Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family Home In Flagstaff, AZ

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Getty Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown from "Sister Wives."

The Brown family have been put to the test with their recent move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Led by patriarch Kody Brown, the stars of TLC’s Sister Wives have raised objections and argued with Brown over the move, and their desire to stay in Las Vegas. The move has also brought about questions regarding the legality of their polygamous lifestyle and their finances.

Kody Brown initially sold the family on a move to Flagstaff under the pretense that it be cheaper living conditions. Since then, however, the family has learned that homes in Flagstaff are just as expensive in Las Vegas. The family currently own a piece of land in Flagstaff known as Coyote Pass, which costs an estimated $820,000. According to International Business Times, they only put 10 percent down upon purchasing it. Since then, they’ve blocked it off to build four different homes.

The Family Have Had Financial & Personal Struggles Since Their Move

“We left Utah fleeing potential criminal prosecution for being a family,” Kody Brown told Us Weekly. “The main reason to leave Las Vegas is because we were never really city people. We essentially chose Flagstaff for more of a family friendly and rustic lifestyle. The place is beautiful.” Janelle nearly stayed behind, but she ultimately decided to go with the rest of the family. “It really wasn’t about not moving, it was about the timing,” she said. “In my darkest moments, I did consider staying behind. We finally came to a place where we were all at peace with it, and the kids have really blossomed here.”

Each member of the family is reportedly paying separate living fees. Kody and Christine purchased a $520,000 home together, while Meri pays $2,975 a month for a 4,200 square foot home featuring four bedrooms. Janelle is currently paying $2,900 a month for a three bedroom 2,340 square foot home, and Robyn pays $3,500 a month for a seven-bedroom home. All of them are located in or around the Flagstaff area.

Cast Member Janelle Considered Staying Behind In Las Vegas

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Kody spoke with AZCentral about the move the various difficulties that it has posed. “You can’t move four homes and a giant family without having tons of chaos,” he said. “However, this is a much more organized move. We’ve got charts, we’ve made plans, we’re packing weeks in advance… More than anything, we’re getting the mountains.”

Christine added that the move is emblematic of a much-needed change. “Vegas has been good for us,” she said. “It’s been great for our kids. They’ve all really grown here and done so many wonderful things. It’s been great for us. I don’t know, I’m just ready for the next adventure.” She also said that she wants the family to live closer to each other. “We’re just too far apart and I miss everybody,” she revealed. “It takes more effort to get together. My biggest hope is that we can just get out there… I can’t wait for that day.”

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