Kendrick Lamar and Whitney Alford: The Pictures You Need To See

Some might say that there's no more important artist in music right now than Kendrick Lamar. The politically conscious rapper is on a real winning streak the past several years, releasing two politically conscious concept albums and following it up with an incredibly experimental EP, all of which have sold incredibly well. To top it all off, on the 4th of July, Lamar had the honor of performing for President Obama at the White House. It's been quite an ascent for Lamar.

Less known than Lamar is his fiancee, Whitney Alford. But behind the scenes, Alford has been at Lamar's side for many years, before he was a hip-hop superstar, and even before he was a respected underground rapper. Their relationship may well be the strongest romantic pairing in all of hip-hop, and as he's ascended to stardom, she's been seen next to him at award shows and events for support. (Getty)