posted at the official U.S. Electoral College website. Some states include contact information for the electors in their certificates. You can see the updated certificates here. So far, the states with posted certificates include Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wyoming.

lFor a complete list of who the electors are, please see our story below:


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Please please change your vote!! I am a common person crying for our country He is everything against what we are as a welcoming country. And now Russia conniction Please Please change your vote to anyone else.


DO NOT CHANGE YOUR VOTE — It is not Russia it IS Hillary Clinton!!! along with the CIA; George Soros; and all those that want the New World Order so they can get richer and the poor and middle class will be their slaves. READ AGENDA 21 and see what they have in store for you. We have always been a welcoming country that was the way we were founded. WE MUST FOLLOW THE RULE OF LAW!!! and those wanting to inhabit our America must also follow the laws of immigration. WE NEED A BUSINESSMAN NOT A POLITICIAN WE’VE ALREADY TRIED THAT CLASS OF PEOPLE FOR YEARS AND LOOK WHAT WE’VE GOTTEN OURSELVES INTO!!


Give it up, it is NOT Russia, it is Hillary Clinton and the progressives. They have tried everything to try and invalidate this election.. Recounts, threatening the electors and continually beating the racist drum. DHS stated over a week ago the Russia did NOT hijack this election, but now that all else has failed they are drumming up this lie. Not only the progressives but also the “Never Trumpers” on the Republican side. You would believe Brennan and Clapper????? Really?? These folks have lied in previous testimony when it would suit their purpose and you would believe them now? And let me ask, where is our Justice department at???? Why are they not investigating the death threats and harassment of the electors. They are derelict in their duty. It seems they are only in office to protect some of the people, not all of the people.


You give it up. That bad Hillary stuff was a political ploy. Even Trump admits.


You most Likely are a COMMUNIST Party Member! Hillary is Also A Member and Pedo Sex Ring Mastermind Which you Also may Belong! You Should Live in China bc your not wanted HERE!


Hey, Putin wanted Donnie to win–why, because knows Trump will follow the Communist Party line . . . figure it out, will ya!

Beautiful Brown (@Beeutiful_Brown)

As your Black friend, I’d like to ask that you please not do this. Trump won. He outworked Hilary Clinton – two and three rallies a day, making two hour speeches while she gave pressers in controlled environments when she felt like it. He had the better ideas and he won. Its as simple as that. The media would rather make it seem that more than half of this country is racist rather than face the fact that one of the biggest reasons he won was the “anti-corruption” vote against Clinton. She was under three investigations. They still haven’t addressed the allegations that she made her look do absolutely corrupt and sihonest. Even framing this as Russina interference is not helping because if Russia did not hack the voting systems or cast fake ballots, if all they did was expose her, then wow – we should be thanking them for doing what our prestitute media won’t. He won. Lets give him a chance.

My Country Deserves Better

As a black, and white, and Native American friend: Actually, Trump has won nothing. HRC won the popular vote. The electors haven’t met yet. Trump cannot have possibly “outrun” Clinton because he has zero experience to her lifetime. His cabinet picks and hypocritical stances since the election should be enough to turn any Trump supporter against him. He lied to us and it’s already a ticking time bomb. I hope everyone reading your comment opts for real news, real experience, and real proof of effectiveness.


