The 20 Hottest Cosplay Girls

You know, a lot of cosplayers are actually pretty freaking hot. And so, this feature. 20 insanely hot girls dressed as anime, video game and comic book characters. This is how we give back to the community.

Safari Costume Parties

Yeah, the animal kingdom doesn’t much cotton to you trying to pull a fast one on them. This video cracked me up for a few straight minutes, particularly the inexplicable addition of Devo’s “Girl U Want” as background music.

2009′s Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Oh, man, celebrities and Halloween. The one day that they feel comfortable dressing even stupider than they usually do. In this feature, I’ll share some of the most douchebaggy of 2009’s celeb costumes, along with some trenchant commentary. Jon Gosselin…

Halloween Costumes For People Who Aren’t Really Trying

It’s October! Do you feel the excitement in the air, nipping at your skin like the first chilly pinpricks of Fall? Hear the excited din of children’s voices, raised in shrill enthusiasm over the promise of candy? Feel the rustle of racks full of cheap costumes…