Robert Lewis Dear, 57, has been identified as the suspected gunman in the shooting at a Planned Parenthood medical center in Colorado Springs.

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At least 16 people were wounded when gunmen opened fire at Bunny Friend Park in New Orleans on Sunday.

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The police in Brussels asked for a media blackout during terrorist raids. Twitter obliged, posting these cat photos instead.

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Euric Cain, 21, has been arrested in the shooting of Tulane University student Peter Gold, who was shot during an attempted robbery early Friday morning.

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A Tulane University student was shot in the stomach during an attempted robbery in New Orleans, but survived after the robber’s gun jammed.

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Pictures of four alleged Islamic State terrorists connected with the attacks in France include: Salah Abdeslam, Fabien Clain, and Jean-Michel Clain.

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A new video purportedly released by al-Qaeda takes aim at the Islamic State, questioning the terror group’s leadership and declaring their jihadism as un-Islamic.

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A photo by astronaut Scott Kelly created buzz about a possible UFO. This isn’t the first “sighting” by astronauts. See more photos and stories here.

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A fire erupted on the 50th floor of the John Hancock Center. It’s now under control, but these videos capture the tense moments as it was growing.

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The suspect in the horrific kidnapping and abuse case in Hamilton, Massachusetts, is a 21-year-old Christian college student.

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A former babysitter of 2-year-old Lyndon Albers has been accused of kidnapping the toddler and leaving her by the side of the road with a shaved head.

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A photo that astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted from the International Space Station is generating buzz as a possible UFO. What do you think?

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Bubble Soccer debuted on Shark Tank in Season 7. Heavy talked to the League Commissioner at the National Association of Bubble Soccer who appeared on the show.

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Mensch on a Bench got a deal in Season 6 for its Elf on a Shelf for Jewish children. We interviewed owner Neal Hoffman as the show revisits him in Season 7.

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Brazi Bites, Brazilian cheese bread, entered the Shark Tank in Season 7. Heavy interviewed the company’s founder.

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umano is company where kids design apparel and with every purchase a child gets a backpack with school supplies. We interviewed the owner before Shark Tank.

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