Funniest videos of the week: Dad jokes, funny kid videos, sketch comedy, NFL football players, & Bernie Sandwiches winning the NH primary. Watch funny clips here!

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Snoop Dogg Burger King Training Video for Burger King Hot Dogs: Watch this funny video of the rapper talking about the new menu items at BK. Charo has a video too.

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Boyz II Men Sing on The Late Late Show With James Corden for Super Bowl 50. Watch James and the boys singing “End of the Road” with Super Bowl game highlights.

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Toyota Prius Super Bowl Commercial 2016 ‘The Wire’ guys: Watch the superbowl ad that features a reunion of three actors from ‘The Wire’ as bank robbers.

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Anthony Hopkins Turbo Tax Super Bowl Commercial 2016: The actor sells out for Turbotax in this superbowl ad.

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Ronda Rousey Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Seth Rogen & Amy Schumer need her for security in this superbowl ad. Ronda puts Seth in a headlock.

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Ant-Man & Hulk Coke Mini Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Watch the Marvel comic heroes in a chase to grab the Coca-Cola can in this superbowl ad full of action.

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Steve Harvey T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Steve pokes fun at his Miss Universe mistake in this superbowl ad about dropping the balls.

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Odell Beckham Jr Buick Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Watch the superbowl ad also starring Emily Ratajkowski making a one handed catch for the Cascada convertible.

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‘Doritos Dogs’ Super Bowl Commercial won the Crash the Super Bowl 2016 ad contest! Watch the superbowl ad and more Doritos videos here.

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‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Watch the cute ‘Start Stunning’ Superbowl ad with Po & Master Shifu making a website for Mr. Ping’s Noodles.

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Alec Baldwin Amazon Echo Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Watch the funny ad with Dan Marino, Missy Elliott & Jason Schwartzman at a superbowl party with the Alexa device.

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Key and Peele star in Squarespace Super Bowl 2016 commercials & are doing livestream commentary during the football game. Watch superbowl ads & funny teasers here.

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Kevin Hart Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Overprotective dad follows his teen daughter on her ‘First Date.’ Watch the funny superbowl ad here.

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Mountain Dew Puppy Monkey Baby: The Kickstart Super Bowl Commercial for 2016 features a dancing puppymonkeybaby. Watch the weird, funny MTN DEW superbowl ad here.

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Jeff Goldblum & Lil Wayne in the Super Bowl commercial. Weezy grills for George Washington. Is it a racist ad with slave imagery? Watch the video here.

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