Soulja Boy & Nia Riley Split: Did the Couple Break Up?

Getty Soulja Boy and Nia Riley split

Soulja Boy has run into a mess of relationship troubles as of late. Beyond his split from longtime girlfriend and fellow Marriage Boot Camp star Nia Riley, the rapper had a brief fling with Blac Chyna that resulted in an Instagram feud and several disses from Chyna herself. Read on to learn about Soulja’s current predicament.

Soulja and Riley have had a tumultuous relationship on Marriage Boot Camp. While the series has helped them express their feelings more clearly, and has even led to them considering marriage, it has also opened up blind spots and exposed the rapper’s penchant for cheating.  On the latest episode, the couple got into a heated physical fight after Riley announced that they were splitting up.

Nia Riley Recently Announced That She & Soulja Have Broken Up

“I’m mad as f*ck bruh,” Soulja explained. “My girl breaking up with me, I ain’t got time to be talking and all this sh*t.” The footage of the fight, which took place in the couple’s bedroom, sees the rapper continuing his rant.

“I’m f**king hurt,” he yells at Riley, who appears to be in another bed. “You said you don’t want to be with me? I got sh*t to say to you, I’m mad! You brought me on this show and embarrassed the f**k out of me. I wouldn’t even came here.” Riley snaps back at Soulja, telling him to be quiet, but their yelling eventually leads to the rapper getting out of bed, jumping onto Riley’s bed and forcefully grabbing her. Their yelling eventually wakes up the rest of the Marriage Boot Camp house.

Soulja Is Still Angry Over the Split & Got Into a Physical Altercation With Riley As a Result

Soulja was also romantically linked to Blac Chyna. The pair were seen dancing together at a club, and TMZ reports that they even dated for a few weeks, but that the relationship was little more than a way of getting back at Chyna’s ex and fellow rapper Tyga. Soulja and Tyga promptly started beefing online, releasing diss tracks aimed at one another, but Soulja seemingly took things too far when he began insulting Blac Chyna on Twitter.

Chyna fired back at the rapper by mocking his missed business venture. “Soulja Souljaaaaaa? Thats why I took your @tunesaudio Headphone deal,” she wrote on Instagram. According to Capital Extra, Chyna has a deal with ‘TUNES Audio where she promotes their headphones on her social media accounts. However, her deal was allegedly supposed to go to Soulja Boy before she took it from him. Check out the original post above.