What Time Does the Electoral College Vote Today? State-by-State List

electoral college vote time

What time does the electoral college vote today? (Getty)

The electoral college vote is today. Ever since the election, this is the day that millions of people have been watching and preparing for. President-Elect Donald Trump won 306 electoral votes, and he only needed 270 to win the election. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton beat him in the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, but that simply wasn’t enough to win in the electoral college. Since the election, thousands of people have been writing and emailing Republican electors, hoping to convince them to change their minds and flip their vote against Trump. But so far, only one Republican elector has publicly stated that he plans to do that.

Although Trump is likely to win the Electoral College, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on what’s happening. So what time is does the Electoral College cast its vote and how does the process work?

The Electoral College will vote in all 50 states and in D.C. today, but the time will vary from state-to-state. We’ll likely be able to get a good idea of who won by the time the day is over, especially from states that livestream their results or publicize who won right away. However, the votes won’t be officially counted until January 6, when they are counted by Congress.

Here are the times that the meetings of the electors (the electoral college votes) will take place in each state, according to 270toWin unless otherwise noted. The times listed below are Eastern times, unless otherwise noted.

Alabama Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.

Alaska Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.

Arizona Electoral College Vote Time – TBA

Arkansas Electoral College Vote Time – 11 a.m.

California Electoral College Vote Time – 5 p.m.

Colorado Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.

Connecticut Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.

Delaware Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.

D.C. Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.

Florida Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.

Georgia Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.

Hawaii Electoral College Vote Time – 7 p.m.

Idaho Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.

Illinois Electoral College Vote Time – 11 a.m.

Indiana Electoral College Vote Time – 10 a.m.

Iowa Electoral College Vote Time – 4 p.m.

Kansas Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.

Kentucky Electoral College Vote Time – 11:45 a.m.

Louisiana Electoral College Vote Time – The electors will meet beginning at 11:30 a.m. local time, according to KNOE. Secretary of State Tom Schedler will host and administer the oath for the eight Republican electors.

Maine Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.

Maryland Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.

Massachusetts Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.

Michigan Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.

Minnesota Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.

Mississippi Electoral College Vote Time – 11 a.m.

Missouri Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.

Montana Electoral College Vote Time – 4 p.m.

Nebraska Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.

Nevada Electoral College Vote Time – 5 p.m.

New Hampshire Electoral College Vote Time – 10 a.m.

New Jersey Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.

New Mexico Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.

New York Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.

North Carolina Electoral College Vote Time – 12  p.m.

North Dakota Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.

Ohio Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.

Oklahoma Electoral College Vote Time – 11 a.m.

Oregon Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.

Pennsylvania Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.

Rhode Island Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.

South Carolina Electoral College Vote Time – 11 a.m.

South Dakota Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.

Tennessee Electoral College Vote Time – 10 a.m.

Texas Electoral College Vote Time – Texas electors will cast their votes in the House chamber at 2 p.m. local time (3 p.m. Eastern.)

Utah Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.

Vermont Electoral College Vote Time – 10 a.m.

Virginia Electoral College Vote Time – 12 p.m.

Washington Electoral College Vote Time – 3 p.m.

West Virginia Electoral College Vote Time  – 10 a.m.

Wisconsin Electoral College Vote Time – 1 p.m.

Wyoming Electoral College Vote Time – 2 p.m.

You can watch livestreams of some of the votes as they happens. See our story here.

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        • That’s complete bullsh*t. “the three million”? You’re randomly picking 3 out of 65 million votes to make a stupid point. I could just as well say, with 1 million votes less in Texas, Trump would have lost. Why should these people decide everything? Your argument is moronic. The EC has to go. If you disagree, you’re against democracy and against the will of the American people. Yes, the American people. Not the Texan people, the Californian people or the Floridian people.

          • True the vote already found more than 3 million non-citizen, illegal votes for Clinton which would mean that no, she did not win the popular vote.

          • Mike L, we have a Constitutional Republic, not a Representative Democracy.

            Whether you like it or not is irrelevant, that is what we have. Do you remember the phrase in grade school about “No Taxation without Representation”? That’s what happens when you let San Francisco control the entire country. Bunch of cash-flush hippies controlling all of middle America with nonsense policies. Our system is working as designed, and it is brilliant if you would take a step back and get over yourself.

