WATCH: John Cantlie Featured in New ISIS Video About Tank Warfare in Mosul

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British hostage John Cantlie is featured for the second time this month in the latest propaganda video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Tank Hunters.” The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on December 13 from “Wilayat Ninawa,” ISIS’ name for the occupied Nineveh Governorate of Iraq. The video of “tank hunting” was promised in late November at the end of a sniper video purportedly released by ISIS.

Cantlie has previous appeared in ISIS videos in Iraq and Syria. His last few videos, however, have been out of Mosul. His last narration was released earlier this month and focused on coalition airstrikes on infrastructure in Mosul.

He has now been seen in no less than nine ISIS propaganda videos. However, he is looking increasingly hairier and unhealthier in every new video.

According to the BBC, Cantlie, whose work has appeared in the Sunday Times, the Sun, and the Sunday Telegraph, has been held hostage twice in Syria. He escaped from his first kidnapping in July 2012 with help from the Free Syrian Army.

He was kidnapped again after he returned to Syria at the end of 2012. It is believed he was kidnapped his second time with American journalist James Foley, who was beheaded on video by the Islamic State militant “Jihadi John” in August 2014.

In an April issue of the Islamic State Dabiq magazine, an article allegedly written by Cantlie shares Foley’s “last words.” Read it here.

In the beginning of “Tank Hunters,” Cantlie is filmed watching ISIS propaganda and analyzing it. The video is intercut with footage of battlefield action involving Iraqi Army tanks.

An infrographic is later shown alleging that ISIS has destroyed at least 580 military vehicles, ranging from tanks to BMPs.

At the end of the video, Cantlie is again shown but this time out in the streets of wartorn Mosul. Wearing a helmet, he discusses the urban warfare currently engulfing Iraq’s second largest city.

Heavy is an independent news organization. We report acts of terror and violence so that the public may be fully informed. This may include content considered graphic, which is identified. We do not support, in any way, the individuals or organizations involved.

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PHOTOS: ISIS Documents Dead Iraqi Soldiers After Al Salam Hospital Battle in Mosul

In a new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS militants show dead bodies at Al Salam Hospital in southeast Mosul, possibly after a U.S. military airstrike.

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  1. This guy got kidnapped not once but twice! Should have left and never came back after the first time. He’s done for.

  2. Thanks SJ Prince. Video was absolutely worth it! After having seen that i think iraqi coalition are sitting ducks in mosul. Poor John Cantlie hope he’s released soon and he made the video funny too! iraqi soldier won’t be needing his helmet no more 😁

  3. perhaps a series of notes (money) of relative and foreign currency makes one image, in terms of facial features, depending on the value and need of the notes, they have a transparent nature, if over lapped it might reveal a mind map that reflects organisational structure, that structure, might lead to a command structure, i think paper money is the go their though. well perhaps a transparent image over laying an old not might reflect something, bit of a long shot really, they did mention money in the value of the seems detached, like a chore, but it is the first target of an occupying force.

  4. You got to love these guys. I dont think history has witnessed such a small group take on the entire F % $ 6kin world.
    This is some epic stuff.

    • Totally agree.

      Imagine they had surface to air missile for jets. This game would be over.

      Soon hopefully they will get it.

    • Being honest I Agreed. were Shittys, US Israel made 1 Million men Shity Army which was running in there underwears see a few hundreds Isis guys approaching in 2014. They left Billiions$ worth Advanced US Israeli weapons behind which helped them to stablished an Islamic Caliphate, so how can these Proven coward shitties would be able to defeat Islamic state which is not limited only in Iraq but also can Clear be seen in Saudia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Afghanistan and Pakistan. I must say if Donald Trump is really want to Fight Islamic State he must get rid of these shitty partners only good in Running like Rats man

  5. I think so time has came when all the world should exercise the step to be taken in the condition when ISIS blow the dam otherwise it will be too late because as ISIS monsters (illiterate mulla’s) getting butchered they have last option to blow up a dam.

  6. We all have to admit now,. if if this is strong to others.,. they are Damn Right.
    Otherwise God wouldn Help them,. Literally.

  7. Really, I’m pretty sure Dads army could clear this lot out. Buts let them wipe themselves out with their sick ideology and religion. The West is making the right decision stay out then starve them out, they dont look like farmers,builders or engineers to me, LOL. They will soon run out of people to kill. LOL what will they do to appease allah then? Silly Children LMAO. PS can you put a fatwah on me LMAH.

  8. Coward Shitty are only good in running like Rats. I hope Donald Trump would kick these pussy IRANI Shit out and work more with Kurds and Sunni Arabs to stop this ISIS thing even Harming the Hollywood and Bollywood Film Industries.

  9. Thank you for hosting these videos especially the ones with John Cantlie. It’s an important free speech issue. The people have a right to know what’s going on even from the other side.