The fourth GOP debate is over but the race for the nomination continues. People often turn to the polls but, here, we look at prediction markets in comparison.

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Ted Cruz, a Republican U.S. Senator from Texas, was born in Canada, but his mother was a U.S. citizen, so he is eligible to run for president.

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will announce a run for president tomorrow, according to media reports. Cruz will be the first in a crowded field of competitors.

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Senator Ted Cruz had a response to President Obama’s SOTU address… if only he could find his words. Watch the senator flub his speech.

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Today the countries most controversial Republicans, including Christ Christie and Ted Cruz, met in Maryland at CPAC 2014 to discuss politics and the issues.

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The magazine’s annual honor will be announced on Wednesday. This is the first year the publication revealed the top 10 contenders.

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