            Fortunately Trump won, and things will balance out a bit once again.

            • San Francisco, with a population of less than 1 million residents, and even fewer voters “controls the country????” It is a highly educated population, and the capital of the technology world, but you are deluding yourself when you say less than a half-million people control the country. But I’m sure it makes you feel good. And BTW, the the San Francisco Bay area has residents from all over the United States–not just native-born Californians, so many of the votes are from former Ohioans, Indianans, etc. Your “no taxation without representation” is a crock when you think how much California’s income and corporate tax revenues support parasitic welfare states in the South. Try doing without California’s revenues some time.

              • I love hearing the screams out of CA that their tax dollars count more than the rest of the country? Especially in light of the fact that they have the largest congressional delegation in the country who, I’m willing to bet, voted in favor of 90% percent of the taxes that CA residents pay to the federal government. If you want to keep your $$ in CA, try electing more republicans.

          • Clinton won California by 4.5 million votes and New York by 1.5 million . That is 6 million votes. She won the Nationwide vote by 2,5 million. That is a Deficit of 3.5 Million votes. She won
            a Plurality . She did not win the popular vote unless you think that two out of 50 States represent the Popular vote which is MORONIC

          • The problem with your argument, is that we are not a democracy, we are a republic. The popular vote was not the chosen method of deciding an election. It is designed brilliantly to protect the average person from suffering the desires of people in high concentrated areas of only a few places in the country.

            • and you “Anonymous coward” are the average person right! let me laugh! and laugh and laugh ! you Nazi and KKK person is not average.

          • Most of you have no idea why the electoral college even exists. Nor have you really read any of the writings of the founding fathers of this country. The electoral college exists to allow a minimum amount of influence to be had by every state of the union. Nowadays with technology many people are fooled into thinking this is some archaic method that only existed because votes couldn’t be counted in the “olden times”. But you see our founding fathers were a lot smarter than you! The electoral college exists because without it you would have no states. A state in name is not the same. For states within the union to exist there must be power given to them. The reason there are states and not just one big country like say CHINA is because our country is geographically, economically and historically diverse. While one may argue that a majority vote is the only fair way, how does one account for small states that will never have the population of say California? And by making it a popular vote only you will create a very bad state vs state culture (remember the Civil War, and no it didn’t start over slavery, if you think that you need to stop reading this post now and go educate yourself). You will create an environment where each state will compete for populations with the reason being nothing less than to gain votes. The democrat party already does this by having open borders. Fact is the only time the electoral college is even questioned is when the democrats lose. Fact is that without the electoral college 6 or 10 states would decide the election every time so what would be the point of the other states even bothering to stay in the union. All of you forget that taxation without representation is exactly why we are no longer a part of England. This would be no different. Personally I can’t say I love the idea of the electoral college. I think my dislike is more about the fact that most of them are not bound to vote the way their state tells them to vote. I think there should be some weight given to the popular vote. Maybe the popular winner gets 10 electoral votes or something. Or the same number as the most assigned to any single state. Not sure but it seems there should be some weight given to it but NOT all the weight. All of you that are just being threatening are just mad Clinton lost. Look Clinton is a straight up a felon, she broke more laws to do with transmission of classified documents than any spy in US history. And she knew better. And she lied over and over again about it. I particularly love the lies to do with, “I only used one device because I am not technically smart.” Yet there are dozens of pictures showing her using more than one device, some of the pictures even show her with more than one device in the same picture. Yet the libs scream at the top of their lungs the election was stolen. Yeah it was, just like if you drive your brand new BMW into the worse neighborhood in Chicago or Detroit get out leaving it running with the keys in it, the window down and a stack of $100 bills in the dash board. Yes then it was stolen. I can’t believe I took this much time to respond when I know most of you violent angry people can’t read more than 3 sentences at a time before getting lost and confused.

            • Clinton did no differently with her email as Secretary of State, as did Condaleeza Rice and Colin Powell. But because Clinton did it she has been burned at the stake. Pretty selective indignation and prosecution.

              • Incorrect. The other two made use of private e-mail for work purposes but not for classified information. Hillary had a private server she segregated from the state department, then lied about, then was busted over, then lied about some more, then was busted again, then lied again. Had there actually been a prosecution I am not so sure she would still be taking her walks in the woods.

