In the new episode of New Girl, Jess and Schmidt freak out about their new jobs. Read our recap here.

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In the new episode of New Girl, Valentine’s Day doesn’t go as well as Schmidt planned and Winston tries to propose to Ally.

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In the new episode of New Girl, Nick gets ready for a book signing and Winston prepares for an elaborate proposal.

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Tonight is the series premiere of APB on FOX. Meet the cast of the show here.

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After a great finale for the Joker story arc, Gotham takes an extended break. Find out when the next new episode, ‘Mad City: How the Riddler Got His Name’ finally airs.

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Who do you prefer: Jack Bauer or Eric Carter? After you watch 24: Legacy, take our poll and let us know.

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President Donald Trump was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly during the Fox Super Bowl pregame show. Watch video of the full interview here.

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President Donald Trump will sit down with Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly for an interview during the pregame coverage of Super Bowl LI on Fox. Here’s how and where to watch.

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What time and channel does 24: Legacy premiere tonight? Get all the details on what time the premiere starts, how to watch it, and see a preview.

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Tonight is the premiere of 24: Legacy. Here’s how to watch it online for free, as it airs, whether you have cable or not.

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There’s a repeat of New Girl on Fox this week. Find out when the next new episode, ‘Glue,’ finally airs.

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Lisa Kennedy Montgomery is an American political satirist, and the current host of “Kennedy” on Fox Business Network. Learn more about the radio personality here.

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The next episode of Gotham is ‘Mad City: Smile Like You Mean It,’ in which Jerome finally comes back to life. Check out our preview of the new episode.

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Lee Daniels’ Star is back for the fourth episode of its first season, with Carlotta digging into Star’s past. Here’s what to expect in ‘Code of Silence.’

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Gotham finally returns after a long winter break with “Mad City: Ghost.” Find out what happens on the next episode of the Batman prequel series.

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Tonight, Season 2 of Rosewood returns. Check out some of the cast and spoilers for each character and for the remainder of the season.

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