WATCH: Cole Medders Faints on ‘Survivor’ Season 35 Tonight

Season 35 contestant Cole Medders from Survivor suffers a medical emergency on tonight’s episode of the show when he passes out. Medders was laying down, surrounded by a few of his fellow cast members. With one arm over his face and his right hand in the air, the cameras caught his hands begin to tremble. Medders tries to shake off the trembling and is offered a worm to eat, but he rejects the offer. Medders stands up and soon falls forward and hits the ground on the front side of his body. He then rolls on his back. As the others rush over to him and ask him if he’s alright, his initial response is, “What? What happened?” Medders is instructed to continue laying down and Dr. Mike [Zahalsky] has Medders elevate his legs. Jessica Johnston, who is a nurse, also jumps into action and offers Medders her portion of rice, saying he needs to eat. Johnston then admits to the cameras that she’s beginning to care a lot more for Medders than she originally thought, saying, “I felt bad for him. I literally just wanted to hold him. And in that moment, I realized that I really do care for him a lot more than I thought I did. I’m not ready to play this game without Cole.”

Though Medders says that he merely stood up too fast, Johnston tells him that it’s definitely a food issue. After the incident, Johnston told CBS, “All of us are scared, but Dr. Mike and I were in control. We knew to get fluid in him, we knew to get food.” At one point, Medders confesses to the cameras that, “I’m not getting enough food at all, and it’s stupid. I really need a bigger serving. Without meat there wouldn’t be any victory.” Lately, Medders had been rubbing his tribe-mates the wrong way with his eating a lot of food, which they felt showed a disregard for others. Perhaps his fainting spell will show that he really does need larger portions for his meals. Fans can watch Medders’ scary moment of passing out in the small video below.

Medders is one of the contestants to watch this season and he has said that one of the reasons he enjoys being in the wild in an experience like Survivor, is just the beauty of mother nature. Medders explained in a recent Instagram post, “The reason I spend so much time in the beautiful wild places of this world is for perspective … These wild places have been thriving without the influence of humans for millennia and the universe will continue on long after we have vanished. I count myself lucky to have the physical ability to be able to venture into these hard to reach places and experience raw untouched beauty first hand. For at the end of the day my accomplishments mean nothing and pale in comparison to the place in eternity that a mountain, ocean or river claims. So perhaps that’s why I escape into the woods or high in the mountains, so that I might be able to be apart of something bigger than myself, to feel important in the face of something grand and taste just a portion of that eternity.”

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