          • Mike that is exactly why our founding fathers created the Republic we have. A democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb deciding what is for dinner. They made the EC so the two wolves AKA democrats and liberals would not decide solely what is for dinner. Get over it you lost and live with it

            • Given there was no “Democratic” party at the time the country was founded, it’s comical and typical that Trumpanzees automatically assign Democrats as the wolves. Most Wall Street folks are Republicans and pay not taxes–inclulding Don-the-Con and all his Cabinet buddies . . . but don’t let the facts get in the way of your argument.

              • The following is a small sample from Virginia where illegals registered and cast ballots. Many 1,000’s more exist.
                Tomika Curgil, 33 Virginia
                Vafalay Massaquoi, 30 Virginia
                DEIBERT, PHILLIP L. 11173 Timmerman St-Quantico,VA 22134-4224
                JOBES, JENNIFER R. 2921A Qtrs Mccdc-QUANTICO, VA 22134
                beavers,danielle f. 8054 Portwood Turn-Manassas, VA 20109-8120
                ANKRAH, IVY 10642 Blendia Ln Apt 0-Manassas, VA 20109-3479
                GARDELLA, VELlA S. 10920 Pope St-Manassas, VA 20109·8253
                ROMERO, WALTER R. 4521 Edinburg Dr-Woodbridge, VA 22193-2616
                CHAVEZ, EDGARDO A. 14084 Geraldine Ct-Woodbridge, VA 22193-2400
                GUEVARA, DELIS A. 13215 Alison St-Woodbridge, VA 22191-1618
                KARGBO, ALIKALI 13145 Thrift Ln-Woodbridge, VA 22193-6102
                CARRILLO RODRIGUEZ, JAQUELINE D. 9717 Lomond Dr-Manassas, VA 20109-3104
                AMIR, GHAZAL F. 16146 Eagle Beak Cir-Woodbridge, VA 22191-6066
                DELGADO, ISAAC 7531 Tendring Trl-Manassas, VA 20111-1781
                RIVAS, BLANCA L. 8843 Clinton Dr-Nokesville, VA 20181-3204

          • We are a Republic, not a true democracy. I for one, don’t feel like having a handful of states deciding the election every 4 years. Trump won per the rules of our election process. People need to get over it.

          • We are not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic and the states, not the people, have the voice in the federal government – as it was intended and as it should be.

        • No area should be in control, but that’s exactly what is happening right now. Going with the popular vote would abolish that. You got it 100% backwards. There are no specific areas that “outvoted Trump”. America did. Clinton got votes in all 50 states, that’s why she won the popular vote. Sure, we could take California away, but that makes no sense. You’re a partisan hack and have no real argument.

          • How about this for an argument: We are not a democracy, we are a federal republic. The citizens of this country are sovereign and it was put in place that way by people who obviously have much more foresight and intelligence than you. To help you out, a Republic is a representative government backed by law, you know, a CONSTITUTION. If you want mob-rule, go find a democracy and live your life in a pathetic and pitiful existence. While you’re at it though, study up a bit on the reasons we are a representative republic. You can start with 8th grade American history and slowly move up from there. Repeat the course a few times if it moves too fast for you. The United States is a Republic. Look it up and learn something and quit listing to the idiocy of people like Michael Moore for your understanding of how this country operates and why. Good God, the ignorance in this country has reached epic levels.

            • being a republic doesn’t mean we can’t also be a democracy. we and many other countries are both. don’t try to educate people if you’re completely ignorant yourself.

            • The only problem is they are no longer teaching this in the 8th grade. They have replaced it with sex Ed. So 13 & 14 year olds are now proficient at putting a condom on a banana, but not so on how their government works. Neither can theta read, write or add.

              • Don’t now where you live, but having worked in Education, and having children go through the public school system recently, my children had very rigorous Civics classes all through elementary school, but especially 8th grade, and 12th grade where it was a state graduation requirement to pass 12th grade civics. Additionally, fellow educators in other states have confirmed the same experiences and requirements. As far a teaching Sex Ed in school, it might not be a bad idea tho–just ask Sarah Palin’s two oldest children.

            • Given Trump admitted last week that his supporters were “nasty” people, the only mob rule I’ve seen are his Trumpanzees.

