Adam Levine’s Team on ‘The Voice’ – 10/10/2016

Team Adam Levine - 'The Voice' 2016

The Battle Rounds begin with the contestants going up against each other in singing competitions in order to move forward on the show. With the battle rounds beginning, several big artists are coming in as advisers on each team. For Adam Levine's team, his adviser is Sammy Hagar. According to Yahoo, Levine called up his "Cabo buddy" and it was a done deal. Hagar gushed about his experience on the show, saying: I’m telling ya, it was a blast ... Well, we didn’t start drinking until about 12 hours into the show ... But we busted out the Santo and we’d do a shot. And then go finish our job. Now that we've covered Levine and his adviser, let's check out the people on his team. (Photo by: Michael Muller/NBC)