PHOTOS: ISIS Shares Images of Dead Children Killed by Iraqi Airstrike on Al-Qa’im, Iraq

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  1. When Mujaahideen kill, they are held accountable and make countless news headlines of terrorism. Whereas, if any of the opposition against the Mujaahideen kill and bomb innocent civilians at large, they just call it a mistake and say ‘ We condemn these actions’ and that makes it sufficient…….. How on earth will there be piece in this world with cold hearted murderers who sit behind a desk are leading society. All I can say is that as long as these murderers are ruling society, EXPECT retaliation on civilians that are ruled by those sitting behind those desks.

  2. If there were US coalition planes then Sam and would have never reported it and must have said “this can not be verified independently”
    and never used term “confirmed”

    • We can only corroborate narratives with what info the military releases per news standards. When the US claims civilian casualties, we confirm those stories, too. Thanks for commenting.

      • Iraqis said they do not killed civilians in strikes (today reported by al jazeera) so Sam u must say ISIS shares pics of dead terroriststerrorists!!! As per news standard

  3. ….Quran shall prevail…everybody will be muslims…don’t you see we all die anyway….you with heart strike and us in air strike….deviation among Islam is not allowed ….Isis people are not wrong….death is not the end…..death is accepted….