PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Near Mosul & Burns Their Barracks Down


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What seems to be and what is reality is two different things! If you watch all the ISIS propaganda video & photo’s posted on this and other websites, it would seem that way. In reality ISIS in Iraqi & Syria is collapsing and about to fail. What concerns me is what’s going to happen after ISIS ends in the region??


They all said this about Taliban, they still exist. They said this about AlQaeda, they still exist. Trust me ISIS isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Dumb dumb

Really niga.
Isis is winning
They even have light savers from Star Wars you a-hole


hey realist, i thought youre a realsist. The videos aren’t propaganda. They’re the real facts. Whats propaganda or let me rephrase that. What’s BULLSHIT is that if you think the coalition pussy soldiers are winning the battles. I haven’t seen any sort of your so called videos even on the bullshit news channels of ISIS dead soldeirs . All i see is ISIS standing and mocking over the dead Iraqi dog soldiers and taking tons of war booty that the american people are paying a loooooot of tax on ! They’re gaining grounds even in Syria, did you forget Palmyra was retaken.

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