A survivalist who threatened mass murder is on the run after a deadly ambush at a state police barracks in Pennsylvania.

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Georgia, Todd Gurley

The Gamecocks and Bulldogs battle it out in a matchup that usually sees two of the SEC East’s best.

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Brayden Thornbury Dead Facebook

Brayden Thornbury, a standout Ohio high school football player, has been declared brain dead after a car accident. His family now face the agonizing decision about when to take him off life support.

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Todd Pettengill Brendan Tevlin Murder

Wrestling nostalgia junkies might remember Pettengill from his WWE days, but now he’s taking a much more serious tone.

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Ted Robinson

San Franciso 49ers announcer Ted Robinson was suspended two games by the team for insensitive comments he made on the radio about domestic violence.

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George Zimmerman Arrested September 2014

Another brush with the law for Zimmerman.

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Gators, Swamp, SEC

Last week the Rainbow Warriors scored 23 points in the second half to give me a winning week, albeit a 6-5 week. But winning is winning, as Charlie Sheen would say, and I will take it after my disastrous Week 1. Hopefully it starts to get a little easier, but it will probably get worse before it gets better if history is any guide.

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Chris Davis

Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis has been suspended 25 games after testing positive for amphetamines.

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Erika Murray Charges

Erika Murray will appear in court in Blackstone, Massachusetts, after three dead babies were found in a home. The dead infants were found among used diapers and vermin.

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tj lane, school shooter, escapes prison

T.J. Lane, the school shooter at Chardon High in Ohio who infamously wore a “Killer” T-shirt to his sentencing, escaped the medium-security Allen Correctional Institution. He was caught five hours later, 100 yards away.

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