          • She only won 57 counties out of 3000+. So you think that should decide the winner for the whole country!? That’s crazy! But the electoral college should not be able to change. If they were changing votes from clinton to trump you would have a heart attack! They need to stay out of it & cast the right vote or leave! WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE.

          • screw the states look at the counties. Trump won over 3k of them and she could’nt even get 50. tell me again why less than 50 counties in the United States should control the course of the country?

        • that’s the reason for the Senate. EC was intended to prevent guys like Trump from taking office. Read the Federalists paper # 68.

          • The problem is that the power originally given to the Senate was taken away by a socialist president a 100 years ago. So before you point to something like that know the history. The Senate was originally elected by the state legislatures. But in the one of the biggest lies ever published by the left media they managed to make a few bad apples look like every senator elected this was was crooked (of course they almost succeeded in besting that by getting crooked clinton elected). And they had the Senate change to popular election shifting the power away from the state legislature. That single move stripped more power from the states than any other single law or court ruling ever. Luckily for us our founding fathers knew we would be too stupid to understand what they went through 100’s of years later. So they built in some fail safes. You people arguing against the EC can just keep it up until the cows come home. Guess what it WILL NEVER CHANGE. Do you know why? Because it will take ratification by 75% of the states. If you think 75% of the states are going to vote to give their power in the election to the 10 most populous states you are out of your minds and really need to, well I don’t know there probably is no cure for the level of ignorance. So the chances of the electoral college ever being changed are pretty close to 0. I will give you a .01% chance just to be nice. Educating the masses is hard work, time for a snack.

            • OMG . . . you’re calling a President a socialist who died over 100 years ago to make your argument . . . sad, dude . . . nevertheless, I support current the law of the land . . . but I also believe changing a law when it is wrong, e.g., slavery, or when it has outgrown its usefulness, e.g., electoral college.

        • Queens alone could give her that much of a popular vote win. With out the electoral college NY and CA would elect or select every future president.

          • No, NY and CA voters do not constitute a majority of the voting population, so they could not of and by themselves the President.

        • And don’t forget all the illegals and dead people that voted for Hilary that make up for the popular vote in those two areas.

        • Most of the people who voted for Trump came from 2 areas of the country, i.e., the South and Midwest. Those two areas should not be in control either.

        • So what? It’s still the majority. And Trump only won the states he won by razor thin margins. It’s not like he won by a landslide, and he didn’t win legitimately, according to credible sources.

      • Wake up, unless you live in one of the states that would control the rest of the country, you have no idea what the rest of the country thinks. Hillary did not have a message that made sense to the real people not just the elites. In my state they stop counting when it looks as if the majority have voted for one person so when they stopped counting Mr. Trump was way ahead so they stopped counting. My doctor thinks that his vote was not counted because of this.

        • Darlene, until you and your fellow delusional Trumpanzees provide non-partisan, substantiated, vetted proof about these so-called 3 million illegal voters, shut the f&ck up! You all remind me of Nazi Germany. You tell a lie long enough, and you believe it. Worked for Hitler, and now its working for Donnie Boy too. Sadly, but apparently wrongly, I thought America was beter than that.

          • The following is a small sample from Virginia where illegals registered and cast ballots. Many 1,000’s more exist.
            Tomika Curgil, 33 Virginia
            Vafalay Massaquoi, 30 Virginia
            DEIBERT, PHILLIP L. 11173 Timmerman St-Quantico,VA 22134-4224
            JOBES, JENNIFER R. 2921A Qtrs Mccdc-QUANTICO, VA 22134
            beavers,danielle f. 8054 Portwood Turn-Manassas, VA 20109-8120
            ANKRAH, IVY 10642 Blendia Ln Apt 0-Manassas, VA 20109-3479
            GARDELLA, VELlA S. 10920 Pope St-Manassas, VA 20109·8253
            ROMERO, WALTER R. 4521 Edinburg Dr-Woodbridge, VA 22193-2616
            CHAVEZ, EDGARDO A. 14084 Geraldine Ct-Woodbridge, VA 22193-2400
            GUEVARA, DELIS A. 13215 Alison St-Woodbridge, VA 22191-1618
            KARGBO, ALIKALI 13145 Thrift Ln-Woodbridge, VA 22193-6102
            CARRILLO RODRIGUEZ, JAQUELINE D. 9717 Lomond Dr-Manassas, VA 20109-3104
            AMIR, GHAZAL F. 16146 Eagle Beak Cir-Woodbridge, VA 22191-6066
            DELGADO, ISAAC 7531 Tendring Trl-Manassas, VA 20111-1781
            RIVAS, BLANCA L. 8843 Clinton Dr-Nokesville, VA 20181-3204

