Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s Mother – ‘Teen Mom 2’

Barbara Evans

Barbara Evans is the strong-minded mother of Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 and she's also the grandmother to Jenelle's two sons. Jenelle's first-born son Jace is still in her custody and she often fights with her daughter to keep it that way. Because Jenelle was a teen mother, Barbara took over in hopes of her daughter getting her life together, but she's felt that Jenelle keeps making mistakes. Recently, Jenelle was arrested for the 16th time, getting into a fight with her ex Nathan Griffith's new girlfriend. Barbara has been very vocal about not approving of Nathan, in addition to several of Jenelle's other exes in the past. Though she's often at odds with Jenelle, Barbara still loves her daughter and worries about her being in abusive relationships, telling her that: I’m worried, Jenelle, because I was in a relationship all those years and he beat the hell out of me. I don’t want you to do what I did. I don’t want you to go through that kind of life. I just don’t want to see another guy drag you down. So, as far as what Barbara's been up to in her own life lately, she has an entertaining web series titled “Babs Breaks It Down.” Click here to check it out. She's also attending the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards this year. For more information on Barbara, Jenelle and their latest news, click through our gallery of Barbara's best Facebook photos.



karen blair

i just cannot believe how your daughter treats you. i would just blow her off. please do everything possible to keep jace. this back and forth crap is really harmful to him. being with your daughter is the worse thing for him. anyone that can hurt an animal is really a rotten person. poor jace is going to grow up and be unstable or worse. you have custody of him just move and do not tell her where you live. again she is no good for him. i did not get along with my mother but i would never treat her like she treats you.i feel so sorry for you, you seem so nice and she makes you cry. i hate her for that it is so horrible. may god bless you and give you strength karen blair


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