Full Release: Music

Alicia Keys

It’s a pretty lean week for new albums this time around – I wonder why that is? Has the recording industry finally run out of possible noises to make, leaving us in for a future of absolute silence? Did all the Auto-Tune machines crash? Is everybody just too full from Thanksgiving to sing? Whatever the reason, there’s still a few CDs hitting shops tomorrow – here’s our rundown on the ones you need to know about.

Jamie FoxxBody – The recording career of Jamie Foxx has always baffled me. How many other comedians do you know that tried to play it straight on wax and went double platinum? And yet Foxx has guested with Kanye and has a passel of talent backing him up on this new one – the first single, “Speak French,” features Gucci Mane and “Winner,” which recently leaked, has Justin Timberlake. So this will sell a million copies and make us all forget Stealth.

Alicia KeysThe Element Of Freedom – You know what the element of freedom is? Au, baby – that’s gold. Just ask Glenn Beck! I think it’s possible that Alicia Keys is singing about something a little different – maybe love, or selenium. Anyways, it’s her fourth studio album and it has collabs with Drake and Beyonce but surprisingly the rumored “New York State Of Mind” follow-up with Jay-Z is nowhere to be found. Maybe that’s… the fifth element?

Robin ThickeSex Therapy – It’s really weird to think about Alan Thicke’s kid being this R&B guy. Especially one releasing a record (in two editions) called Sex Therapy: The Session and Sex Therapy: The Experience. I can’t wait for the remix collection, Sex Therapy: The Mysterious Itching. Anyways, this is some dirty slank featuring Snoop Dogg, Kid Cudi, Game and more, with production by Polow Da Don and Teddy Riley.

Shiny Toy GunsGirls Le Disko – It’s sort of an unfortunate band name, but LA-based Shiny Toy Guns have built up quite a rep for energetic, synthesizer-based alternative rock. This is their first official remix album, featuring producers like Ferry Corsten and Boys Noize as well as a new track from the band.