          • The following is a small sample from Virginia where illegals registered and cast ballots. Many 1,000’s more exist.
            Tomika Curgil, 33 Virginia
            Vafalay Massaquoi, 30 Virginia
            DEIBERT, PHILLIP L. 11173 Timmerman St-Quantico,VA 22134-4224
            JOBES, JENNIFER R. 2921A Qtrs Mccdc-QUANTICO, VA 22134
            beavers,danielle f. 8054 Portwood Turn-Manassas, VA 20109-8120
            ANKRAH, IVY 10642 Blendia Ln Apt 0-Manassas, VA 20109-3479
            GARDELLA, VELlA S. 10920 Pope St-Manassas, VA 20109·8253
            ROMERO, WALTER R. 4521 Edinburg Dr-Woodbridge, VA 22193-2616
            CHAVEZ, EDGARDO A. 14084 Geraldine Ct-Woodbridge, VA 22193-2400
            GUEVARA, DELIS A. 13215 Alison St-Woodbridge, VA 22191-1618
            KARGBO, ALIKALI 13145 Thrift Ln-Woodbridge, VA 22193-6102
            CARRILLO RODRIGUEZ, JAQUELINE D. 9717 Lomond Dr-Manassas, VA 20109-3104
            AMIR, GHAZAL F. 16146 Eagle Beak Cir-Woodbridge, VA 22191-6066
            DELGADO, ISAAC 7531 Tendring Trl-Manassas, VA 20111-1781
            RIVAS, BLANCA L. 8843 Clinton Dr-Nokesville, VA 20181-3204

        • Oh geesh–talk about someone who doesn’t know U.S. Civics . . . c’mon, after 8 years can’t you find something actually true . . . even if your hysteria was true, which it is not, i.e., Obama being born in Kenya, his mother was American, which automatically granted him citizenship . . . where did you study anyway–Trump University?!??

        • Tell that to the 20+ million people who now have health insurance . . . but watch out, the Repubs aren’t just coming for Obamacare, they’re coming for Medicare and Social Security too . . . oh, they’ll leave a skeleton of each in place, and do all sorts of chicanery to the public doesn’t know what the f&ck is going on, but it will be gutted, baby . . . sure hope you saved enough for retirement and medical care to live without both of them.

      • lol those people that was not allowed to vote that did you mean like the dead voters the illegal immigrants that are not allowed to vote and all the you tub vids off people pressing the trump button but giving the vote to clinton thoses 3 million dont count so just remember this ho ho hey hey donald trump is here to stay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • The over 2 million people who never learned how our system works? Or the millions who don’t get their candidate in every election? They counted. They just didn’t get a winning candidate.

      • If you don’t understand the electoral college, you are way too stupid to be allowed to vote. Maybe you should just move to the communist country of your choice.

        • As if Trump supporters ever understood it before the election–or much even voted before this election. Apparently, you’re not bright enough to understand that a person can comprehend, but not necessarily agree. As far as moving to a Communist country, we won’t have to–Trump and his billionaire oligarch cronies have already arranged for all of us to be Russians–why do you think he never showed his tax returns even after admitting he paid no income taxes–his Russian business deals, like Tillerson, and his former campaiang manager’s—the list goes on–would have been exposed for the anti-American deals that were made. Guess we all gotta’ get used to saying, “Welcome to America, comrade!” But don’t worry, when everything falls apart in a few years, you can continue to fallback on blaming Obama, California and liberals.

      • almost 3 1/2 million votes more in just one state — California — Without that, he wins by 1/2 million — One state should not decide our president

      • you do understand they all came from California and California has millions of people who voted who shouldn’t have voted. Lets recount California and weed out all the illegal votes and then see where we stand

      • if you take the illegals out of the equation , Trump won the popular vote also. why do you think the democrats fight so hard to stop voter id cards.