I think you have lost your rational mind. Do you not know of the of the Evil 50+ murders that are around the Clintons!! This is the exact type of politicians that have caused the Blacks and Native Americans to be squashed as a people. Hillary has been recorded of how she hates Blacks…look it up on You Tube. Turn off your controlled news from TV “the Real Fake Media ABC/CBS/NBC/etc….’ and get online and see the real news. They are blinding you…wake up. Being a politician is not a credible occupation for the old saying goes there are two types of people that never pay for their decisions and they are KINGS/QUEENS and POLITICIANS!! I am white and 11th greatt-grand-daughter of Chief Tayac Kittamaquund of the Piscataway Indian Nation of which I am most proud of. I am over 75 years old and have seen what America once was and she is crumbling before my eyes. I lived through WWII and believe you ME we are heading that way again with the Parkinson/Kuru Diseased Hillary Clinton – she works for George Soros and CIA is run by the Vatican [not the good Catholics by any means] they want to bring down AMERICA so they can set up the New World Order and then you’ll have no rights. READ AGENDA 21 and see what is in store for you my Native American friend, they are doing it again to you through Hillary!! Trump is a businessman and a damn good one. USA is not a republic anymore it is a Corporation, so then Trump is ideal to get our debts paid, balance our budget and reclaim our freedoms and rights back to Americans a Free People NOT INSTITUTIONALIZED BY THE NWO


I can’t believe you’re actually quoting YouTube as your new source?!?! OMG!!! Are you freekin’ kidding me? Or are you that desperate? Anybody can put ANYTHING on YouTube. I prefer sources that have published journalistic standards that the public can hold them accountable for, as well as an established vetting system. What are YouTube’s standards, who does its vetting? Between YouTube, Alex Jones, etc., . . .I bet you believe Survivor is real too!


Trump couldn’t make money running casinos . . . he’s a serial bankruptcy filer, for chrisss sakes. . . and this is the guy you claim is going to balance our budget–what Kool Aid have you been drinking??? And I don’t know what country you pledge the allegiance to when you salute the flag, but my pledge includes, “to the republic for which it stands” . . . You may have chosen to surrender this country and your rights to Trump and the rest of the global oligarchs, but my love for this country will not allow me to sell my soul to the devil, so I will fight will all the non-violent, legal means available, and keep this country an open, free society, and not Putin’s playground.


i don’t know what you are but out of your mind is one….if you think trump is going to help you with anything you are so wrong and if you think is campaign is acceptable your one of the worst…..i am scared to think that this will be the last of America we will ever see if he gets in…h is going to take your health care and raise your taxes not unless your in his so called class n your taxes will be lowered…..you think it’s ok to have a sexual predator that makes no difference what age you are to force himself on….one other of worst things are to be in close relations with a enemy of the country in which he is so far in debt to them , probably why they helped him to keep close eye on him n their money……he loves the thought of war n especially if it can be nuclear…..so all i can say to you if you believe all you just wrote i really feel sorry for you when it all blows up in your face


You are quoting Russian propaganda.
Perhaps you are merely a Russian propagandist yourself?


Allejulia- You are quoting Putin’s Russian propaganda. Perhaps you are only another Russian Troll making up fake news?


No you have lost your MIND!!!! And so has the electoral voters!!!!! ARE THEY STUPID OR WHAT????????? HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE!!!! Most of the the electoral voters must have been REPUBLICANS OF COURSE. THEY ARE STUPID!!!!How is Trump going to help us financially when he had to file bankruptcy himself!!! Trump is not a very intelligent person. “stupid”, and he is going to mess everything up in our country. Trump is a hot head and will probably have us in a war. And all the people he put in his cabinet is ridiculous, billionaires??????Most of the people he put in his cabinet do not have any experience whatsoever! Remember, Hillary Clinton won not trump!!SHE SHOULD BE OUR PRESIDENT NOT TRUMP!!!!!


I don’t know about you, but I live in the United States of America, which is represented by 50 states, not just New York and California. We have the electoral college for a very good reason and that is to give give all states equal representation in our elections. Yes, Hillary won the popular vote, but then again she won California by over 4 million votes. By touting this constant line of the popular vote, you are promoting California as being the entire United States. California alone cannot and should never be the sole decider of any Federal election. Remove the California and we can say Donald Trump won not only the electoral college, but also the popular vote. I am sad that the progressives have sunk so low as to try to dismantle the American Republic. It seems all those protesting the results, believe no one is allowed to have a different opinion them them.


b, many of your points are valid . . . but I find it hard to believe that your reasons for maintaining the electoral college have to do with giving all states equal representation. Am I to believe that you also support states, such as Texas, that do not require its electoral college to vote for any particular candidate?

