Airplane Karen Uses Microphone: TikTok Video Goes Viral

airplane karen

TikTok/Jawny The airplane Karen video on TikTok

An “airplane Karen” uses a microphone in the middle of a plane aisle, and the bizarre moment was caught on video that’s now gone viral. You can watch the TikTok video later in this article.

Unfortunately for the “airplane Karen,” as she is being called on the Internet, a pop musician named Jawny was on the airplane and posted the video on TikTok. “I bought in flight Wi-Fi just to post this,” Jawny wrote on the video. “We are in the air right now.”

Jawny’s video on the airplane Karen has racked up over 2.1 million views. You can find Jawny’s TikTok page here.

“Karens in the air. We call em Airens,” joked a person on Jawny’s comment thread. Karen is a derogatory term applied to white women who behave badly, usually by telling other people what to do or by calling the police on people of different races for no reason.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Unidentified Woman Brought a Microphone to Stand Up and Harangue Passengers About the Pandemic


someone come get her

♬ original sound – JAWNY

In the video, the unidentified Karen stood up in the middle of the plane’s aisle and revealed that she had brought her own microphone along. You can see that she is, in fact, speaking into a microphone. She then proceeds to harangue the passengers in a rambling series of comments. At one point, she raised her voice and seemed to be yelling at the passengers.

Another passenger and a flight attendant stand up and try to intervene but the woman keeps rambling on for some time.

“I brought my microphone, I’m going to use it. The pandemic started all because humans had lost a little bit of faith,” the woman said.

At another point, she declared, “I don’t need to be cuffed. But I think you’re all enjoying this because like I said, I’m not terrible to look at. The reason the pandemic started was basically because the Internet… the reason the Internet started is because nobody here has any more faith… you don’t even know what reality is anymore….my dog has sense than any of you.” She comments that people are too focused on electronics to appreciate reality.

“You’re going to cuff me? I’m completely harmless,” she said at another point.

She is then escorted down the aisle.

People Joked About the Woman on TikTok

People bashed the woman on Jawny’s TikTok comment thread.

“That no fly list gonna be so long it’ll look like a CVS receipt,” wrote one person.

“She really thought she was gonna do a TED talk during the flight,” wrote another.

“Props to the lighting department,” joked another.

“Was this a deleted scene from ‘Bridesmaids,’” another person joked.

“Where did she get the mic from? I thought she was a flight attendant for the first half,” wrote another (she wasn’t.)

“Why is it people spend hundreds of dollars for the sole purpose of getting on an airplane to be arrested? Save the money and just get arrested before,” joked another.

“Flying is really ranking up there with riding the bus,” wrote another person.

“Portable mics are about to be banned from carry on bags,” laughed another person.

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