Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer’s Ex-Husband & Cheating Rumors

Jeremy Calvert

Leah Messer and second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert's marriage unraveled on Teen Mom 2 and the two have now divorced. While Messer was weighed down with three children, having a husband who was away a lot, she became depressed and some worried she was on drugs. Nonetheless, she tested clean for drug use. Though Calvert and Messer agreed she was fading away, cheating is also said to have been a major factor in their relationship. Messer's ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd claims that the two had a fling while she was together with Calvert, but apparently Calvert wasn't innocent either. Click here for all the details on Kidd and his relationship with Messer. So, who did Calvert supposedly cheat with? There are actually two girls that have been reported. According to Radar Online, one of the girls was named Brittany Musick. Around Thanksgiving 2014, Calvert allegedly claiming his marriage was over and he was ready to date. The two supposedly shared sexy texts and direct messages on Twitter, but Musick told Radar she was shocked that Calvert said he was getting a divorce, explaining that: I said ‘The way Leah talks on Twitter, it seems as if ya’ll are still together.’ But he said ‘No, it’s not true.’ Another girl who claims to have been chatting with Calvert online was a girl named Melissa Marie. According to The Examiner, Calvert said he was separated from Messer and the two exchanged "naughty photos". Soon, Calvert disappeared from her for months, supposedly to work on his marriage. He then contacted her again, saying that his relationship with Messer was truly done. A source told The Examiner that they ended up spending a few nights together and had sex, but Calvert disappeared again soon after and was spotted in photos online with Messer. So, it looks like both Messer AND Calvert may be guilty of cheating. Even Messer's grandmother Sandy Kay posted on Facebook that they have both been wrong when it comes to cheating. For more information on Jeremy Calvert, his marriage and cheating rumors, click through our gallery of his best Instagram photos.