‘The Five’: Meet the Hosts of Fox News’ 9 p.m. Show

Fox News Schedule Without Bill O’Reilly: ‘The Five’ Moves to 9

Fox News has announced what its primetime line-up will look like without Bill O'Reilly as the 9 p.m. anchor. Here's a look at the full schedule.

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Eric Bolling: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Five co-host Eric Bolling will get his own 5 p.m. show on Fox News after the post-Bill O'Reilly shakeup. Here's a look at his life and career.

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  1. The Five needs to be at 5pm. Sorry, but the big changes are not good. O’Reilly’s absence is a huge loss. Terrible decisions, FOX NEWS.

  2. Williams needs to go on vacation his left sided mouth ruins the show // I like the show but I change channels when he opens his mouth

  3. Your co host Bob Beckel needs to leave. I am also in recovery from drugs and alcohol, but this guy needs to work a step or reread the Big Book. He seem more like a dry drunk than anything else. His opinions are more stupid then Juan Williams ever was. Can’t you guys do better Liberal shopping

      • I agree with you Annette and Janet. He makes up “FACTS” every night on the show that he gets shot down on, but doesn’t believe what he is told. He MUST GO!!

    • Totally agree, I don’t know what’s worse listening to Bob Beckle’s rude and disrespectful comments about President Trump or Juan Williams reciting Democrat party talking points regardless of the topic being discussed. I enjoy listening to ideas and opinions by analysts from all sides but those two act like Democrat party operatives not analysts.. I’ve stopped watching!

  4. I watched and enjoyed the 5 @ 5. If I Dvr it I get day old news. Fox, it is a BIG mistake taking moving it to the 10pm slot. By by 5@5 😰

  5. KG is doing fine! Bob needs to find some common sense ! He has drank the Libral coolaid ( he might even been there when it was being brewed) he is for every thing the Democrates stand for ! We need to pray for him ( even if we don’t feel it in our hearts to do so) because that is what our true father has taught us! We cannot judge him because it is not our dutie to judge others. He will be judeged by our Savior at the gates of Heaven! ( If he makes it there)

  6. I will not be watching The Five. Like everyone but that large jerk Bob. Sick of his Trump bashing. When he’s off the show, I’ll tune in again!!!

  7. Why does everyone express so much angst about how this White House communicates. There is no right or wrong way, just the way it is done. IT IS MOST ENTERTAINING TO WATCH EVERYONE SCRAMBLE TO PRESENT A STORY. The Democrats and the media turds really do take themselves much too seriously.

  8. I’m going to tell you that if you do not remove Juan Williams from your show it is going to go down the tubes. I have seen a lot of people come and go from the Fox news channel but for some reason you choose to keep Juan Williams and his same old tired opinions around for us to have to keep listening over and over!!! I am about ready to flip the channel.

  9. If I had to choose between Juan and Bob Bikel, Juan is a liile less bugging Bob cuts in when others are trying to talk He is one Rude and Crude Dude with a condescing attitude

  10. You so called reporters or Journalist keep talking about Russia tampering with our election But you never talk about CNN & THE DNC involvement in Tampering. You can prove they actually rigged a Presidential Debate to help HRC. Now I ask why aren’t they be investigated??? CNN & HRC AND the DNC Should all be charged with tampering in our ELECTION.

  11. The Five needs to get back to 5 pm without Bob!
    Bob B. ruins the show. He is the most hatefully disrespectful towards our President. It’s become unbearable to watch!
    We will stop watching!

  12. Now that Bob Beckel is back, I turn off the five. I love all of the rest on the show, but his ignorant libtard rants just confirm how stupid the left really is. Dump his fat ass. My best to the other ones on the show. Easy to see they would love to slap his baboon looking face. Sincerely. Bill

  13. Is anyone on the 5 even reading these responses. I got to say that Bob Beckel sounds like he’s drunk as he doesn’t speak without flitting around and hemming and hawing. I can tell you he grates on my ear with his rude butting in and the sound of his mumble bumble voice. #PleasePinkSlipHisA$$

  14. I know you need someone who is conversational, but really did you have to bring back low life Bob B. Not excited about Ron W. either as they both have no idea what they are talking about. I have looked at the program for years and really like everyone, except?. They have to my knowledge been as crude as Bob and totally out in left field Ron. Don’t care if I look at the program until Fox finds someone that is knowledgeable. Sad Days. Will watch Hannity and Tucker.

  15. Woke up this morning that Bob Beckel was fired bc of racial slurs. Really!!!? That’s a true Obama move, Mr ‘Recovery’. But be that as it may, I no longer have to listen to his slurring a la drunkie. Good luck Beckel….CNN could probably use you. I don’t watch that anti-Trump demoncrat program.