PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Near Mosul & Burns Their Barracks Down

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    • What seems to be and what is reality is two different things! If you watch all the ISIS propaganda video & photo’s posted on this and other websites, it would seem that way. In reality ISIS in Iraqi & Syria is collapsing and about to fail. What concerns me is what’s going to happen after ISIS ends in the region??

      • They all said this about Taliban, they still exist. They said this about AlQaeda, they still exist. Trust me ISIS isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

      • hey realist, i thought youre a realsist. The videos aren’t propaganda. They’re the real facts. Whats propaganda or let me rephrase that. What’s BULLSHIT is that if you think the coalition pussy soldiers are winning the battles. I haven’t seen any sort of your so called videos even on the bullshit news channels of ISIS dead soldeirs . All i see is ISIS standing and mocking over the dead Iraqi dog soldiers and taking tons of war booty that the american people are paying a loooooot of tax on ! They’re gaining grounds even in Syria, did you forget Palmyra was retaken.