Houston Texan Cheerleaders Celebrate Their Annual Bikini Barbecue

Houston Texan cheerleaders barbecue

TMZ Sports The Houston Texans Cheerleaders just celebrated their annual bikini barbecue, where they like to pray, swim, and grill out before the season begins.

The Houston cheerleaders just threw their annual “bikini barbeque”, per TMZ, which is apparently a thing that the squad does every year as a pre-season celebration before their work kicks in. Through their social media, the squad referenced the event as #HTCPicnic18.


So who was at the party, exactly?

Perhaps surprisingly, none of the Houston Texan football players are allowed to come to the party. In fact, TMZ reports that the party takes place at an undisclosed location and is totally closed to the public. It’s only the squad, themselves, though they clearly wanted fans to enjoy the day, as well, as they documented pretty much every part of it.

The food seemed to be a standard barbecue affair, with an emphasis on protein. Cheerleader Takeya said of the spread, “All this protein here…all those abs, we need protein to get them.” Takeya pointed out turkey burgers, venison sausage, and smoked brisket as part of the protein selection.

But prior to eating, the squad made a point to do a group-wide prayer. The prayer, which was led by one of the cheerleaders, went,

“Dear God, thank you so much for bringing us here together today. We are so thankful for the opportunities you’ve given us. We just wanted to say thank you, and we are so excited for the blessings that you’ve given us to be apart of this amazing, legendary team. Please watch over us this next week as we train for our first game. We are so, again, thankful for all the things you’ve done. We ask that you bless this food and keep us safe throughout this week, keep all injuries to a minimum, heal all injuries that are present in our lives…and we’re so thankful for all you’ve given us. Amen.”

According to Maxim, the first annual Texan Cheerleader barbecue was in 2017, so it’s a fairly new tradition.

In addition to the grilling and the praying, the cheerleaders also seemed to take part in bubble blowing, strawberry eating and unicorn pool float-ing.


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