The Amazing Race 31 Finale: Who Gets Eliminated Tonight?

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Photo: Monty Brinton ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved Pictured L-R: Jamal Zadran and Leo Temory on THE AMAZING RACE

The Amazing Race concludes its 31st season tonight on CBS. The four remaining teams will duke it out, but only one of them will be able to claim the grand prize of $1 million. The synopsis for tonight’s two-hour finale teases a globe-trotting adventure through the UK and the United States.

“The final four teams Race through London, where they take a helicopter ride to Dover Castle, and through Detroit, where they rappel nearly 500 feet down the Guardian Building,” CBS reports. “The team to cross the finish line first will be crowned the winners.” With that said, which team gets eliminated first? Which team finishes as the runner-up?

Beware of spoilers below and STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens and who gets eliminated on the season finale of The Amazing Race.

The remaining teams are Tyler & Korey, Christie & Colin, Leo & Jamal, and Nicole & Victor. The latter team has been an exciting presence through the season, particularly when they feuded with Rachel & Elissa during episode seven. That said, a preview video has confirmed that Nicole & Victor are the first team to be eliminated during tonight’s finale.

The preview shows the final four teams in different locations throughout the world, but Nicole & Victor don’t appear in any shots in Detroit, Michigan, where the last leg of the race takes place. This is particularly ironic, as Nicole hails from Ubly, which is 100 miles north of the Motor City. Nicole & Victor finish in fourth place, which means they performed the best out of the six teams who had not run the race before.

Nicole & Victor Are the First Team to Be Eliminated During Tonight’s Episode

The next team on the chopping block is Leo & Jamal. The Amazing Race alumni have competed in 32 legs of the series overall, which gives them 9-10 more legs of experience than the next closest team, Colin & Christie. This looked to be a huge advantage throughout the season, as they were able to better pace themselves and prepare for the conditions they would have to face.

That said, their cocky attitude have been divisive when compared to the other teams. They’ve also shown an adverseness to details, as they’ve messed up at least one challenge in every leg this season. It should then come as no surprise that Leo & Jamal are the second team to be eliminated tonight. They get hung up at the Roadblock during the challenge, and finish their season in third place.

Tyler & Korey Finish as the Runner-Up Team for Season 31

Then there is Tyler & Korey. The energetic duo have dominated most of the season, with many predicting that they would make it to the final three. Some even predicted that the YouTube stars would have what it takes to win the grand prize.

With that being said, Tyler & Korey finish season 31 as the runner-up team. There was some speculation that they may have pulled off a last-minute upset, but MJ’s Big Blog and Gold Derby have confirmed their placement.

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