Thousands lost power, roads were closed & DIA was shut down when the blizzard Selene hit Colorado. See photos from Denver, Loveland, Fort Collins, and more.

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How many inches of snow are falling in the first big blizzard of 2016? Get the facts on Winter Storm Jonas here.

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This Lamborghini was completely submerged as the driver maneuvered through the California flood. It must be nice to have that kind of spare money.

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Rare California flooding may continue through the weekend. These photos of the flooding & damage were taken in Los Angeles, San Diego, & other regions.

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The NTSB has released underwater video showing the wreckage of the container ship El Faro. The ship sunk near the Bahamas in October during Hurricane Joaquin.

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A 7-year-old boy was killed and more than a dozen people were injured after a tornado hit Holly Springs, Mississippi. Two others were killed in Benton County.

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A large tornado caused severe damage in the northern Mississippi city of Holly Springs, killing a 7-year-old child and injuring several others people. See videos here.

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Redditor big_mac_heart_attack spotted a rare weather phenomenon over Victoria, Australia. Fallstreak holes, or hole punch clouds, are often reported as UFOs.

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The Coast Guard says the American cargo ship El Faro sunk during Hurricane Joaquin. Here’s what we know so far about the ship’s crew.

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The Coast Guard believes the El Faro,a U.S.-flagged missing cargo ship that was lost in the Atlantic Ocean during Hurricane Joaquin, has sunk.

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Michael Davidson, 53, of WIndham, Maine, is the captain of the container ship El Faro, which is believed to have sunk during Hurricane Joaquin.

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A state of emergency has been declared in South Carolina as historic rainfall has led to life-threatening flash flooding and four deaths.

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Hurricane Joaquin continues to strengthen as it makes its way toward the East Coast. Here is the storm’s latest projected path and forecast.

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Hurricane Joaquin has formed in the Atlantic Ocean and continues to be a possible threat for the Eastern United States.

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Tropical Storm Joaquin could strengthen into a hurricane and bring heavy rain from the mid-Atlantic to southern New England, the National Hurricane Center says.

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Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. But why is it the first day of autumn? Is it an autumnal equinox or a solstice?

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