      • Well those 3 million are probably in California or a few other states. Their vote counts because their electoral electors voted for Clinton. Also all the rabble raising in those state showed a mob mentality. This is the reason for the electoral College is to prevent mobs running the country of fifty states instead two or three. It is a known fact that Democrats love to stuff ballot boxes with dead people. Also those states have sanctuary cities that have a large population of illegal immigrants which have a valid Drivers’ license which can allow them to register and vote. Do not think that they did not do just this. President Obama made a point to say that they could vote and it was on the tv.

      • Hey Steve, don’t be a jerk. You don’t know if that person has suffered a stroke or has another medical condition. He or she still has a right to an opinion without being bullied, demeaned, and degraded.

  1. Only a couple of hours until it is offical. Trump, one of the objectively least qualified people in history, will be elected POTUS. No sane person can like that. The most important thing in the next four years is election reform. We need to get rid of the electoral college and fight gerrymandering. It doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat or Republican or independent, doesn’t matter if you prefered Hillary or Trump, if you’re on the boat with democracy, you need to push for abolishing the EC. It can not be that votes matter more or less depending on where you live. That’s against our equal rights as Americans. Don’t be partisan for once, be a real patriot.

    • Well said. But Republicans will be 100% partisan and will never let it happen. Twice in five elections the Republican “won” with fewer votes (and if Al Gore had been President, Demoracts might very well have won in 2004 too, so we could have had seven terms in row with out Republicans). The EC is what keeps the Republican Party alive, so is gerrymandering. F*ck the will of the people, f*ck democracy, if it means power for themselves. No patriotism whatsoever.

      • Spoken like someone who has absolutely no idea of what this country is, why is was framed the way it was, and who has no knowledge of basic history and law.

      • Good, let the Republicans be. The Democrats are 110% partisan. F the Democrats hard, the harder the better and may they relive it as grainy, Black and white memories that never fade.

    • You are extremely skewed in your thought process. Voting for Trump WAS being a Patriot! The system is broken. The career politicians that are in the pockets of the lobbyists and “one world government” supporters are the biggest problem in our country today. Pres.-Elect Trump had a house full of those people running against him on both sides. To fix the system we NEED an outsider in the Oval Office, voting for Mr. Trump put the outsider in! The EC is there to protect us from people that think exactly like you do, you might want to do some research into it. You are correct in saying that we Americans have equal rights, but we are not the “mob rule” democracy you elude to, we are a Democratic Republic. You say he is one of the least qualified people in history to hold the office of POTUS, I say he is the MOST qualified based on his experience. He is certainly more qualified than our current POTUS, just look at what he has done to our country.

      • stop watching Alex Jones, you idiot. Trump is not qualified in any way. being an outsider is not a qualification by itself. democracy isn’t mob rule, you lowlife. but thanks for admitting that you don’t give a sh*t about what the people want. you think you’re a patriot? no, you’re a moron and your kind is destroying this country. Trump has no clue what he’s doing and he’s corrupt to the core.

        • Democracy is mob rule but thanks for identifying yourself as a fool. Looking at your post I can almost see the dim light of a low IQ with no understanding of what your spewing. Go ahead, look up “democracy” in any one of ten sources and come back to give all of us country destroyers a little report on what it means, what it does, and what countries use it. Go ahead, we’ll wait. I’m sure we’ll be waiting a long time though being that you’re obviously so soft brained that you only know what the headlines tell you.

          • and again, look it up yourself. look anything up. you clearly know nothing, so everything will help. insulting others while proving your own stupidity – that’s rich.

      • okay, I’ll bite. What did Obama do to our country? unemployment is down, crime is down, the deficit is down. the stock market is at record hights. he deported a record number of illegal immigrants. we’re not sending our soldiers to die in thousands in the middle east. so what has he done?

        • Thanks, and don’t forget that he was POTUS when Osama Bin Laden, mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, 22 million people now have health insurance who had no insurance before, brought dignity to the Oval Office. He’d have done even more, had the Republican Congress not tried to prevent every singe thing he tried to enact for the welfare of the country.

      • ScottE . . . supporting misogyny, racism, and lies is NOT being a patriot. Trump is treasonsous for this country, as some of us know beforehand, and the rest of you will find out–except for a few, who 50 years from now will still be blaming Obama for what happened on Trump’s watch.