I can’t believe that Trump voters sunk so low as to support a self-admitted racist and a misogynist.

BTW, what’s your take on his keeping Melania in hiding?


It’s obvious that like so many people you don’t have a clue as to what the Electoral College is all about or why it was set up in the first place. My suggestion is that you “Google” it and find out. A couple of things you’ll find is that it was written because of the number of slaves in the South. Each slave was worth 3/5 of a human and this way the south could garner more votes than the north. Which was also the reason the the south held the presidency for a good many years. You’ll also see that it doesn’t allow females a vote. And there is more, look it up and get it in its entirety.


Hey Texas, love that Texas electoral college voter who will NOT be voting for Trump!

poor richard

Sorry sore loser, but the way elections work in America is that the winner is the one that gets the most electoral votes, not popular and many illegal votes in large population centers, many of which are in CA (which also has the most illegal voters and illegal migrants who have an entitlement mentality by far.
Trump did not focus on getting the popular vote, but on winning the most electoral votes, which is what counts. The popular vote is a red herring, and thankfully the founding fathers had enough foresight to not allow a dominant and large single state like CA determine the outcome for all the other states in the US.

Trump took the popular vote of all the 49 states excluding CA. Hillary got the extra popular vote all from the extra couple of million illegal and dead persons voting in CA. I live in the most conservative county in CA, and we have NEVER gone blue and have over 60% republicans (used to be 90% but too many illegals). It is also a county that is the home to probably the largest illegal immigrant population in the country, with the exception of LA county. We went blue, indicating MASSIVE illegal immigrant voter fraud by at least a hundred thousand in that county alone.

People have analyzed voter fraud from past elections. Wake up, voter fraud is huge in this country and has been since at least JFK, when it was first perpetrated on the country in the Chicago area. Educate yourself and watch the former New York election commissioner admit on video (see project Veritas) that the dems have been stealing elections and bussing people around for multiple votes for the last 50 years! They did this in Arkansas and that is how Clinton became governor there with his reign of terror and the term Arkencide. (also see the video on YouTube, the Clinton Chronicles for testimony by former Clinton hit squad man Larry Nichols.)

You have been turned into a know nothing by too much ingestion of the MSM propaganda. I suppose that you think that it was Lee Harvey Oswald and a single bullet that killed Kennedy. The CIA is the biggest propaganda liars ever, Kenneday wanted to get rid of them and “shred them in a thousand pieces”. They were responsible for killing JFK, as has come out.

They are the same evil ones that are now trying to set up Trump for evil also. Pray, pray, pray that the God of Heaven will have mercy on us and our country and deliver us from the evil plans of these Satanic, global forces, in the matchless name of the Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Hey, thought you folks were big on states’ rights??? So, the states that allow its electoral college to vote for the candidate of their choice.

I do pray that Don-the-Devil will be non-violently and legally removed from office as soon as possible, before godless Russia takes us over.


“Trump took the popular vote of all the 49 states excluding CA . . .” where the f$ck do you get your news? OMG, even the most rabid Trump defenders don’t even claim that one! Jeez Louise, get some help, buddy–and quick!


We see what he is doing as a precursor of what is to come, and it is frightening. He makes bad choices, won’t communicate, denounces anything that doesn’t seem to favor him. When does he get exposed for all his misdeeds? As Michael Moore states, ” He will get us all killed.” Arrogance does not belong in the White House if we are going to maintain our position as a forward thinking nation. We need forward thinking individuals who can project beyond their own egos. The future of this country does not depend on going back to some mythical better time. The future is in evaluating what is happening in the world and being innovators for future peace, coexistence, survival–an enviable model that others will have to imitate because nothing is better.

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