Where Was ‘Yellowstone’ Filmed? Here’s a List of Filming Locations

Paramount Yellowstone

A new series on Paramount starring Kevin Costner, called Yellowstone, premieres tonight. But where was the new series filmed? Can you visit the locations? Yellowstone was filmed in Montana and Utah. Read on for more details on those stunning locations that you might want to visit yourself sometime.

The series began filming in August 2017 and lasted through part of December. John Dutton’s home was filmed at the Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana, located at 125 Appaloosa Trail. Gov. Steve Bullock visited the set at Chief Joseph Ranch in December, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. The main living room of the lodge was decorated for the filming, including adding Navajo rugs to the balconies and Remington bronzes to the tables. Costner referred to the series as a “postcard for Montana.”

Rocky Mountain Homes, a local company, was hired to add a front porch to the log home in order to change the main entrance to the lodge to the north side for the series. They dug a trench six feet down and built the deck on top of that. They finished the entire project in just nine days.

Here are some photos from Montana.

Ken Clark shared the following post publicly on Yellowstone’s Facebook page. He wrote:

“Looking forward to the debut of Yellowstone on the Paramount Network tomorrow. We actually lived in the Chief Joseph Ranch Lodge (pictured below) for a year (in 1979) as caretakers and from what I can tell from the trailer it is the set of Kevin Costner’s home in the show. I spent most of that year working on my truck in one of those white barns (see trailer) and it’s pretty surreal to see all of this on TV. I have a very embarrassing picture of me in front of this house in 1979, with my truck, that I’m not quite sure I want to post ;-. But in the meantime, I found this pic from a 1997 visit with my daughter on the left, my mom, and my niece on the right. My bedroom was on the far upper right. It has a little outside balcony where I used to sit at night listening to the crickets, the sprinklers and the Bitterroot river flow by while playing my guitar. And yes, I vividly remember appreciating the moment, and that it wasn’t normal to live in an epic log mansion in Montana.”

Facebook/Ken Clark

This next photo isn’t from filming, but shows you how beautiful the scenery in that area is.

Another stunning photo of the area:

Brennan Lee, whose family member worked on the set, also shared these photos publicly on Facebook:

Part of the filming also took place near Park City, Utah, which included using three soundstages at Utah Film Studio. Some of the rooms at Chief Joseph Lodge were recreated at the Park City soundstages and they were created by shipping in trees from Montana.

A look at one of the sets in Utah:

Therill Tracie Rylan shared on Facebook about how her chapter helped provide tipi lodges for the filming in Utah.

More than 20 locations in Utah were used for the series. These include the Salt Flats, Ogden, and Spanish Fork. In fact, the Salt Lake Tribune described the series as a “colossal, spare-no-expense production” that brought $30 million to Utah. Much of the filming was in Summit County.

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