    • We, the United States, are a representative republic which is a form of democracy. It is a form of democracy where presidents are elected or where a law is passed by votes cast by our representatives. Yes, people are elected and laws are passed by popular vote but not normally at the federal level. The electoral college is part of the constitution and cannot be removed except by an amendment to the constitution.

    • President Obama was barely a Senator, and he was elected President. He was not a very high qualifying person at all. He also was a very divisive person and racist in some of his ways in dealing with some people. I think that he is very intolerant. He is an elitist and has very little use for the working men and women. He also is very two faced. He tells some of the people over her hear what they want to hear. Then he goes over there and trashes his country.

  2. anyone voting for Trump is a traitor. everyone with a brain can see that he’s completel unqualified to be President. he’s so stupid, he’s actually dangerous. yes, Hillary sucks big time and whoever could theoretically be a Republican replacement probably won’t be great either. but at least they’re not complete morons. not even George W. Bush was that stupid.

    • So your saying that no one has the right to run for President. Here is the requirements under the U.S. Constitution. I do not see anywhere where it says anything of having to be prior Governmental Employee anywhere. I do not see any where were it says that you have to have foreign policy experience. I do not see where it says that you have to be a lawyer. I do not see were it says you have to be a CLINTON!!!!!

      Qualifications for the Office of President
      Age and Citizenship requirements – US Constitution, Article II, Section 1
      No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.

      • Yep we are all traitors now!!! LOL I love how the left is going to have to work for what they want now. No more participation trophies!!! LOL, I love it!!! They will actually have to earn something for once instead of thinking that they are entitled to everything!!!! You want to also say that Russia had everything to do with Killary losing too Right!!!

  3. I don’t believe for one second that it will happen, but damn, would it be funny if the electoral college b*tch-slapped Drumpf. or came even close to 37/38. all his fanatic alt-right supporters (aka human trash) would explode. even in the house then votes for Trump anyway, it would be so awesome.

    • I forgot the Alt-Left has always received participation trophies for everything. That is why the Alt-left are so upset, it is because they have never learned how to lose with dignity!!! Just Saying!!

  4. I went to a baseball game once and my team had 23 hits and scored only 2 runs. Their opponent had 7 hits and scored 9 runs. I really feel my team should have won because we got more hits, runs shouldn’t matter. With that said, let’s stop with the ” she had more popular votes” , your ignorance is intuitively obvious to the casual observer.

  5. Anyone that believes that Obama has done a good job as president is only fooling themselves, Obama, Clinton, and Kerry own isis and the mess in Syria and the murders in Benghazi and the Russians taking over other countries after the reset button which was a joke just like the Obama administration

    • um, if the democrats voted for the correct presidential candidate, maybe things would be different. trump was the better choice of the two.

  6. No one called or emailed harrassment or death threats to democRat electors? —>Her was the one engaged in illegal activities as SoS, —>Her was the one selling access, —>Her was engaged in what time will determine to be treasonous activities and war crimes. Liary should be in prison. Maybe all this stink is to cover up the fact many of her electors will jump ship since they did conspire to rig the primary against Bernie, I’m talking AT you Dawnah.

  7. Hoping the electoral college doesn’t vote for for Trump . We need a civil war to exterminate liberals and gangs and that would be an excellent trigger for it to start.

  8. Kind of hoping the electoral college does not elect Trump. That would trigger the civil war we need to exterminate all liberals and gangs.

    • Tom, I thought that Democrats and liberals were all the haters and troublemakers! That’s for proving me wrong!

      PS, a History lesson. Last time this country had a Civil War, the “liberals” won!!! LMAO!!!!

  9. Expect Trump to win the 2016 electoral vote and the Clinton/Democratic machine to organize and bus in staged pre-paid protesters
    ….a common ploy.

  10. What are the chances that Hillary’s mob crew will intimidate enough Electors to reverse the Nov. 8th election results? What do you think?

  11. they keep crying foreign interference. what is illegal immigrants [or undocumented criminals if you will] voting then if not that ,and we all heard obama telling them to go ahead and vote and alaying any fears they would have problems from it.

  12. I thought that the electoral college was locked in because of the vote. if they change and put Hillary in I will never vote again and the politicians can go fk themselves. it has been set this way so as to try to make all votes count.